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Who is Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a business tycoon and Philanthropist and is the second richest person in the world. Born with an exceptional visionary outlook, he has been making millions from the age of 24. Although he has been responsible for initiating many business ventures and like software development, online banking, space X, etc but his main achievements are his never-ending quest to make things better and beyond for the world.

Maye Musk gave birth to Elon Musk in Pretoria on 28th June 1971. His father Errol Musk raised him along with his siblings in Pretoria South Africa for 17 years.

Elon Musk has graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1995 in economics and Physics. Elon Musk has proved several times that a mere degree cannot make a career.

Elon Musk biography

Elon Musk is no ordinary celebrity, he has used his passion and knowledge over the years to become the Elon Musk of today. He is a true genius after Stephen Hawking and Einstein as well as the richest man of 2022.

Elon Musk Biography has been tabulated below to introduce Elon Musk to the world in a concise manner.

Real NameElon Reeve Musk
Elon Musk’s Date of Birth28 June 1971
Zodiac SignCancer
NationalityAmerican, South African and Canadian
Work of LifeEntrepreneur and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX
Marital statusDivorced
Net Worth20,830 crores USD

Elon Musk Age

Elon Musk completed his 50 years on 28 June 2022.

Elon Musk Age50 years

Elon musk date of birth

Elon Musk Date of Birth28 June 1971

Elon Musk birthplace

Initially South Africa Pretoria was of no consequence to the world but when Elon Musk was born on 28th June 1971, Pretoria of South Africa become historical for being Elon Musk’s birthplace.

Elon Musk BirthplacePretoria in South Africa

Elon Musk birthday

Elon Musk was born in Pretoria in the year 1971 of 28th June to Maye Musk and Errol Musk.

Elon Musk Birthday28 June, 1971

Elon Musk full name

Elon Musk Full NameElon Reeve Musk

Elon Musk childhood

Elon Musk Reeve was born in 1971 to Maye musk who is a Canadian Model and well know Nutritionist. Errol Musk is Elon’s father who is of South African nationality. Professionally, Errol Musk is an electromechanical engineer, but he has also worked as a pilot and dabbled with property development.

After Errol and Maye Musk’s divorce, Elon Musk went to live with his father who was very strict and regretted choosing to live with him.

He and his siblings have a strong bond and all three of them are very successful in their fields.

 Elon musk height

According to his tweet Elon Musk height is 6’2 inches.

Elon musk and Grimes

Elon musk and Grimes
Elon musk and Grimes

Referred by Mahera Bonner as “Romeo Julliet of our time”, Elon Musk and Grimes meet at Twitter for the first time.

After his divorce from Talulah Riley in 2016, Elon has been dating on and off.

In 2018, bonding on a tweet with Grimes, Elon Musk’s romance with Grimes blossoms. Like all relationships, they also have ups and downs and they dated with each other for 3 years and are the proud parents of a son X AE A-XII (born in 2020).

On 10th March 2022, Grimes has given birth to Elon Musk’s daughter through surrogacy and they are calling her EXA Dark Sidereal Musk.

However, the couple is no longer together but are co-parenting their children.

Elon Musk Amber Heard

Amber Heard, a Justice League Actress starts dating Elon Musk in 2016 after her divorce as the sources say. Elon musk broke up after dating for a year and reconciled for a short while afterward. However, they both went their separate ways after citing the excuse of “timing wasn’t right.”

Elon Musk electric car

Elon Musk electric car
Elon Musk electric car

Electric vehicles were of great interest to Elon. When he gets the opportunity to invest and be a part of Tesla’s Electric car venture, he dived deep and invested approximately 30 million dollars in 2004.

Tesla named its first electrical car ‘Roadster.’ It can go from 0-60 miles per hour in a few seconds with a speed of 230 miles per hour. In 2006, Elon Musk takes the reign of Tesla as its CEO and contributed to designing Model S, Model X and Model Y electric cars to meet the demand of luxury models in electric cars. In 2012, Tesla under the leadership of Elon Musk began to build charging stations by the name Superchargers, in the United States and Europe for charging batteries without costing anything to Tesla owners.

Elon Musk Giga factory

According to Elon Musk, Giga factories are the “machine that builds the machine”.  Tesla built its first Giga factory in Nevada in 2014.

