Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey Wore Mesh Face Mask Sparking Backlash Among Fans

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Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is a famous singer. For the last few decades, people have been enjoying her music. She has created a place in everyone’s heart. Recently, she was spotted in Los Angeles. What had she done for which the audiences got angry upon her? Let’s find out the answer.

Why did the audience get angry with Lana Del Rey?

All love Lana Del Rey, and she is the most favorite singer. The teenager likes to listen to her song.

Recently, she was spotted at a book signing event. She was present there for presenting her collection of poetry. It is very shameful to say that the 35-year-old singer is not aware of the pandemic situation. The whole world is shattered in this COVID-19 situation. The USA is the worst sufferer. People are losing their lives each and every day. The death rate had crossed more than a crore in the USA, and Lana Del Rey came to the event wearing only a mesh face mask. Her fans ran and clicked photos with her. She was also giving her fans a chance to click pictures. Her picture was posted on social media, and everyone criticized him.

What did Lana say about her act?

Lana didn’t realize that the audience would not take her action seriously. She said that she didn’t attend the event without a mask. She was wearing a mask. Her fans pointed out that the mask which she was wearing can’t be called a mask. She was only wearing a mesh face mask. However, Del’s sister said that Del is a responsible citizen, and she knew what measurements should be taken to avoid the unknown virus. She also added that Del was maintaining a safe distance and was tested negative. She was standing at least 6-feet apart from her fans. However, by seeing the pictures, no one will say that she was maintaining a safe distance. She took close pictures with her fans, which clearly shows her irresponsibility.

What was the opinion of Del’s fans?

Lana Del Rey has huge fan followers. But this act of Del was not liked by many of her fans. One of her fans said, I like her a lot, but what she did today is not acceptable.

Another man said I like Del from the core of my heart, I was surprised to see her suddenly in the event. I forgot everything for a second, but later, when I noticed her mask, I didn’t go near her.

It is noticed that her fans are not liking the attitude of Del. 

We haven’t heard much about Lana Del Rey’s version. Let’s see what she opines regarding her irresponsible act. We found her sister to rescue her. No other celebrities of Hollywood said anything regarding Del’s act.

Lana Del Rey is the topmost singer in America. People appreciate her music. She should have to be careful, especially when she is visiting an event. We all have to take preventive measures; then only we can get rid of the corona. It is expected that she might not have done it intentionally, but she should have to be careful from next time. The mesh face mask will not be a preventive one.

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