Buying a Second Hand Bike

Things to Consider While Buying a Second Hand Bike?

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So, you want to buy a Second Hand Bike? It’ll save your hard-earned money for sure. Regarding the performance, you have to be a bit vigilant at the time of buying it. Bikes are always a hot favorite of Indians. Go anywhere – any corner of the country, even the remotest villages, bikes will be the most visible vehicle. In 2011, 11.77 million units of bikes were sold in India and the figure reached 21.18 million in 2019. In 2020, in spite of the pandemic and huge economic crisis, 17.42 million units were sold across the country. Right from Honda and Bajaj to Enfield – bikes here have unending designs and technology.  We shouldn’t forget that a major part of two-wheeler sales comprises of the Second Hand Bike.

If you are interested in a second hank bike, you must consider a few parameters for getting an idea of the current condition of the bike or to get the best deal.

Checklist – Second Hand bike valuation and other things you shouldn’t miss

Here are a few tips, if you consider, that would help to end up in appositive note in terms of price and performance –

  • Give time to know the bikes in your consideration

“Gut feeling” or “Intuition” is good for choosing a brand but not buying a model. So, keep aside your gut feeling or intuition for the time being and do some research on the bikes you are targeting. These are the bikes from which you will choose one. You may have dropped at a used bike showroom or gotten contacts from the personal circle or may have seen the ads on the newspaper or considered buying it online -in any case, know the bike thoroughly.

  • Ask for one or two test drives 

Start the bike and hear the machine sound with as much concentration as possible. Does it have any unusual noise? Check the brakes, accelerator, speedometer, fuel indicator, seats, stands, and wheels. Look how much smoke is coming out, how is the smoke and is there any unusual smell? Press the accelerator with the bike in a standing position, is the overall vibration normal? If you don’t understand these technical matters, don’t forget to take a mechanic with you or at least a friend or college knowing all these aspects.

  • Vehicle history and documentary check is important

Match the vehicle identification number on the frame and the engine should be the same. Ask the owner to show the registration certificate and insurance copies. Ask him if there is any accident history of the vehicle? The good news is that you can check all documentary matters online with the vehicle history certificate provided by many online websites.

  • Check the maintenance record

Ask the vehicle owner to share the maintenance record with you. The maintenance record will tell you how much care has been taken for the bike? A maintenance record will be available only if the bike has been serviced from the company-authorized servicing centres. If the bike is 2-3 years old, it might have got some free services.

  • Go for a test drive 

Ask the owner that you want to go for a test drive. Take your knowledgeable friend or the mechanic with you. If you are good at understanding a bike’s health, do it yourself. Use the clutch, gear, accelerator, and brakes frequently. Don’t stop your test drive just in a few meters but take time. Drive it through bumpy roads, drive it over the speed breakers, take U-turns, use the first gear, listen to the noise attentively and mark any usual sound, use the horns and indicators – do as much activities as you can.

  • Final negotiation 

It’s all about price. It’s a matter of negotiation. Of course, you have a budget but the seller also has a price tag for the bike. For every issue you find, you can negotiate the price. A clever way of negotiating is being prepared beforehand. Check used bike price with OBV to know the right market value of the second-hand bikes. This will give you an idea of what could be the possible price of the bike. This will help you give negotiate confidently.

Buying a used bike is a good decision if the source is authentic

The Second Hand Bike market is booming in India. Previously it was completely an unorganized sector where buyers and sellers used to face lots of trouble in buying or selling what they want or had. Suppressing data was also common. Now, the market is getting organized. Lots of offline and online dealers have come up offering certified used bikes, Second Hand Bike valuation tools, technical support, and lots of other interesting stuff to make the market more organized and trustworthy.

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