Rita Wilson

Rita Wilson beats COVID-19 and Blood Cancer

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Rita Wilson

Rita Wilson needs no introduction. She is a popular and famous American-Greek actress. She is also a known singer and a songwriter. She is loved by almost all the people in the world. The whole world was shattered when they came to know that she was suffering from breast cancer. Not only that, but she was also affected by COVID-19. With the grace of the Almighty, she has overcome these two deadly diseases. The world is happy to see that the veteran actress cum singer bravely fought with cancer as well as COVID-19.

What does Rita Wilson say?

Rita is a 63 years old woman, after having survived from these two deadly diseases, she is not going to take any chances with her health. So, she made a great decision to prepare for twindemic.

Well, we are not acquainted with these terms. It is a severe flu season that coincides with the pandemic.

Rita, the 63-year singer said that it was a horrible experience for her after being affected by the coronavirus. It was a nightmare for her. She wants the world to remain safe. She also mentioned that she is a flu shot getter. She is aware of the whole world to put on a mask and also to get a flu vaccine.

Her Race to 200M Campaign along with the pharmaceutical departments and the nurse’s requests for the vaccine to 200 million people. The people who are suffering from chronic diseases like asthma, diabetes or blood pressure should take the flu vaccine. She sarcastically mentioned that she doesn’t want to overwhelm the nurses and doctors when the flu season hits.

According to Rita Wilson, wearing masks can provide you with 95% protection. She insisted that wherever you are going should put a mask on your face. She also said to maintain social distancing. Rita Wilson became very angry, as people are very casual and not wearing marks and using sanitizers. She also said that she was almost going to experience death. Though many people are recovering, everybody should take care of themselves. It is a life-threatening virus, those who have strong immunity, only they are surviving. She insisted everyone take precautions.

Wilson also mentioned that there are some people who don’t bother to visit the clinic. She urges you to visit the clinic as soon as possible if you ever realize that you are developing some symptoms of COVID-19.

She doesn’t want anyone to die in coronavirus. Life is very precious if you lose it; your family will be the worst sufferers.

Actress Rita Wilson

We have heard the life experience of a famous singer and actress Rita Wilson. She has gone through a painful experience. So, she wants the world to take protective measures.

Rita has also survived from breast cancer a few years ago. COVID-19 has paralyzed the whole world, economically as well as politically. We all have to stand together and fight against it. The flu vaccine is good, it is helpful to grow the immunity.

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