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Why Are Steg Pegz So Important in Dirt Biking

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After the invention of steg pegz by an Australian motocross racer, it has become so popular amongst off-road riders and dirt bikers that you cannot see a dirt bike without a steg peg on it.

It has become a very sought out item of the dirt biking community, and every individual rider has a pair attached to his bike.

There is no scarcity of dirt bike racing tracks in Australia, and Australians take fun seriously. With the increase in youngsters showing interest in dirt biking and mud racing, the popularity of steg pegz has gone up. Let us see why these are popular amongst off-roading bikers.

What are steg pegz, and how did they become so popular in a short time?

In the Australian aftermarket accessory, steg peg is a popular item. It is attached to the frame or subframe based on the enduro/dirt bike model, where rubber stops are attached to metal/aluminium support. The pegz will minimise the arm-pump of the rider during off-road riding, also increasing the grip hand control off the bike.

There are many ways to get a grip and control over the dirt bike, and steg pegz is just one of the many fittings that help you to do it. Bikers even use grip tape, gripper seats, footpegs etc., to have better control over the bike.

The working of steg pegz

The rider already has a rubber stop to put his boots on, and it helps to rest their leg while riding. But in a dirt bike race/off-road trip, you need to get a grip on the bike not just with your hands but with your legs too. The control of the bike works wonderfully with steg pegz.

With this fixed on the bike, one can get a full grip and control over the bike and prevent their body from moving backward while accelerating and moving forward while applying a sudden break. The pegz helps the rider apply less pressure with their hands, resulting in a substantial reduction in the arm-pump.

Which riders use steg pegz?

They are usually seen in dirt bike racing, long-distance off-road rides, desert races etc.

It is designed to work in harsh conditions and on the nasty roads, and Australia has a good number of roads you can ride your dirt bike on.

You cannot see steg pegz in MotoGP or on the ordinary motorcycle people ride for their daily commute. You can’t find it on a cruiser or a sports bike. There is no requirement of balancing on foot and handling sudden jerks and motions while riding these bikes. Steg pegz are Uniquely designed and customised for off-roading bikes.

Fitting steg pegz on your bike

You can see this item fitted on various kinds of bikes, but the technique is the same. It is effortless to install, just like you install the footpegs. It can be fitted on the bike frame or subframe using the existing bolt holes in there. You can also find additional clamps on the frame where the steg pegz is installed.

Even though a steg peg is just one of the many items a rider uses to control his bike better, one can’t do without it either. It remains a crucial part of a dirt bike since its invention.

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