Second-Hand Bikes in Gurgaon 

Buying a second-hand bike in Gurgaon 

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Many people use bikes to travel from one place to another. They require a bike to visit a grocery shop and return home as quickly as possible. If you own a bike, then you can always save your time and energy. Riding a bike is easy and anybody can learn to drive a bike. The bikes sold in the market are usually expensive and everybody cannot afford to buy them. So, you can simply purchase a bike that is relatively less priced. If you are living in Gurgaon, then you can buy a second-hand bike in Gurgaon. Gurgaon is located on the outskirts of Delhi and is densely populated. It is a larger city and hence traveling from one place to another is time-consuming. So, you can purchase a bike to travel from one place to another.

Advantages of buying second-hand bikes

Second-hand bikes are relatively cheaper and yet you can derive the pleasurable experience of driving. Many college-goers or teenagers love driving bikes but the parents cannot afford to give a second-hand bike to their kids. Their kids feel disappointed if they do not have a bike. Yet the parents can give a second-hand bike to their kids and allow them to freely move from one place to another. If you are a beginner, then you can purchase a second-hand bike and practice driving. You can learn about the bike parts and the basic techniques of driving. You can fulfill your desire of driving by purchasing a second-hand bike. If you are not a regular driver, then you can preferably purchase a second-hand bike. You can sometimes ride your bike when you leave outdoors.  Living in Gurgoan, you can fulfill your desire of riding and hence you can purchase a second-hand bike in Gurgaon.

Points to consider when buying a second-hand bike

When you are purchasing a second-hand bike, then you should be careful about some aspects. You should carefully examine the parts of the bike as you are buying a used bike. Some of the important parts that should be examined are a mirror, clutch, accelerator, brake pedal, etc. You should be able to drive comfortably by applying the brake to the bike. When you apply a brake, you should be able to quickly start it. You should examine the mirror of the bike because you can know if it was damaged earlier. Do not hastily buy a second-hand bike because someone may be selling it because some parts are damaged.

Buying from an authorized dealer or a person directly

You may be confused if you want to buy it from a person directly or visit the nearest dealer.  If you are buying from someone directly, then you should carefully examine the parts of the bike. The seller may not acknowledge any problem with the bike because he/she wants to sell it and derive cash.  You may visit a dealer and insist the mechanic examine the parts. But, if you are buying from an authorized dealer, then you can buy a bike that is efficient. The dealer cannot sell a damaged bike as he should produce documents and evidence for the transaction. The dealer produces all the documents of the dealer and explains the details of the bike. You should choose a bike that is appropriate to your needs. The dealer sells many types of bikes and you can choose the best bike after careful examination. But you cannot negotiate with the dealer. You may negotiate with someone who is directly selling the bike, but the person may not be reliable.

How to examine the bike before buying the bike?

Know your purpose

Your first determine the purpose of your buying. Why do you need a bike? Do you need a bike to regularly go to your office or to travel extensively every day? If you are a marketing executive and frequently visit different places around, then you should preferably buy a motorbike because it is sturdier.  You can buy a non-gear bike if you simply require a bike to visit grocery stores or take a ride nearby.

Examine the important parts

You should examine some important parts of the bike such as the clutch, accelerator, mirror, headlight bulb, tail lights, etc to know if the bike was damaged earlier.

Examine some important aspects of the bike

You can examine some important aspects of the bike such as the fluid breakage, or if any wear or tear on the exterior parts of the body. You can also check the painting on the fabric. If the bike is older, then you will obviously find scratches, but the scratches should not be too deep. So, you can know the overall condition of the bike.

Observing the brakes of the bike

You should carefully test the brakes of the bike because many used bikes have drum bikes.

VIN number

You should examine the VIN number of the bike to know if the bike was legally purchased. Somebody may steal a bike and sell it to you. You should check this number along with the number mentioned in the title of the bike.

Access the insurance policy of the buyer

You should examine the insurance documents of the buyer to know the history of the bike. Examining these documents you can know the reason for the damage and if the parts are repaired then.

Some of the important documents to be examined

The buyer should examine some important documents such as the Pollution certificate, RC book, invoice, and the period of warranty along with the certificates of insurance. So, they can analyze the history of the bike. They can also examine if the bike was frequently repaired. The buyers should not buy a bike that contains extensively damaged parts.

Test ride

Even if the documents do not reveal any major condition of the bike, you do not know the current condition of the bike. So, you should drive the bike to the ground to test the condition of the bike. If you can drive it comfortably and do not experience problems driving, you can purchase the bike.

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