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How to Grow Old Gracefully

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Being told that you are growing old gracefully has always been seen as a compliment, but in truth, it can mean a wide range of different things. Some people would consider growing old gracefully as accepting age, without running to the hair dye or Botox clinic. For others, it’s all about growing more mature and sensible. For many, however, growing old gracefully is all about maintaining good health and fitness and continuing to enjoy adventures and a great quality of life.

To grow old truly gracefully, perhaps we need to embrace all ideas. Accepting that we’re getting older, and our bodies are changing, but not necessarily shunning anti-aging methods and fun hair tones, making mindful decisions and taking more time to think about how what we eat and drink affects us, and enjoying our more senior years.

Whatever graceful aging means to you, here are some tips to help you to manage it.

Enjoy an Active Social Life

Loneliness is common in older people, especially once they have retired and their children have gone off to start their families. It’s a leading cause of depression in the elderly, and a lack of social contact can make things like exercise more difficult.

If you are struggling to reengage your social life as you get older, you could consider joining clubs or groups in your local area or even moving into Kirkwood assisted living from McKnight Place. At an assisted living facility there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people and enjoy a very active social life.

Enjoy Food and Drink

As we get older, we’re often encouraged to reduce calorie intake to limit weight gain, especially if we aren’t as active as we used to be. While there are countless benefits to a healthy diet, enjoyment of food and drink is crucial to a good quality of life. Try to find healthy options that you enjoy and treat yourself in moderation. You might find that practicing intuitive eating helps.

Love Exercise

Exercise is another important element of a healthy lifestyle. But it shouldn’t be a chore. If you hate running, don’t do it. If the gym makes you anxious, find ways to work out outdoors or at home. Find exercises that you enjoy, even if that means taking long walks instead of pushing yourself to your limits.

Never Stop Trying New Things

As we get older, we often develop fears and anxieties about new things. We stick to what we know and what we’re comfortable with. But trying new things, eating new foods, and visiting new places is an excellent way to keep young and engaged with the world around you.

Don’t Follow the Rules

We’re often told that older people, women especially, should stick to certain rules. We shouldn’t have long hair or dark hair, we shouldn’t wear skinny jeans or tight tops. But most of these rules are out of date. Ignore the rules and enjoy yourself.

Wear Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen every day is the best thing that you can do for your skin. It will help to keep it healthy, prevent premature aging, and reduce the risks of skin cancer and other skin problems. If you forget, find a day cream or makeup with added SPF to make it easier.

The key to growing old gracefully is doing it your way. Make sure you are doing things that make you happy, whether or not they are seen as things that older people should be doing.

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