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Family Dance Party Of Jennifer Lopez 

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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is an American actress and considered to be the most stylish fashion designer. We all are great fans of Jenifer. Due to the pandemic situation, the world is suffering a great loss and many of them resumed their work. We are also missing this talented actress on screen. Let’s see what Jennifer Lopez is doing in this pandemic situation. The world is shattered in COVID-19, and Jennifer Lopez came up with a great idea.

What Jennifer Lopez is doing nowadays?

The pandemic situation is hampering the daily life of everybody. The children are forced to take online classes. Going outside is not at all safe. Jennifer Lopez took this opportunity and organized a virtual dance party for her twins. She supported the lockdown and insisted everyone remain at home.

Lopez says that she is the proud mother of two twins. She is very much concerned for her children like other parents use to do. Many kids are urging their parents to go for an outing or to watch movies. But we all know how important it is now to follow social distancing. Jennifer Lopez had an idea, she created a virtual dance party for her kids as well as for the other kids too.

This is one of the great initiatives. The 51-year-old actress Jennifer Lopez said that she would post her dance videos and the other persons too post them. The videos will be posted to Instagram. The dance video mainly has the famous song of Lopez like Pa Ti, with a hashtag #YoplaitimeDonation.

Yoplait agreed to pay $1 to the American feeding charity. The money that they are going to earn from the videos will be given to the poor and needy children.

Lopez is a possessive mother, she said, that she loves her children to learn creativity. She doesn’t want her children to pass time ideally at home just by using smartphones or computers. She urges all the mothers to come and take the initiative in this pandemic situation. As a mother, she is taking care of her children and as a human being, she is raising the funds for needy people. She is using the time brilliantly.

She also said that she got a positive result from her children, she never thought that her children would love to participate in the virtual dance party. Jennifer Lopez said that the virtual dance party can be performed anywhere you like. You don’t need any specific areas to perform it. The most important thing about the dance party is bringing the family together. All can spend a lovely time together.

Lopez later added that her children are correcting some of her dance steps and she is enjoying that moment too.

We have known Jenifer as an actress or a singer but in this pandemic situation, we got to know the other side of this lovely lady. She took a great initiative and raised funds for the poor and needy children. The audience became very happy to see their favorite actress after a long time on screen.

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