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Nocturne Movie Release Date 13th October 2020 | Review | Story | Cast

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Are you interested in watching horror movies? Do you like to get frightened? If you are saying yes, then your favorite movie Nocturne is going to release very soon. It is great news for movie lovers, especially in this pandemic situation. Along with Nocturne, another scary movie is going to release very soon. It is the Evil Eye.

Nocturne Movie Story

What is the plot of the story?

Nocturne movie story revolves around two young sisters who learn music in the same musical academy. One sister is less talented while the other one is outstanding in the music. However, one day, the less talented sister found a notebook in the classroom.

After surveying, she gets to know that the notebook belongs to one of her dead classmates. After that, the story changed to a new plot. The less talented sister started to shine; everyone likes her music. At the same time, the talented one is not getting a chance to shine.

Both the sister’s cordial relationship turns into hostility. However, we audiences are only allowed to know about this. The directors and the producers have not yet revealed anything about the plot anymore.

We are waiting for the answers to a few questions. What is written there in the notebook? Who’s notebook was that? What are the reasons for the sudden change in the fate of the less talented sister? Well, if you want to know the answers, then you have to visit the theatre. There is also good news for you. You can watch the movie on Amazon Prime Video or Netflix.

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Nocturne movie 2020 cast

Nocturne Production companies: Amazon Studios, Blumhouse Television

Distributor: Amazon Studios

Nocturne Cast: Sydney Sweeney, Madison Iseman, Jacques Colimon, Ivan Shaw, John Rothman, Ji Eun Hwang

Director: Zu Quirke

Editor: Andrew Drazek

Executive producers: Jason Blum, Fodlha Cronin O’Reilly, Matthew
Myers, Jeremy Gold, Marci Wiseman, Lisa Bruce

Director of photography: Carmen Cabana

Casting director: John McAlary

Production designer: Cecil Gentry

Costume designer: Christophe Oroza

Composer: Gazelle Twin

Who is the cast of the movie?

Let us tell you about the Nocturne movie 2020 cast. There are very few cast members present in the movie. The main protagonists are the two sisters Sydney Sweeney, who played the role of Juliet.

Then there was Madison Iseman, who played as Vivian in the movie. The other important characters are Jacques Colimon, John Rothman, etc. The director and the producer of the movie are Zu Quirke and Jason Blum.

The directors have high expectations regarding the movie. Let’s see what magic the movie can create in the minds of the audience.

Nocturne Release Date 2020

What is the release date of Nocturne?

Nocturne movie release date is on 13th October 2020. It is already showing its magical effect upon the audience. There were many gossips regarding the release date of the movie. The COVID condition makes the worst effect on the movie industry.

Many directors are not releasing their movies. While many others are shifting the date of the movie in the next year. However, the director took the risk and released it on 13th October.

The music of the movie is outstanding. As it is a horror movie, there is always eerie music present all over the movie. The audience is liking the music. Many of the audience has set ringtones on their smartphones.

To conclude, we all are waiting eagerly to see the reactions of the audience. Nocturne movie trailer has already earned much revenue.

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