Armored Riding Gloves

Why Motorcyclists Need Armored Riding Gloves

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There are many things bike owners have to look out for to ride responsibly. The right protective gear is one of them. Good motorcycle gear keeps you safe and comfortable. A high-quality pair of armored gloves are part of a full set of gear, even though many choose no gloves or non-armored variants. Here’s why you should never ride without a pair of reinforced and padded motorcycle gloves.

Are Motorcycle Gloves Necessary?

If a government mandates you to wear any kind of protective gear on a motorcycle, it’s usually the requirement to wear a motorcycle helmet. The usage of other gear and its quality are mostly left to the rider. Some choose to wear professional protective gear, like motorcycle jackets with armor, others decide to ride in casual street wear and bet on their skill to protect them from injury.

There are many reasons why a person would decide to skip out on the appropriate gear. Typically, it’s to save time, money, and the hassle of having to put it on and off for every ride or endure it in hot weather.

Motorcycle gloves are one part of gear that gets ignored more often than others. Even riders who might wear gloves in the winter to protect their fingers from the cold and wind typically pick any kind of glove rather than a proper armored motorcycle variant. What are the reasons that make this a bad decision? Learn here why you should take a second to buy motorcycle gloves by before your next ride.

What Are Armored Motorcycle Gloves?

Fashion trends have led to many people mistaking “motorcycle style” clothing, like regular leather jackets, with their professional protective counterparts for actual motorcycle riders. The same is true for motorcycle gloves. While a pair of sleek leather gloves will offer you some protection and comfort, it’s not on the same level as a proper armored riding glove.

Motorcycle gloves are designed to protect your hands from impacts and injuries, the bike’s vibration, and weather influences. On top of that, they help you get a better grip and tighter control. To do so, they are made of abrasion-resistant fabrics, have dampening properties, and armor plates covering the most delicate parts of your hands.

The Importance of Good Motorcycle Gloves

Our hands are extremely important when it comes to navigating our daily lives. On a motorcycle, they allow us to control and steer the bike. That is why it is critical to keep them nimble, functional, and protected from injuries that will affect our life after an accident.

  • Staying Comfortable

Gloves protect you from weather influences. You won’t get sunburned as easily and will keep your fingers from stiffening, hurting, or going numb in the cold. The padding has anti-vibration properties, which keep your hands from being affected by the bike’s rumbling over time.

Discomfort is distracting and drains our energy. On a bike, we want to stay alert and keep our hands nimble to be able to react quickly. A good pair of motorcycle gloves helps us stay comfortable and operational, even during long rides.

  • Guarding Your Wrists

Just like boots that cover our ankles help us to protect our feet from twisting, the same applies to a good pair of motorcycle gloves and our wrists. That’s why half-gloves might be comfortable in the summer, but don’t give us the protection we actually need. Armor around our wrist helps us stabilize and shield this vulnerable part of our arm.

  • Protecting Your Palms

A good motorcycle glove has padding and reinforcements on the palms. For one, this helps to alleviate the vibrations of the bike and the pressure of your grip. More importantly, if you are in an accident and try to catch your fall, your hands’ palms will be the first thing to come in contact with the ground or other objects. Just skitting over the pavement can rip a regular pair of gloves to shreds and leave you with road rash, cuts, and scrapes.

  • Defending Your Knuckles

Picture your bent knuckle impacting against a hard surface. These parts are incredibly vulnerable to breaking. Broken knuckles might seem like a minor inconvenience, but the rehabilitation after such an injury takes time, is painful and might leave you with long-lasting problems. Many motorcycle gloves are made from a tough material like leather, but don’t have armor covering vulnerable spots like your knuckles. Make sure to choose a variant with the proper protection.

  • Saving Your Fingers

Just like your knuckles, the rest of your finger bones are fragile and can easily break, or worse, get torn off entirely. A good motorcycle glove does not only have hardened knuckles, but also flexible armor plates covering all of your joints and the length of your fingers.

Equestrian riding clothes are designed to provide comfort, flexibility, and protection for riders while horseback riding.


Especially in the summer, some riders might forgo a pair of gloves to keep their hands nice and cool. However, warm hands are a small price to pay for the protection armored gloves offer. They help to shield your hands from impacts, cuts, and injuries and dampen the numbing sensation coming from the bike’s vibrations. Additionally, they protect you from weather influences and keep your hands comfortable, nimble, and able to react quickly. If you want to ride responsibly and safe, a pair of armored gloves is the best choice.

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