Understand the Water Signs of the Zodiac

Understand the Water Signs of the Zodiac

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The element of Water is associated with the zodiac signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.


Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer. Cancer is a water sign but bear in mind that it is also a cardinal sign. While we assume that wherever Cancer energy or planets in Cancer reside we find nurturing energy, this may not always hold water so to speak.

Cancer is caring energy and wants to help and lend an empathetic ear or a shoulder to cry on. This is the zodiacal sign of Jupiter’s exaltation. This if you consider the Scorpio rising flat chart used during medieval period makes a lot of sense as in that chart Cancer occupied the 9th house.

When it comes to mothering – this might be the sign of the Matriarch; that doesn’t sound like the mommy anymore. It sounds more like someone who will run the family, that side of Cancer energy is perhaps one we tend to ignore. Lunar people are mostly tuned in to life through emotions, you do not need to be a Cancer to be a lunar type.

You rely on your instincts, and respond to people in a caring manner. This is such sensitive and affectionate energy. Often there is a natural concern for the well-being of others, astrologically the Moon has the rulership of mothers. Candlelight dinners served at an antique table covered with Grandma’s lace tablecloth is Cancer kind of romance.

To you the past, tradition and family are important. Your roots are something you want to know about. That which has existed and survived the trials of time provides a feeling of security for you.

Strong Cancer or lunar types are inclined to ever-changing moods, like clockwork they change every two hours. If Cancer energy has been deprived of the vital security, we may encounter issues that border on the ridiculous. My Cancer grandmother, who lived through both World Wars, knew what it is like to be forced to do without.

So in order to feel she is prepared to meet any calamity she had a huge closet in her small apartment which held a spare set of china, a spare set of saucepans, a spare floor rug, basically a replacement for every item she had in use. She also had some 20 pounds of rice, 40 pounds of coffee, 20 pounds of flour, a formidable pantry so that she never had to do without as long as she lived.

Let’s face it, even the most balanced Cancer people have a tendency to hoard things. Everything has so much sentimental value. In a Cancer home we will find all the old love letters rolled into a bundle with pretty ribbon, as well as the flannel nightgown Auntie Fran gave as gift 40 years ago, which has never been worn on account that it didn’t have enough lace on it.

This is intuitive energy tuned into unconscious vibrations. Like any other energy, this can be expressed negatively. An insecure Cancer can be smothering, possessive and pampering. They can appear hypersensitive, and be easily hurt. They can be self-pitying, clinging, secretive, selfish and even maudlin.

Cancer is thrifty energy and will save for a rainy day. There are self-imposed limits as to what is enough, and should security demand 10,000 dollars not to feel flat broke (especially if Cancer is on the 8th house cusp), that is what you need to have. I would question the wisdom of having it all inside the mattress.

The house cusp with Cancer on it is where we need to feel emotionally secure, to take comfort in remembering who you are. Cancer water is usually associated with lakes, yet the symbol for Cancer the Crab is a sea creature.


Scorpio flowing through the outlets provided by the planets under the rulership of Pluto or the house in the chart ruled by Pluto describes energy, which is never shallow and superficial. I am addressing this part from the modern perspective, but the reader should keep in mind that, traditionally Mars rules Scorpio. The Scorpionic Mars can be a veritable powerhouse of intimidation.

A young person with this energy isn’t at ease with casual, light-hearted conversation or cocktail parties. Because of it he/she will prefer to stand back and observe the behavior of others. With age he/she will lighten up, and actually learn the art of chit-chat. By then he/she’ll have mastered considerable skills in regard to human behavior. I had a nightie, which had “Scorpios live life to the fullest once they wake up”.

Some wake up sooner than others, but what it refers to is when the Scorpio joins the crowd rather than just stands back and scrutinizes the environment. The maturing Scorpio can be a veritable powerhouse on the facts of life, and often quite intimidating.

