Horizon Line Movie Trailer

Horizon Line Movie Trailer 2020 | Release Date is now on Netflix

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Horizon Line Movie

Are you all excited to see the new movie, Horizon Line? The answer is obviously yes. We all are excited to welcome the new movie very soon. It is a thriller and suspense movie. Let us see what is the actual content of the movie.

Horizon Line Movie Release Date?

The good news that you don’t have to wait along. Horizon Line movie release date is scheduled for 6th November. You can also see the horizon line movie on Netflix. The confirmation of the release date is yet to confirm. The directors and producers think that many movies are postponed due to COVID, so will it be safer to release the movie? But we can only wait up to 6th November to get confirmed whether it is seriously going to release or not.

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Horizon Line Movie Trailer 2020

Horizon Line Movie Trailer
Horizon Line Movie Trailer

The Horizon Line trailer has been released long ago, and one can easily say that the genre is a thriller. Michael Marcimain directs the Swedish thriller movie. The other main characters are Allison Williams, Alexander Dreymon, Pearl Mackie, Keith David, etc.

The story is related to how the group of young men and women can survive though it had not yet been revealed. A couple was on their way to attend a tropical island wedding. The pilot suddenly got a heart attack.

Either the couple has to fly the airplane, or they have to die! What will happen to the couple? Well, If you want to know the answer, you have to watch the movie either in the theatre or on Netflix.

The trailers of the movie give us goosebumps. We all are thinking about what might happen next. The directors, as well as the producers, have high expectations regarding the movie. However, the COVID had destroyed all the movies’ revenue in the last six and seven months. Let’s see whether this movie creates any magical effect or not.

The best part of the movie is that it didn’t cost them. The shooting of the entire movie was almost done in the airplane. The director intentionally did this, to save their unnecessary cost in this pandemic situation. The dresses of the cast also didn’t cost them much.

Is Horizon Line similar to other movies?

You all have remembered the movie, The Shallows. It was a thriller movie. In every moment, the audience is discovering something new. Some of them think that the movie director, Michael Marcimain, has taken the movie’s plot and presented it. However, the director clearly stated that he had not taken any idea from anywhere. The audience is thinking like that as both the movies have thriller genres.

Horizon Line movie Revenue

The Horizon Line movie has already earned a huge revenue from the trailer.

The Horizon Line is releasing worldwide on 6th November. We don’t have to wait for long. We are hoping that the movie will be a success and it will collect a considerable revenue. We wish the movie to entertain us.

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