Giga factory 1Storey county, Nevada Us2016
Giga factory 2Buffalo, New York US2017
Giga factory 3Shanghai, China2019
Giga factory 4Grunheide, (Mark) China2022 (future)
Giga factory 5Austin, Texas US2022 (future)

Elon Musk Logo

Elon Musk Logo
Elon Musk Logo

Elon Musk, trough Twitter medium what does Tesla and SpaceX logo means actually. He says that T in a Tesla logo symbolises cross-section of an electric motor and X represents the rocket’s trajectory.

Elon musk mars

With the aim to provide humans with a multi-planet experience Elon Musk have the vision to build Mars City on Mars’s surface. Elon musk not only shares his ‘aspirational’ timeline, to be able to finish building a city on Mars by 2050 but has also come up with the idea to grant loans to people to buy tickets.

Elon musk all companies

  • SpaceX
  • The Boring Company: it is another Elon Musk initiative that came into existence to ease the intercity travelling of people of New York.  It is a tunnel construction company that is working on constructing ‘loops’ to make the transit system better for city dwellers. It has already completed two loops one in Las Vegas and another is ready to be tested in Los Angeles. Initially, Elon Musk has started the Boring Company as a subsidiary of SpaceX but in 2018 it has become an independent company with SpaceX holding only 6% of its share as compensation for using SpaceX resources in its initial years.
  • Neuralink corporation: a neurotechnology company, co-founded by Elon Musk is another great contribution to humanity as its prime focus is on developing implantable Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMI). Through this chip, Elon Musk aims at addressing Brain injuries and neural injuries and developing a system to achieve “symbiosis with Artificial intelligence.
  • Zip2: Also known as Global Link Information Network was co-founded by Elon Musk. This is also knowns as Elon musk first business venture at the age of 20. The company started to provide an internet presence to the local businesses but later transformed into online local city guides to assist newspapers.
  • OpenAI: another company co-founded by Elon Musk in 2015 that aims at developing and promoting friendly AI with the sole aim to benefit the whole of humanity. It is also a competitor of Deepmind technologies.
  • Tesla:  It is an Austin based electric car company that deals in clean energy. It also produces Solar roof tiles, Solar panels, battery storage grid-scale etc. It has a $1trillion Market capitalisation and is the most valuable automaker company. After investing approximately $6.5 million in Tesla, Elon Musk became its major shareholder in 2004. In the year 2006, Elon Musk becomes its CEO and ever since held his position and helped the company to reach unimaginable heights through his farsightedness and wisdom.
  • SolarCity: solar city corporation founded by Elon Musk’s cousins Peter and Lyndon Reeve in 2004. It designs solar energy generation systems to cater to residential, industrial and commercial clients. In 2016, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk acquired it for $2.6 billion and reorganised it into Tesla Energy.
The Boring Company
Neuralink corporation

Elon musk Patents

Elon Musk’s Tesla owns app 3304 patent all over the world. Out of 3304, only 2147 are active and 986 belong to unique patent families. Also, 48% of the patent families of Tesla earlier belong to other companies and were later acquired by Tesla.

Elon musk achievements

Elon Musk is the richest man in the world in 2022. He has been working hard since an early age to earn the accolades that he is receiving today. Elon Musk has started working for a living at the young age of 17. He is one of the fortunate teenagers who has employed his education as a tool to become rich and successful.

Despite being a mere graduate Elon Musk manages to co-found and then sell his first business venture in 1999 to a company called Compaq for $307 million. From then on Elon Musk has never looked back and has come so far that he has been labelled as the richest man on the earth at the mere age of 50.

Elon Musks’ achievements over the years are as follows:

1991Blaster video game
1995Bachelors degree in Physics and Economics
1995Zip2 (software company)
1999Sold Zip2
1999X.Com (online Banking company)
2002Sold X.com now PayPal to eBay for 1.5 billion
2002Launches SpaceX (space exploration company)
2006CEO of Tesla
2006Solar city
2012Tesla Model S
2016The Boring Company

Elon musk and dogecoin

Elon musk and dogecoin
Elon musk and dogecoin

Elon Musk has recently announced to accept Dogecoin as payment at various Tesla charging stations. Tesla has also been accepting Cryptocurrency as a form of payment for some time. In a recent tweet by Elon Musk, it was revealed that he considers Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin, an asset.

