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5 Marketing Strategies applied by Webtrends in Their Projects

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Webtrends was recently elected in a survey carried out with Marketing specialists as the best Digital Marketing Agency in the country with the application of methods that no other has used.

And this article will cover exactly the marketing concepts applied by Webtrends in its private projects and also in the Agency’s clients.

Succeeding in the digital medium is not as simple as in the early digital world. Consumer behavior has changed a lot over the last decades and more and more companies are investing in Digital Marketing as the means to leverage business and consolidate brands.

And in this context, Webtrends has stood out with its method, which involves the strategies below:

1 – Know your ideal client well

The best way to acquire new customers and get to know who your customers are and how they behave. After all, if you don’t know who you want to have as a customer, how will you communicate with them?

The starting point for any Digital Marketing project has to be an in-depth research of target audience and also persona. But your company should not only know demographic data about the target audience, but also how they behave, where they go and especially what emotions they have. For example, what are the frustrations your audience has had with companies in your segment? What fears do they have before making a decision? What are the dreams that your company can fulfill?

All are elements that directly influence decisions and your company must have mastery over these feelings in order to influence its consumers.

2 – Where do they go?

According to Adriano Luz of Webtrends, “the best digital platform for your marketing actions is the one where your potential customers most frequent”. In other words, there is no standard rule, but you should look at where you are most likely to win the most customers.

The platforms in the digital environment are diverse, such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube and others. Explore what your customers use most.

3 – Communicate with what the customer wants to “hear”

Once your company knows all the feelings that influence the decision of its consumers, the communication must be totally directed to these “weaknesses” of its customers.

Explore your audience’s fears, dreams and desires and associate your brand as the solution to all these problems. The chances of gaining the attention and attraction of this audience are much greater.

4 – Deliver something relevant

Don’t try to sell. Offer content and information to your audience and let them want to buy your company. The best way to sell is not to have to sell, but to be bought.

Position your brand as an authority and reference in the market. Show your consumers that your company is an expert on the subject and make them realize the credibility that your company has.

5 – Generate social proof and enjoy user content

Another way to generate credibility is through social proof and also through content generated by the users themselves.

Create marketing initiatives that make users interested in publishing your own content. This generates buzz around your brand and is certainly more social proof that your company has to offer.

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