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American singer-songwriter Dominic Fike. Fike gained notoriety for the first time after uploading a number of well-known songs to SoundCloud.

A soft mouth, deep-set eyes, a freshly buzzed head the color of candy floss, and a jawline even the gods could admire. On the surface, at least.

Season two of Euphoria’s premiere episode was all it took for Dominic Fike to become our favorite.

But who or what else is this mysterious little boy alluding to?

For those who have never met Dominik Fike before, we compile all our information about him in case that intense desire ever hits. Think of this as an FBI case that needs additional digging.

Find out about our latest love interest down below. His meteoric rise to fame began with his success as a SoundCloud sensation.



NameDominic David Fike
Professionally KnownDominic Fike
Date of BirthDecember 30, 1995
BirthplaceNaples, Florida, U.S.
Age29 Years
ProfessionSinger-songwriter,  actor
Spouse nameNot disclosed
HometownNaples, Florida, USA.
Zodiac signCapricorn.
Marital statusSingle
FatherDavid Mills
MotherJessica Fike
Brother1. Alex, 2. Sean
SisterApollonia Fike

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Dominic Fike Birthday30 December


Dominic Fike Age29 years


Dominic Fike Height in Feet5′11 ″
Height in Meters1.8m
Height in Centimeters180.34 cm


Dominic Fike Weight in Kilograms67Kg
Weight in Pounds147.7lbs

Early Life/Controversy/Breakthrough

His birthday is December 30, 1995, and he was born in Naples, Florida. Apollonia was Fike’s sister; Sean was his older brother; and Alex was Fike’s younger brother. His family tree starts in Haiti and extends to the Philippines and Africa. After finishing high school in 2014 at Palmetto Ridge, Naples, and Estero, Fike’s education was complete. Some of Fike’s favorite bands were Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Blink-182, and Jack Johnson. He mastered the Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ songbook on his first guitar at ten.

Elliot Euphoria
Elliot Euphoria

Fike reflected on his childhood and how he and his brothers had to provide for each other due to their parents’ frequent absences. Since Fike’s mother spent a lot of time in and out of prison when he was a kid, he bounced around from family, friends, and his older brother.

The “Forest of Avalon” was a nearby forest where he and his friends would gather to smoke weed and snack. In Fike’s words, his formative years were “full of adventure.” Then there was the “Backhouse,” a friend’s house where he and his older brother Sean would visit as houseguests. They would do their freestyle routines here.

Dominic Fike’s ‘Racist’ Comments About Morocco Draw Backlash

Many people took offense to Dominic Fike’s comments, calling them “racist” and “ignorant.” Serious repercussions await actor and musician Dominic Fike for comments he made about Africa and Morocco in an interview at the Yves Saint Laurent fashion show in Agafay, Morocco, on July 15. “It is really strange that they have all those camels and stuff.” It was just how I had imagined it. “Are you sure we are in Africa?” asked the HBO star of Elliot Euphoria. Some called her comments “racist” and “ignorant.”

‘Cancel’ Dominic Fike Euphoria Fans After Controversy Comments Amber Heard

During his performance in Evanston, Illinois, Dominc Fike told the crowd something he probably would have liked to keep quiet. During the performance, Fike yelled, “Yo, I am just going to say it.” It is going to come out of me. To you, I promise to be honest and forthright. Who are you to judge? I find Amber Heard appealing. I know that most people do not see it that way or that the point is not at stake right now, but I have been fantasizing about her slapping me. It seems hot to me.


The Arrest of Dominic Fike

To answer your question, Dominic Fike has a history of legal troubles. His 2016 attack on a police officer led to his incarceration and subsequent house arrest. Things did not improve following his positive drug test. The consequence of his failure to comply with his probation was a year in prison.

Personal Life

At one point, Dominic Fike was romantically involved with Diana Silvers, an American actress best known for her role in the film Space Force. A model named Massima Desire was his girlfriend in 2020.Dominic Fike and Hunter Schafer, who played a transgender character on the TV show Euphoria, is supposedly someone he is seeing. He got the symbol of the subgroup Lame Boys ENT tattooed on his forehead. He bears the ink of RHCP guitarist John Frusciante’s visage on his right hand.

Dominic Fike Tour
Dominic Fike Tour

Fike also has an apple tattoo under his right eye as a tribute to his sister Apple. As for him, he loves to experiment with different hair colors. As he told the tale, a friend had stolen Fike’s first expensive purchase—a jacket. Furthermore, he is not always good at reading published album reviews. Instead, he takes vacations. He gets along well with his brother Alex.