Elon Musk’s annual income

Elon Musk Annual Income$2400 Millions

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos
Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are referred to as Space Barons in Christian Davenport’s book “The Space Baron.” It is due to their ownership of two Space companies ‘SpaceX’ and ‘Blue Origin’, respectively.

It is believed that Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos consider themselves rivals, being the two most powerful CEO of the world.

Jeff Bezos is often referred to as a ‘copycat’ by Elon Musk who has issues with a few of the Amazon ventures. Elon Musk has also questioned Jeff Bezos hiring methods and poaching techniques.

Comparative tableElon MuskJeff Bezos
Net Worth in 202220,830 crores USD16,180 crores USD
Position in CompanyDouble CEOExecutive Chair
Marital StatusDivorcedDivorced
Space CompanySpace X (2002)Blue Origin (2000)

Elon musk vs Bill gates

Elon musk vs Bill gates
Elon musk vs Bill gates

Bill Gates would have been the richest man in the world had he not sold his Microsoft shares before leaving his company. However, in 2020, he sold most of his share and now Elon Musk net worth is 195 billion dollars which have made him the fourth richest man in the world. Unlike Elon Musk who has reached the top with his net worth of 230billion dollars in 2022.

Elon MuskBill Gates
Networth is $230 Billion$136.4 Billion

Elon Musk Book

Elon Musk Book
Elon Musk Book

Elon Musk authorised Biography was published in 2015 by Ashley Vance. The title of the book is “Elon Musk: How The Billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX is Shaping Our Future”.

In an article published in The Times of India, in 2021, Elon Musk has revealed that Walter Isaacson will be writing a second official Biography however its date and details are still unavailable.

Elon Musk BookElon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashley Vance
Published on:May 19, 2015
Price at Kindle:$11.99
Price of Hardcover:$16.99
Price at Audiobook$0.00

Elon musk business list

Elon Musk has been investing in companies for many years and has mostly gained profit from them. His major investments are as follows.

Name of the companyYear of Investment
Deepmind Technologies2010-2014
Tesla Motors2004
The Boring Company2017
Solar City2016

Elon Musk Brother

Elon Musk Brother
Elon Musk Brother

Elon Musk has a younger brother Kimbal Musk who was born in 1972 on 20th September. Kimbal Musk is also an Alma Mater of Queen’s University. He has also studied in French Culinary Institute and later excelled in the restaurant business. Like his brother, Elon Musk, Kimbal Musk is also a successful Entrepreneur and a venture capitalist who has been investing and making millions along with Musk.

At present, Kimbal Musk owns The Kitchen Restaurant Group which is located in Chicago, Indianapolis and Colorado. He is also a major stockholder in Tesla and SpaceX. Not only that he has also Co-founded Square Roots which is an urban farming company.

Elon Musk BrotherKimbal Musk

Elon Musk Background

Elon musk is South African by birth. Till the age of 17, Elon Musk studied in Pretoria and even goes to the University of Pretoria for short while.

Later, he left for Canada and resumes his studies at Queen’s University, however, he received his degree in Bachelor of Economics and Physics from the University of Pennsylvania, because of being transferred in his final year.

Moving to California in 1995, Elon Musk joins hands to start a software company Zip2 and sold it to Compaq for 307 million dollars in 1999. In the same year, X.com and the online bank came into being by the efforts of Elon Musk and becomes PayPal in 2000 after merging with Confinity.

In 2002, Elon Musk sold PayPal in 1.5 billion dollars to eBay. He brought SpaceX into being, in 2002 and later becomes the CEO of Tesla in 2004.

Elon Musk Brother

Elon Musk has a younger brother Kimbal Musk who was born in 1972 on 20th September.

Elon Musk BrotherKimbal Musk

Elon Musk Role Model

Although Elon musk has become an inspiration for the coming generation because of his leadership qualities, his mixing adventure with innovation and getting desired results. However, Elon Musk himself denies having any role model.

Elon musk ranking 2022

As per the reports of CEOWORLD Magzine, Elon Musk has ranked first by being the wealthiest person in the world with a net worth of 220 billion dollars.

Elon musk bitcoin

Elon musk bitcoin
Elon musk bitcoin

In a tweet about cryptocurrency Elon musk admits to having Bitcoin, dogecoin and Ethereum and that he is not planning to sell it.

Elon Musk business

Elon Musk is the Cheif Executive Officer (CEO) of Tesla company which manufactures electric vehicles.

He is also a lead Designer in SpaceX along with being its CEO.

