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The Witches Releasing in October 2020 | Wait is Over

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The Witches Release

The Witches Releasing in October 2020

For a few months, the whole world had resumed their work. Anne Hathaway is a popular and renowned actress. She has entertained us with her acting to the audiences. Everyone is busy to welcome the Halloween party and Anne Hathaway is releasing her movie The Witches written by Roald Dahl. The director is Robert Zemeckis.

What is exciting about The Witches?

The movie was supposed to release on 16th October but later it was rescheduled on October 9th. It will be streamed on HBO Max. The main protagonist of the movie is Anne Hathaway, Stanley Tucci, Octavia Spencer, etc.

It is a low budget movie, theatres are not ready to spend much money on these circumstances. But as it is Halloween month, so it is expected that the movie will create a magical charm.

The director and producer are trying to earn the box office as much as possible.

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Summary of The Witches

The Witches was written by Roald Dahl in 1983. The story says that there was an evil witch, who with her magical spell, turned the children into mice. The witch gets attracted to the beautiful children and after a while, the children vanished. The parents of every children all-time remain in tension. A young boy, with the help of his grandmother, discovered the secret of the witches. Ultimately, they were able to destroy the superpower of the witch.

The director casts all the award-winning actors and actresses. Anne Hathaway is playing the role of a witch. The audience is excited to see her in a different role. Another Oscar-winning actress Spencer will play the role of a grandmother, who will fight with the witch till the end of the story.

Stanley will be seen as a hotel manager, in whose hotel, the witches come for the meeting.

What looks will be given to Anne Hathaway?

The looks of Anne Hathaway have not yet been revealed. We have seen only in the poster. But the director and producer said that they are keeping the look secret, to retain the suspense. But as Anne Hathaway is going to play the role of a witch, it is anticipated that her looks will be somewhat different. The costume designer might give her long nails, long hair, long dress and so on.

Let’s see what look Anne is going to give us.

We can only wait for the release date.

The Witch by Roald Dahl is a famous novel. The novel was much appreciated by all the readers. The directors and producers are all ready to bring the same magical charm to the theatres. That is the reason why they have chosen all Oscar-winning actors and actresses.

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