Fike started uploading music to the web as a high school senior. “Not A Word” was his first music video that he posted to YouTube. Not only that, but he also taped his musical performances. Fike only stayed briefly at college before abruptly leaving after only three days. Fike initially came to light as a producer after collaborating with Hunter Pfeiffer, better known as 54, on beats. This led to the uploading of several popular Dominic Fike songs to SoundCloud. Although he was under house arrest for assaulting a police officer in December 2017, at the age of 21, he recorded and released his debut extended play (EP) as a solo artist.

Dominic Fike Euphoria
Dominic Fike Euphoria

With a peak position of number ten on the charts in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia, the single “3 nights” enjoyed considerable popularity. By April this year, over four million people had seen the collaborations starring Kevin Abstract of Brockhampton. The songs “Acaí Bowl” and “Rollerblades” were released on June 7, 2019. Listen to Kenny Beats’s latest single, “Phone Numbers,” which dropped on July 4, 2019. October 15, 2019, was the debut date of the music video for the song. He and Marc Jacobs will work together on a clothing line they announced in September 2019.

Featured on Justin Bieber’s March 2021 sixth studio album, Justice, the song “Die For You” features him. The casting announcement that Fike would be joining the cast of the second season of the adolescent drama Euphoria on HBO first spread in August 2021. As a young man, he had a tattoo of the band “Lame Boys ENT” taken off his forehead. John Frusciante, guitarist for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, has his likeness tattooed onto his right hand. Dating began in February 2022 between him and Fike, who had worked with Hunter Schafer on the album Euphoria.

Net Worth

Dominic Fike Net Worth in USD$1 Million Dollars
Net Worth in INR₹83,344,100

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Social Media

KulFiyDominic Fike

Movies Table

2023Earth Mama
2024Little Death

Songs List

  • How Much Is Weed?
  • Dark
  • Superstar Sh*t
  • Dominic’s Interlude
  • Sick
  • Bodies
  • Dancing In The Courthouse
  • Mona Lisa Song (Dominic Fike Mona Lisa)
  • Think Fast
  • Die for YouLouis Bell
  • Mama’s Boy
  • Pasture Child
  • Frisky
  • Politics & Violence
  • Chicken Tenders
  • Duck Blackwell
  • Photo ID
  • Ant Pile
  • The Kiss of Venus
  • Why
  • Westcoast Collective
  • Vampire
  • 3 Nights
  • Sunburn
Dominic Fike Songs
Dominic Fike Songs

Fun Facts

Out of Prison, He Released His Debut Album

Despite the possibility of going to jail, he carried out his obligation. Throughout this time, he composed songs and wrote. This frequently served as a source of inspiration for his musical compositions. At last, he acknowledged that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but that was now his reality, and he could not change it. He utilized his incarceration period well.

He Made Good Use of His Prison Time

Not only did he not get into more trouble while incarcerated, but Instead, he discovered ways to create music. He would listen to the beat from the washbasin and compose new songs. His motivation to complete tasks would come from the washbasin and other items in his cell. He utilized everything at his disposal. It is impressive that he is so committed to his craft and works hard at it.

He Is Filled With Strong Emotions

On his Instagram page, Dominik Fike states that he believes the police should alter how they carry out their duties. While he has witnessed police beating and removing my mother, he knew they were not always good. The police removed his brothers. Uncles and aunts. His day just became twenty, oh no. They are not fond of his family. He then understood that the true curse is that our current system makes it simple for us to lose repeatedly. He feels that something needs to change due to this, and he believes that the best way to do it is to reduce funding for the police.

He and His Mom Are Close

On Mother’s Day, he shared photos of himself as a child with his mother. By sending those adorable photos, he ensured everyone knew how much he cared for her. Before having a son of their own, nobody can comprehend the relationship between a mother and her son.

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Where is Dominic?

The inquiry is quite general and does not mention the specific Dominic. It isn’t easy to pinpoint a precise location for Dominic without more information.

How old is Dominic Fike?

As of December 2024, Dominic Fike age will be 29 years old and born on December 30, 1995.

How tall is Dominic Fike?

Although Dominic Fike height has not been well known, he stands roughly 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) tall.

Is Dominic Fike gay?

The sexual orientation of Dominic Fike is not known to the general public. Respecting someone’s right to privacy about their identity and personal life is crucial.

Why Dominic Fike lyrics?

The question needs to be more clear. It would be helpful to be specific about the song or context you are interested in if you search for Dominic Fike’s lyrics or their meaning.

Where is Dominic Fike from?

Dominic Fike is an American who was born in Naples, Florida. He became well-known in the Naples region as a rapper and musician.

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