OTT And CTV: The Difference

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With today’s continuous technology innovation, many business-minded individuals prefer to begin their IPTV/OTT/Live streaming business. Do you plan to choose OTT solutions for your business? If yes, this article is for you.

We will discuss the OTT and CTV solutions and their differences. Continue reading!

What is OTT?

OTT means Over-the-top. It is video content served on different types of devices like traditional closed TVs. The best thing about OTT is that you don’t need a pay-TV cable company to enjoy your favorite content. Thus, you can access it through the internet.

Aside from watching videos from your mobile, TV, and laptop, you can also use OTT boxes and streaming devices like Amazon FireSticks, Chromecast, Apple TVs, Smart TVs, and Roku boxes. These boxes or sticks serve as a hub, where you can connect to OTT services and perform as a mini-computer with the needed applications, specifications, and connections for watching content.

With technology improvement, the word “OTT” continues to evolve and is referred to as a streaming media service that can provide you videos and other digital content you can enjoy on all devices. You can connect it to the internet, thus bypassing traditional broadcast, cable, and satellite TV platforms.

Benefits of OTT services

Using the OTT strategy can offer you many benefits. These include the following:

100% viewability

In OTT, the ads run full screen. It means that it can offer 100% of pixels for excellent viewing. It reduces below-the-fold ads of other media platforms.

Wider audience reach

Another benefit of OTT is that it allows you to reach a broad audience. It can be beneficial for micro-targeting. It can also increase customer engagement.

Brands safety

With this platform, the ads are delivered on-demand and on live TV. With this, you can reach a wider audience through different networks and make your content popular.


OTT solutions are cost-effective. You can use the internet in different ways, including online classes, live video streaming, working from home, browsing social media websites, and watching movies. Unlike traditional TV cable networks, OTT can charge you lower.

Various content

With OTT, you can enjoy different content. So, you can have a more customized viewing experience. You can watch other content like live games, serials, kids’ content, movies, and more. The platform can also offer you paid and free content.


You can access the internet anywhere, so you can have convenient use of OTT. Traditional cable networks are bound with geographical and physical borders. Luckily, OTT is different from traditional streaming services. You can enjoy your favorite content with convenience.

Device-independent viewing

With OTT, you can watch on different devices, including Smart TVs, tablets, mobile phones, desktops, etc. So, you can enjoy live video streaming anytime and anywhere you want.

Data transparency

You can also enjoy data transparency with the platform. With this, you can have improved data analytics.


You can have a hassle-free experience in using OTT platforms. OTT is easy to use, and you only need a strong internet connection to enjoy different content. With that, you can have a more customized viewing experience on your devices.

Access to a younger audience

OTT also yields better results for your business. Thus, it can access a younger audience. It includes audience targeting parameters that measure advertising success.

What is CTV (Connected TV)?

CTV are TVs that you can connect to the internet for accessing content beyond what broadband or cable providers offer. In addition to IPTVs and Smart TVs, you can also use OTT devices connected to traditional TVs. So, the TV can be connected to the internet. The OTT content is now accessible through CTVs and other devices like iPods, tablets, computers, and mobile phones.

Benefits of CTV

Like OTT, CTV also has benefits. They are the following:


One of the advantages of using CTV is that it is quantifiable. You can measure the results from your campaigns using digital and traditional metrics. It can include video completion rates. You can also check the buyers’ journey as they view your ad when they have a purchase.

Customer gaining

CTV is also beneficial for gaining more customers with your business. You can reach more audiences even if you’re not using traditional TV commercials.

Audience growth

Another unique feature of CTV is you can use it to promote your products to millennials who don’t watch traditional TV.

Targeting capabilities

Using CTV audience targeting, you can ensure that a big part of your investment can reach your potential and valuable customers.

Difference between OTT and CTV

CTV is a subset of OTT; it includes services and apps which don’t need subscriptions to pay-TV service or traditional cable. It only means that OTT is the method of delivering video content. On the other hand, CTV is the device used to view the content.

OTT advertising includes pre-roll ads, as well as other video ads shown to users as they view content. Meanwhile, CTV advertising is placed with the apps and presented on their connected device.

CTV and OTT can be an excellent part of your marketing strategy. With this, you can reach your target audience, especially those not using a traditional cable TV.

CTV and OTT as the future of advertising

OTT platforms, including Netflix and Amazon Prime, are getting more popular today. Thus, they can provide viewers with top-quality video content. The marketers of OTT are trying to retrieve the cost of free subscriptions through ads.

OTT is delivered through the CTV. If you want more affordable internet use, OTT is the best option. Some people say that CTV and OTT are the future of advertising.


Generally, OTT and CTV are both excellent platforms for your streaming services. To sum it up, OTT and CTV are related, but they are distinct from each other. Both platforms can provide you with great benefits for your streaming services.

CTV and OTT can offer viewers with excellent viewing experience at a more affordable cost. If you want to level up your live streaming service, these platforms can help you.

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