Elon Musk Brain chip/ Microchip

Neuralink is a company owned by Elon Musk and founded in 2016. In this company, Elon Musk is trying to Achieve “Symbiosis” using Artificial Intelligence.

The concept of  Elon Musk Brain Chip using Neuralink technology aims at curing or treating illnesses like Parkinson’s and other neural illnesses. The microchip will be embedded in the brain using electrodes. However, this is a futuristic approach and work is still in progress.

Elon Musk children

Elon Musk has fathered eight children. However, his firstborn Nevada Musk dies an early age due to illness. He has 5 sons with his first wife Justine Wilson and another son and a daughter with Grimes.

Elon musk college

Elon Musk initially went to the University of Pretoria in South Africa and later joins Queen’s University in Kingston.

However, he again got transferred to the University of Pennsylvania to complete his bachelor’s.

Elon musk daughter

Elon Musk and Claire Grimes have become proud parents of a daughter, EXA  Dark Sidereal Musk, in 2022 through surrogacy

Elon musk dogecoin tweet

“ I still own & won’t sell my bitcoin, Ethereum or Doge FWIW.”

Elon Musk dog name

Elon Musk dog
Elon Musk dog

Elon Musk dog goes by Floki.

Elon musk’s daily income

As per The Economic Times report of  October 26, 2021, is 36.2 Billion. However,  Elon Musk’s daily income is not fixed and changes with Tesla’s stock performance on Wall Street. For example, Elon Musk’s per day income turns 432 Million US dollars in 2020 with the increase in Tesla Stock in Bull  Market.

Elon Musk Daily Income36 Billion

Elon musk equity in Tesla

Elon musk has unloaded almost 22 billion worth of shares in 2021 yet, he is still the largest shareholder in the company with 172.6 million shares or a stake of 17%.

Elon Musk Equity Shares in Tesla172.6 million Tesla shares equivalent to 17%

Elon musk family

Elon musk family
Elon musk family

Elon Musk is the firstborn of Maye Musk and Errol Musk. He has a younger brother Kimbal Musk and a younger sister Tosca Musk. He was married to Justin Wilson and later to talulah Riley.

Elon Musk is not only rich in money but is also rich in family. Elon Musk is blessed with a younger brother Kimbal and sister Tosca Musk. After his Marriage with Justine, the Elon Musk family expanded to include his 8 children one out whom is no more with us. He has also married Talulah after his divorce from Justine. Two out of his eight children were born to Grimes who are currently co-parenting them together.

Given Below is the tabular representation of Elon Musk family:

Elon Musk BrotherKimbal Musk
Elon Musk SisterTosca Musk
Elon Musk First WifeJustine Wilson (2000-2008)
Elon Musk second WifeTaluliah Riley
Elon Musk twin son through IVFGriffin and Xavier (born in 2004)
Elon Musk triplet son through IVFKai, Saxon and Damien Musk (born in 2006)
Elon Musk and Grimes sonX AE A-XII (born in 2020)
Elon Musk DaughterEXA  Dark Sidereal Musk (2022)

Elon Musk first company

In 1995, Elon Musk laid the foundation of his first company, Zip2 in collaboration with his brother Kimbal Musk in California. Later He sold this company to Compaq in 1999 in 307 million dollars.

Elon musk’s wife name

Elon Musk is a family man and has plunged twice into a marital pool. His first wife was Justine Wilson who was an author and journalist. After Justine, Elon remains free for two years but in 2010 again tied the knot with Talulah Riley.

Elon Musk married two women in two decades:

Elon Musk first wifeJustine Wilson (2000-2008)
Elon Musk Second wifeTalulah Riley (2010-2016)

Elon Musk First wife

Elon Musk First wife
Elon Musk First wife

Elon Musk married Justine Wilson in the year 2000 and divorced her in 2008

Elon Musk second wife

Elon Musk second wife
Elon Musk second wife

Elon Musk married Tallulah Riley in 2010 and got divorced in 2018.

Elon Musk parents

It seems that Musk has inherited more of his father, Errol Musk, gene pool who is an electromechanical engineer. He has worked as a consultant and pilot, property developer as well as a sailor. he has also tried his hand in a Mining company that mines Zambian Emerald.

Maye Musk, a model and a dietician belonging to Saskatchewan, Canada is Elon Musk’s mother.

