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3 Simple steps to unlock iCloud activation lock in 24 hours

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When it’s working in our favour, I think we can all agree that Apple’s security measures are amongst the very best of any device. Whether it’s locking our devices via iCloud where the device is associated with ‘Find my iPhone’ or the activation lock which comes into action when a user attempts to enter an incorrect PIN more than a certain number of times. These well-intentioned measures are so effective they can often leave a large number of entirely honest iPhone users feeling that their device is locked forever through little fault of their own.

Many people mistakenly believe that only ill-intentioned, dishonest individuals would need to make use of an iCloud unlock or activation lock removal. But this is simply not the case. There are several reasons why an individual may need to make use of the aforementioned to gain access to a device which they own. If you’ve fallen victim to any of these seemingly disastrous scenarios, DirectUnlocks can help you regain access to your device.

We’ve all seen it, a person either enters their own passcode incorrectly several times, their child gets their hand on their device and clicks away, or a friend plays an evil prank to disable their device. Assuming you have access to your recovery email, none of this is an issue. However, if you’re unfortunate enough to have lost access to that email, you’ll find yourself with a locked device.

Buying second-hand mobile devices can be a cost-effective way to own the latest device. However, unknowing buyers may end up with a device which hasn’t been unlocked from the previous owner. If you are unable to contact the seller for any reason, you’ll be left with a useless heap of tech. In this scenario, you’ll need an iCloud unlock, without it, the device is nothing more than a paperweight.

Sometimes we need to reset our devices, this may be to improve performance or perform a software or firmware update. This is a routine procedure unless you erase the device prior to signing out of iCloud and ‘unhooking’ the phone from Find my iPhone. This is a common mistake and can be a costly error without knowing how to remove the iCloud account.

How does DirectUnlocks unlock iCloud and remove activation lock?

If you find yourself in any of these situations, or any number of other scenarios where your device ends up iCloud locked or stuck on the activation lock screen, all is not lost, there is an answer. It was once the case that in any of these scenarios’ device owners would be left with no other option but to cash the device in for scrap. Now, in a just few easy steps, a trusted UK company with tons of experience, can get your device back in action in under 24 hours without the need to send your device away or take it anywhere. The entire process can be carried out from the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is visit DirectUnlocks and follow three simple steps.

All you need to do is enter your IMEI number or device serial number, select the model of your device and request an unlock. It’s that simple. Within 24 hours, with the device still in your possession, the lock will have been removed entirely, and your device available to use again.

Feeling hopeless when your device is locked is a common woe. Many device owners, even where the device is owned by them and has always been, are left feeling anxious about the unlock process. So much so they scrap their device for little to no return. But as we have already highlighted, there is a wide range of honest reasons why you may find yourself with a locked device and a simple, effective and easy way to get back in action.

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