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American Pie: Girls rules is streaming on Netflix

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American Pie

Are you all excited to watch American Pie? After two decades, the movie came to show its charm in the theatre. American Pie is a comedy, and Madison Pettis stars as the main protagonist of the story. Other important characters are Natasha Behman, Lizze Broadway and Piper Curda. This is the ninth part of American Pie. People are excited to welcome it. The movie is about young teenagers who desperately want to lead a lustful life.

Synopsis of the Story American Pie

American Pie-Girls Rules is a story related to the girls. The girls are in their final year and decided to do something thrilling and exciting. Michelle, Annie, Kayla, and Stephanie, these four girls decided to harness their girl power in order to retain their friendship. The story has some adult scenes. The girls had a lustful desire. The girls are desperate to lose their virginity. Their principal’s son was the handsome hunk who came to their school. The girls were ready to impress the boy, Darren Barnet.

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The whole movie was round only to involvement in the sx. The main motive of the girls is only sx. The girl fantasies about sx only. Their main desire is to quench their bodily thirst. It is their final year, so they decided to lose their virginity and so something thrilling.

The reaction of the audience on American Pie

The audience had high expectations regarding the movie. But the movie didn’t meet up with their expectations. One of the audience remarked that the previous movie was tasteless and this one is flavourless. The director might think that the sx scenes will give the audience a thrilling experience. But no, it didn’t work out.

The movie portrays the naked presentation of sxual entertainment.

The 1990s movie still had some innocence but the recent one is not possible to watch with the family.

American Pie: Girls rules is streaming on Netflix

The people who are having the subscription of Netflix can watch it. The movie can be watched at one time. If you like to pass your time, then go for it.

It was released on 6th October, but the box office collection is not good. The director, as well as the producer, is waiting for the total collection at the end of the week. The plot is undoubtedly good but what surprises the audiences, is an unnecessary showing of adult scenes. The audience is not used to enjoy the sx scenes, especially for the school students.

The actors and actresses had performed their roles brilliantly. But somehow, the movie did not put an effect on the audience’s mind.

American Pie series

Almost after two decades, the next part of the American Pie series had been released. Though nothing can be said in one day, let’s see how much the movie can collect money. The first movie also didn’t earn much revenue from the movie, and the same thing happens with this movie also. The audience wants a new and fresh story. However, you can watch the movie on Netflix, if you like.

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  1. This movie was not that much good as we all are expecting it. The story was almost dead the worst story I have ever watched. I thought at least the story will be good but it didn’t I hope the production will look at their mistake and what they had done with the movie and with the expectations of fans.

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