What in our being could be deeper than the soul, Pluto is given control of the soul and its evolution. Pluto is normally the outermost planet known to man, but once every 500 years Neptune intercepts the elliptical orbit of this mysterious planet, which has a moon called Charon orbiting it. This small powerful planet moved closer to us starting in 1979, in 1989 it reached the closest point, and is currently moving to claiming its rightful place by 1999. Whilst Neptune remains the outermost planet for twenty years, it has a prime view of the dark side of Pluto.

The dark side is usually credited to Scorpio. In mythology Hades and Moira, the god and goddess of the underworld claim their hold on Pluto. Pluto rules sexuality, death and birth, both symbolically as well as literally, as reproduction caused the world to experience death in the first place. Death is an issue a Scorpio person faces in their lifetime, deeply and intensely as the emotional feeling quality of Scorpio/8th house/Pluto demands. Old has to die to make way for the new. An old wives’ tale says that when a Scorpio is born a relative dies within a year of that birth.

Scorpio also rules other people’s values and money, reincarnation, transformation, inheritance, and the reproductive organs. The animal symbols for Scorpio are gray lizard, snake, scorpion, eagle, dragon and phoenix. So people under the influence of Scorpio have those influences present in their make-up, and which one they decide to manifest is up to them. It is energy, which seems to be both revered and abhorred.

So what are the qualities of Scorpio energy. Let’s look at the positive side first. A Scorpio can be utterly trustworthy and the most loyal friend you can hope to have.

Scorpios not only know how to keep secrets they seem to draw them. Why do people tell their secrets to a Scorpio – because they know they are safe. Why then do these people who shared their secrets feel awkward in the presence of the person with Scorpio flowing through the luminaries, personal planets, or the Ascendant?

I believe, its partially because they can’t figure out for themselves, why they sought that person out to tell their darkest secret to in the first place. And secondly there is doubt that maybe this Scorpio is like Alexis Carrington of Dynasty, who will use the information to further her own ends.

Do you recall a deep conversation, the kind that begin – please, I want to you to promise, not to tell …- with a Scorpio. Then finally you came to the end of your story and the Scorpio just sat there still and silent. And you felt like babbling just to break the silence… even another Scorpio gets an uneasy feeling with this treatment. Apart learning to face death square in the face, and know no fear, there is another task for Scorpios to learn, when not to sit in silence.

A Scorpio yields power at all levels – the sneaky just as well as the noble. The trick for a Scorpio is not to manipulate. Scorpio has charisma, maybe it’s those eyes! Those compelling eyes, Scorpio rising is often the one with the bushy eyebrows.

Have you noticed how they appear to see through metal doors let alone through mere skin? Some appear to strip you of clothes, the sign does rule sex – but even worse the most evolved Scorpio appears to strip you down to your very soul. Maybe that is why so many Scorpios wear sunglasses even in the winter, they are aware of the discomfort others feel when their eyes penetrate through layers of matter.

Scorpio colors are listed from Maroon to black. As one myself with lots of Scorpio friends, say the color is all shades of old rose – the shades mellow as the Scorpio mellows. (I hear non-believers laughing at this statement – a mellow Scorpio must be an oxymoron). One dressed in pretty old rose may no longer sting – and don’t push the one in maroon into a corner and she won’t attack either.

Scorpios only attack when they feel their security is threatened. Instead of attack you may also encounter a glazier-like wall, and you know you have ceased to exist for the Scorpio. Scorpios like other water signs seem to be wise beyond their years, always ready to counsel another soul in emotional need. Scorpios are very compassionate, but you won’t be told that – maybe that is the secret Scorpios hold.

A sign always has its opposite, which it reflects as well as its own positive and negative expression. To oversimplify let’s look at some key words. A positive flow of the energy would be intense, passionate, and responsible. The people with this force flowing through them are strong, courageous, strong-willed, and magnetic.

They have charisma as well as sex-appeal. Very often these people are unaware of the impact they have. When a Scorpio woman walks into a room people notice her, the women get ready to protect their men and the men take note. The same happens with a Scorpio man, except that the men in the room hold onto their women a little tighter. This is just as well, because Scorpios hate being ignored. You are welcome to hate them, it’s preferable to feeling insignificant. These enigmatic people are also truthful, determined, and very resourceful. Mysterious and self-protective, they need privacy even if it is a small treasure box, the contents of which none is allowed to see.

