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Anne Hathaway

Hollywood got a new witch in the industry. The witches Movie is creating a magical effect on the industry. You must be thinking, about whom I am talking about. Yes, you guessed right. The witch of the Hollywood film industry is none other than the famous Actress Anne Hathaway.

As it is Halloween month, people are busy decorating their house. We already came to know that Anne is going to perform the main protagonist of the movie, named The Witch. It is an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic. The movie was supposed to release on 22nd October, but later it was changed to 9th October.

The story in short

The Witch is a story for the children, written by Roald Dahl. The story is about a lad and his grandmother. The boy lived happily with his grandmother. Suddenly, they noticed that all the children are disappearing from the village. They decided to reveal the mystery. The boy noticed the visit to the witches in the hotel. He overheard the conversations of the witches. There, he and his grandmother get to know about the plan of witches. The witches hate the children and so they turned them into mice. He decided that he will destroy the evil plans of the witches. It was not possible for him to do so, so he took help from his loving grandmother. Ultimately, both of them succeed in doing so.

Anne Hathaway’s portrayal as a witch

Anne Hathaway was asked about to share her feelings for the movie. She told me that she is thrilled about the movie. It is a challenging role for her. Playing the role of an evil character is not an easy job. Hathaway also mentioned that she is also excited about her outfits.

The costume designer has experimented about her outfits for a long time. The audience got a view to look at only the poster. Everybody is excited to see her in the movie. However, Anne Hathaway’s portrayal includes the hilarious evil smile, long nails, outstanding hats, and nebulous accent. Hathaway is seen to dress up in a long gown.

Hathaway also said October is the month of Halloween. The whole country is busy in celebrating Halloween. The audience is going to get an additional surprise, that is the release of the movie The Witch.

More information about The Witches movie

The Witch was also performed in 1990. It was a successful one. After 30 years, the director had decided to create the same magical look. The audience is excited to see their favourite actress in the role of an evil witch. Many are saying that will Anne do justice to the movie? Other than Anne, there were also other major characters, which includes Stanley Tucci, Kristen Chenoweth and Chris Rock’s voice has been used as a narrator.

Anne Hathaway is a beautiful actress, let’s see how she would look in the role of a witch. Anne had also presented her audience with wonderful movies. This time also, she will create a miracle in the movie. The audience are mainly excited as Anne is back to work after long seven months.

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