Elon MuskParents
Elon Musk MotherMaye Musk
Elon Musk FatherErrol Musk

Elon musk university

After leaving Pretoria and his education at the University of Pretoria, at the age of 17, Elon Musk travel to Canada to settle in. He completed his graduation from the University of Pennsylvania in the year 1995.

Elon Musk UniversityUniversity of Pennsylvania

Elon musk upcoming projects

As per the report of Energy Live News, Elon Musk is working on turning carbon dioxide, into fuel for rockets.

Elon musk unknown facts

There are many facts about Elon Musk that are not so popular for example;

  •         Elon Musk invented a game called ‘Blaster’ at the age of 12 years and it was sold for $500 to a technology magazine.
  •         In 2013, Elon musk has almost sold Tesla in 11 billion dollars to Google.
  •         Zip2 was Elon Musk’s first startup which was sold to Compaq in 1999.
  •         Elon Musk studied at Stanford University only for two days.
  •         In the ‘Simpsons” Musk made a cameo while he also made an appearance in ‘The Big Bang Theory.
  •         Musk bought 1million worth of Submarine cars in 2013, belonging to the James Bond movie “The Spy Who Loved Me”
  •         Musk also did a cameo in Iron Man being an inspiration for Iron Man’s character.
  •         FAI Gold Space Medal is awarded to Elon Musk in 2010.
  •         Musk believes in science fiction and hopes to make it a reality one by one.

Elon musk website

All the information related to the Tesla CEO and Tesla company are available on the www.tesla.com. It also has the contact details, and email address of Elon Musk if someone wishes to contact him.

Elon Musk Websitewww.tesla.com

Elon musk youth

Like most of the youth of the west, Elon Musk also left home at the age of 17 to settle in Canada. It is said that for gold to become highly refined (Kundan), it has to burn under high temperatures.Elon Musk was like Gold in his youth and he has literally tolerated high temperatures to turn into a refined Gold.

In his youth, to survive he has taken many labouring jobs like nurturing vegetables, grain shovelling, log sawing, etc. But the hardest job of all, as reported in his book “Elon Musk” by Ashley Vance was cleaning the boiler room of a lumber mill. According to Musk, it was the highest paying job at that time and equally fatal. He said, that although, it pays $18 per hour yet only 3 people out of 30 survived the job in its first month.

Besides that, Elon Musk has also applied at Netscape in Silicon Valley after his graduation in 1977 but could only pursue an internship. Despite many hurdles in Elon Musk’s life, Elon Musk never gave up and build Zip2 in partnership with his brother Kimbal and sold it in 1999 for $300 million. And as they say, the rest is history.

Elon musk Volkswagen

As mentioned on the Reuters platform in October 2021, Elon Musk has joined a video conference after receiving an invite from Herbert Diess (German carmaker’s CEO). While addressing the Volkswagen executives Elon Musk has used phrases like Tesla’s greatest challenger, an “icon” for Volkswagen. After receiving high praises from Elon Musk, Diess tweeted that Volkswagen will continue to be in dialogue with Tesla.

Elon musk UK

Tesla has promised its UK consumers to start its Model Y deliveries from February 2022. Although Tesla has started its production in the middle half of 2021 all those Model Y cars were destined to go to Hong Kong.

Elon musk space

Almost a decade ago Elon Musk SpaceX was on the verge of decline. There has come a time that after three consecutive failures of Falcon1, 2 and 3 they did not have the funds or luxury of the fourth failure as they were short of funds.

However, in 2008 they were able to launch Falcon 1 successfully thanks to the 1.5 billion Nasa contract that they were awarded. Elon Musks tells in an interview that he was so happy that he just blurted out “I Love You Guys”.

Since then SpaceX has very launched many rockets including Falcon 9 which has made headlines because of its reusable feature. Musk is not stopping here, Another major goal of Musk’s life is to build colonies on Mars for the betterment of Humanity.

Elon Musk net worth

As reported by Republic World, Elon Musk’s net worth in rupees has spiked from 22,000 crores ($33.8 billion) to 304.2 billion USD which is 2,31,67,11,15,00,000.00 Indian Rupee in 2021.

Elon musk lifestyle

There is no secret behind Elon Musk success other than hard work and passion for his work. Elon Musk operates on 6 to seven hours of sleep and spends most of his day working either with Tesla or at SpaceX. Elon often skips meals and compensate them during Business dinners.