Any energy can also be used negatively. A Scorpio can be violent and destructive. When they feel insecure they become possessive and jealous. They can also be too intense. When they are not in tune with this energy flow they can be very repressed and dominating. Ignore them and you’ll really find what secretive can mean. “Don’t get mad get even”, we’ve all heard that. Coupled with the obsessive concentration to any task, the ways to do just that get scary.

These people are capable of lying low for years and decades to bide their time till the perfect opportunity comes along, and they can have their revenge.

Secrets are not safe from a wounded Scorpio – their investigative skills are unsurpassed, if there is dirt to be found they’ll find it. To them the end justifies the means. Crimes of passion are also very Scorpionic in nature, and Scorpios can literally get away with murder here.

The element of Scorpio is in each chart, as is Pluto and the eighth house. The house with Scorpio on the cusp describes an intense, determined attitude toward the issues of that house. Pluto ruling your third house for example could make you a very powerful and charismatic speaker commanding the attention of your audience, on the same token it could describe a very secretive, vengeful person who might be the stirrer of trouble in the neighborhood.

When Pluto is in an aspect to a personal planet it becomes a personal planet rather than remaining the generational outer planet. Maybe you have a sister born in August who has Pluto conjunct her Sun, who doesn’t act like any of the older or younger Leos you know. She is just too intense to be a social butterfly out to have a good time, for her Pluto would be a very personal planet.

Through the death experiences a Scorpio faces in his/her life he/she learns not to fear death. They learn that death is only transformation from one state of being to another.


The Modern ruler of Pisces is the god of sea, Neptune. Pisces is usually given the ocean, the biggest water where the shores aren’t always in sight. The traditional ruler of Pisces, Jupiter might have wanted Pisces to have the biggest. Venus is exalted in Pisces (in the Scorpio wheel Libra was on the 12th cusp).

Mutable water is the quality of Pisces. The element of water is very emotional, passionate and moody. Water people rely strongly on how they feel. Pisces energy is extremely sensitive, empathetic and tears flow readily. This is perhaps the most secretive energy, only because of the fear of being hurt. These people are very romantic in an ethereal kind of way.

Daydreaming rather than actual living those romantic fantasies is more the Piscean way. These people don’t appear to be quite here on earth. They tend to see good in everyone even when facts seem to indicate otherwise. These are the people who’ll take care of others regardless of the cost. They more than most need to be needed.

Pisces people are very devoted to others, their wants and wishes come first. They are constantly involved in relationships because if they cannot care for another they don’t feel that they exist

Neptune the ruler of Pisces is both illusive and illuminating. Most attempts at understanding this energy are equally illusive. Perhaps because this is esoterically presumed to represent the last incarnation. Out of touch with reality is the bottom line for Pisces energy. People with this energy prominently placed create their own reality, what that might be depends on the person.

Pisces is relationship energy – they need people, yet they are quite removed from people. There is an innate knowledge of the way others feel. It is as if you naturally sense when others hurt, are happy, and so on. We all have Pisces energy in our make up as well, it can waft between the Jupiter waves and Neptune waves. Pisces energy comes in a lot of variety. Somehow it appears to be where we are pre-sensitized, acutely aware of the source of joy, pain and life in general.

Pisces is the sign on the cusp of the 12th house in a flat wheel chart, in the 12th house we have fear and faith, isolation, bliss, that is where we are alone with our subconscious, it is also the house where we shift from this reality into the next. The illusion of Maya, the veil of Neptune – the connection to beyond the veil are all residents here in the 12th house, which is the natural home of Pisces.

Interestingly when you turn the flat chart wheel to where Pisces is on the cusp, you note that Virgo is on the 7th and that would imply that Pisces wants to form partnerships with practical organized individuals. The 8th house is Libra, which might indicate the need for harmony and beauty in those most intimate of relationships. The Pisces phrase of course is I believe.

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