Tips for Used Car Buyers

Top 5 Tips for Used Car Buyers

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Owning a car is everyone’s dream and once you finally decide to buy your first car it’s important to make the right decision. Cars are an expensive commodity and once you make the purchase you cannot just return it. Buying a used car for the first time can be downright terrifying if you don’t know what you are doing. You need to consider your finances, preference, car specifications, car mileage, and so many other factors before buying, especially when looking for used cars in georgetown sc. With that many decisions to make, you need an expert advice. Here are some tips that will help you make the right decision and select a car that meet your needs.

1. Determine Your Budget:

How much are you willing to spend on the used vehicle? Set a budget for it according to your needs. The worst mistake you could make is buying a car over your budget. Running a car is costly; keep in mind all the costs that come with ownership such as fuel, insurance, interest payments (if you are financing), maintenance and so on. Do a little math to calculate the cost of the car you are going to purchase.

2. Research the Car you would like to Buy:

You must have some idea what type of car will best suit you. A sedan or an SUV for the family, it depends on your personal needs. With that in mind you can finally research your preference online. Online car reviews have made it easier to select the right car for us. The colors, interior, engine type and size, performance, fuel efficiency, market value and comparisons; you can research all online to prepare yourself before making a trip to the dealerships.

3. MOT Status of Vehicle:

MOT is a test conducted every three years to check the safety and exhaust emission of cars. Avoid buying a very old vehicle. It might be cheap, but also consider the wear and tear it would have gone through.

4. Do not Make Haste in Dealing: Negotiate a Cheap Used Car to Even Cheaper Levels

Local or Private, look for the used car dealer who can offer you a good deal on your car purchase. Before sealing the deal with the used vehicle dealer, inspect the car inside out. Be aware of the car’s worth; negotiate the price if you think the dealer is asking for more. If you confer well, you might be able to get discount or free extended warranty and service packages.

Everybody knows that the used car lot is the place people go to when they want to get a good car for a low price. There’s no denying that many of these cars are cheap and have a lot of miles on the clock, but what many people don’t realize is that they can negotiate these prices downwards further. This is something people forget as they believe that used car salespeople aren’t interested in bartering. If anything, they are the best people to barter with.

  •  Make a Choice The best way to negotiate a lower price is to be prepared. And the best way to be prepared is to know exactly which car and which model one wants to buy. One of the key techniques to negotiation is knowing exactly how much an individual wants to spend prior to entering talks. If a rough estimate hasn’t been decided on then it’s hard to know exactly what one is aiming for.


  • Emphasis The last thing anyone wants is to be standing there listening to a salesperson drag you around the lot in a vain attempt to sell the most expensive car possible. The only way to avoid this is to make it clear that the visit isn’t merely about car shopping, it’s about price shopping. This will also plant the thought firmly in their mind that they need to give the individual the best deal possible or they will simply go elsewhere


  • Don’t be Afraid to Walk If the used van salesperson or used car salesperson just isn’t meeting the buyer on their budgetary demands then sometimes there’s no other option but to walk away. However, this is a tactic which has to be used carefully as experiences salespeople will often know whether a person is really intending on walking out or not. If they believe that it’s a bluff then they won’t budge either. Be assertive, if they don’t look like they are buying it then get up and literally walk away. If they are desperate then they will stop the person at the door. Alternatively, move on to another model, preferably a cheaper model. The last thing a salesperson wants to do is potentially downgrade hundreds of pounds because they refused to budge.


  •  Research is King No salesperson, no matter how honest, is able to resist the opportunity to tell a little white lie or over-exaggerate something at some point during their careers. The sad thing is that this can often mean the difference between closing a sale or not. But they won’t try it if they know that the buyer has done their research. Decide on the type of car and carry out research on the car and the prices associated with it. It’s even better if there’s another local used car dealer who is selling the car at a lower price. This will nearly always cause the salesperson to undercut his competition.


  • Ask about Payment Methods some dealers are willing to provide minor discounts if the car is paid for in a certain way. For example, some dealers may dislike being paid in cash because it means they have to deposit it in their bank accounts personally. If a buyer pays by card then that eliminates this job, and some dealers may provide discounts in exchange for this.

5. Take the Car for Test Drive:

Before finalizing the purchase, take the car for a test drive to make sure it has everything you are looking for in your new vehicle. If you find any issue, discuss the concerns with the dealer immediately.

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