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Alexis Knief, Timothy Olyphant Wife, Children, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Biography

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On August 1, 1970, Alexis Knief arrived this world in America. She received her bachelor’s degree in the arts from USC. The famous actor Timothy Olyphant children are three altogether. Knief would prefer to stay out of the limelight, even though she is married to a famous actor. She does not use social media and rarely goes out publicly with her husband and kids.

Since 1991, Olyphant has been wed to Alexis Knief, his college sweetheart. They have three kids and reside in Westwood, Los Angeles.




NameAlexis Knief
Date of BirthJanuary 1, 1970
BirthplaceSouth Carolina, US
Age53 years
ProfessionFashion designer
Spouse nameTimothy Olyphant
HometownSouth Carolina, US
Zodiac signCapricorn
Marital statusMarried
FatherJohn Vernon Bevan Olyphant
Brother1. Adrew, 2. Matthew
SonHenry Olyphant
Daughter1. Vivian Olyphant, 2. Grace Olyphant

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Alexis Knief Birthday1 January


Alexis Knief Age53 years


Alexis Knief Height in Feet5′8 ″
Height in Meters1.72m
Height in Centimeters172cm


Alexis Knief Weight in Kilograms55Kg
Weight in Pounds121lbs

Early Life

Because Alexis has been out of the public eye for so long, many people are unaware of her early life or family. We know she attended the University of Southern California and met Timothy. Thwy had a love marriage.

Furthermore, Alexis is primarily known for being a mother and housewife; no one knows what degree she holds, and she has never disclosed what she does for a living. Rumors have circulated over the last few decades regarding her launching her own company. She does not even use social media, so the specifics still need to be clarified and unconfirmed, as with most things.

Divorce Rumour

Rumors regarding Timothy Olyphant’s divorce Despite their thirty years of marriage, Olyphant and his spouse have not differed much from other super couples. Rumors have surfaced suggesting that this couple is divorcing. The rumors gained momentum when someone noticed Tim Oliphant wearing a ring on his right hand rather than his left. When she asked, he informed her that he and his spouse were divorcing.

He declared that they would not be divorcing and that he wears his ring on that hand. There was more proof that these two loved ones were divorcing at an Emmy award ceremony. Timothy was vying for an Emmy for his role as “Justified’s” Outstanding Lead Character. He joked about telling his wife they were divorcing if he were to win the award. Some people believed she was also in the film “Justified,” but that was untrue due to these rumors.

Timothy Olyphant Wife
Timothy Olyphant Wife

As it happens, all the rumors regarding Timothy’s impending divorce are just that—rumors. A unique pair among the stars of Hollywood is this one. These two will not break up anytime soon, regardless of how far the divorce rumors spread. Without a doubt, a major factor in her husband’s successful career is Alexis Knief. Still, she prefers to keep her personal life quiet. Her husband’s social media accounts can provide insight into her life in the interim.

Personal Life/Marriage

Alexis Knief was born in the United States on January 1, 1970. While attending the University of Southern California, she met Timothy Olyphant. They fell in love after becoming friends first. Only their closest friends and family were present for the private ceremony.

Grace Katherine, Olyphant’s daughter, was born in 1999 to Knief. After 2 years they were blessed with a babu boy named Henry Olyphant. Their daughter Vivian was born in 2003 as a result. Knife dislikes discussing her personal life with strangers. Because of this, the press is ignorant of the celebrity wife’s parents, siblings, and place of birth. She has also remained silent regarding her early years.

Timothy Olyphant and Wife
Timothy Olyphant and Wife


Alexis does not appear to have a job, but since she keeps her personal life so secret, nobody can determine what she likes to do for fun. Her husband’s great success as an actor and producer is largely due to her.

Timothy Olyphant’s first role was in the 1995 off-Broadway production of The Monogamist. Although the work did not immediately garner much attention from the media, it did lay the groundwork for his subsequent efforts. But his performance was good enough to earn him a Theatre World Award.