Elon uses his time efficiently and divides his schedule between his various projects. He is a firm believer in using every minute of the day constructively and hates wasting time in redundant talks or meetings.

After coming back home at around 10:00 clock in the night Elon Musk spends his time reading and watching anime. He goes to bed around 1:00 PM

However, recently he is thinking of cutting back hours to spend more time with his children and Grimes.

Elon Musk IQ level

Elon Musk IQ level is in leagues with the geniuses like Einstein and Stephen Hawkins.


Elon musk home country

Elon Musk was born in Pretoria, South Africa where he spent almost 17 years of his life then moves to Canad where he stayed for a few years. However, for many years now, Elon Musk call the US is home.

 Elon musk house inside

Before 2021, Elon Musk owns six mansions but now he has sold all of them with the agenda to get rid of all his worldly possessions as promised.

According to a Forbes report, of July 3, 2021, Elon Musk is residing in a rental apartment worth $50K that he rents from his company SpaceX.

After Making a profit of 19.2 million dollars, Elon Musk has moved to Texas and is currently living in a rental house in Austin.

However, in a December edition of Forbes, Elon Musk is reported to live in an 8000sqft big mansion owned by PayPal co-founder, Howery. It was considered the most expensive property in 2018 when Howery bought it.

 Elon musk gangsta’s paradise

Elon Musk is a true believer in the phrase I never give up! Therefore, the song Gangsta Paradise aptly covers the period of Elon Musk life where he conquered his life despite reaching the edge where one gives up.

Elon Musk Vision

As reported by CNBC, at the age of 20, Elon Musk kept sight of five big business industries, the Internet, artificial intelligence, genetics, Interplanetary travel and sustainable energy.

Following the basic motto of his life “What can I do that would actually be useful”, Elon musk has led or founded companies that based their revolution in these five areas.

Elon Musk believes in doing and creating things that support society and bring good in it too. As he said, he likes to be useful.

 Elon Musk foundation

Elon Musk and his brother created a foundation called Musk Foundation in 2002.

This foundation supports causes or provides a scholarship in four areas namely;

  1.   Renewable energy research advocacy
  2.   Pediatric research
  3.   Development of safe Artificial intelligence to benefit humanity
  4.   Science and engineering education
  5.   Human space exploration research and advocacy

The total amount donated by Elon Musk to this foundation is approximately $257 million.

Besides this, Elon Musk has also donated 1.2M Tesla shares in stock to Musk foundation in 2016 which was worth roughly $254,614,000 that day. The President of the Musk Foundation is Elon Musk while Kimbal Musk acts as its treasurer and secretary.

Elon Musk FoundationThe Musk Foundation was founded in 2002

Elon musk Sister

Elon musk Sister 

Tosca Musk, born on 20 July 1974, is a younger sister of Elon Musk. Tosca is also a successful entrepreneur, South African filmmaker. She produces and directs feature films, web content and television Program. She is also a co-founder of Passionflix, an online streaming service. She is popularly knowns for her Web series The Tiki Bar.

Elon Musk Instagram

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Elon Musk Twitter

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Elon Musk Youtube

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Elon Musk Wikipedia

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Elon Musk imbd

Click Here

As Elon Musk is a promoter of technology, he himself makes use of technology to address his achievements and failure to the whole world. His official channels on your tube are as follows:

Elon Musk Tesla Channel2.14M subscribers
Elon Musk SpaceX channel6M subscribers
Elon Musk SolarCity27.8Ksubscribers

Elon Musk zodiac sign

Elon Musk has a unique and passionate personality that has taken him to the zenith. Some of his personality traits can be attributed to his Zodiac sign Cancer. All those who firmly believe in astrology and zodiac signs will call Elon Musk a true Cancerian.

Elon Musk’s zodiac signCancer

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- Where does Elon Musk belong to?

Elon Musk is South African by birth.

Q2- Is Elon Musk Married?

Elon Musk is divorced since 2018.

Q3- Who is Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is an entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX.

Q4- Who is the owner of Tesla?

Elon Musk.

Q5- How many kids does Elon musk have?

Elon Musk has 7 children now.

Q6- How much does Elon musk make in a day?

36 billion USD.

Q7- Which company’s phone does Elon musk use?

iPhone since 2012.

Q8- What is Elon Musk famous for?

PayPal, Zip2, SpaceX, Tesla, cryptocurrency.

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