Henry Olyphant
Henry Olyphant

Something Interesting

Alexis and Timothy Olyphant gained notoriety when people noticed that he had his wedding ring on his right hand. According to some sources, this indicated that they were no longer married. However, that was far from the reality! He wears his rings on his right hand, in contrast to how most married people wear theirs on their left. Few people are aware of this fact about him.

Alexis Knief Personality

She likes to be alone. She can be distant at times and has a cool, uninterested personality. Her personality is quiet and shy, but she is very smart. She is sometimes wary of the outside world, her senses, and even her mind because they could be tricks. She is very interested in ideas, structures, and theories because she wants to connect her identity with a spiritual whole. Some people might find her readings intellectual and abstract, but they speak to her as if they were real and important.

She likes to think about things and study philosophy because of this. She finds hard problems interesting and likes to solve them. No problem can stop her from reaching the goal she has set for herself. She can handle tough tasks because she has a clear head, uses common sense, and is careful. She can also be calculating and cautious at times and has a strong will and an independent mind. She is very focused, which makes her naturally good at making assumptions and abstract ideas.

Grace Olyphant
Grace Olyphant

Theorists try to figure out what is basic and true for everyone. She wants to go beyond what is relative, depending on circumstances, or it is not enough to get to the absolute truth she desperately wants. Her new intuition is very open to what is holy or sacred. So, the idea or cause she supports will have something to do with the idea of totality or universality. The fact that this absolute truth is part of her life’s journey makes it important for her to try to explain it.

What kind of universality is she trying to reach? What spiritual mountain (in herself or others) is she trying to climb? She likes mountain climbing because it makes her work hard. It makes her very happy. She can think about and figure out everything when she is alone at the top. She is smart and determined as she searches for the absolute center that drives her, whether positive or negative.

Net Worth

Alexis Knief Net Worth in USD$1 Million Dollars
Net Worth in INR₹83,169,900

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Social Media

Throughout the years, Alexis Kneif has maintained a low profile and avoided scandals despite being married to a well-known person. It is appropriate for our theme that she does not use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Who knows? The secret to these couples’ long and happy marriage is their ability to maintain a healthy personal and professional divide and refrain from posting details of their union and daily lives on social media.

KulFiyAlexis Knief

Movies List

Knief’s filmography could be more well-known. Her two most well-known endeavors are her business ventures and marriage to actor Timothy Olyphant. On the other hand, well-known actor Stephen Olyphant has starred in several films and television series.

Timothy Olyphant Kids
Timothy Olyphant Kids

Songs List

She has never sung a song.

Web Series Table

Her only connection to the entertainment industry is that she is married to a successful actor. She has never had a role in an online series.

Fun Facts

Those interested in and following celebrities are always curious about their personal lives. Alexis Knief keeps a low profile and only attends social gatherings with her spouse. The lovely mother and Timothy Olyphant wife are still with us. She resides in Westwood, Los Angeles, with her spouse and children.

The Vanderbilt family is many generations back on the father’s side of Alexis’s husband’s family tree. The patriarch of the family was his fourth grandfather, Cornelius Vanderbilt. Why he did not decide to take the Vanderbilt surname to increase his notoriety is a mystery. Nevertheless, there are advantages to being named Olyphant. Dr. David Olyphant, his fourth great-grandfather, served in the American Revolutionary War.

Although she does not disclose her financial situation, rumors suggest she is worth $500,000. She does not find this bothersome because her spouse works well. He has a $20 million net worth.Timothy Olyphant family do not have to be concerned about lacking.

Her marriage to Timothy Olyphant produced three adorable children. 1999, while still married, they welcomed Grace Olyphant and Katherine Olyphant into the world. They joyfully welcomed Henry, their second child, into the world in 2001. Their family grew by one when they welcomed Vivian into the world in 2003. This Hollywood marriage has lasted over 30 years longer than most. Their happy marriage results from being with the right person and being willing to put effort into their relationship, as Olyphant frequently says.

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How old is Timothy Olyphant?

Timothy Olyphant is fifty-four years old, born on May 20, 1968.

Was Timothy married?

Timothy Olyphant is married.

Who is Timothy Olyphant’s wife?

Timothy Olyphant and Alexis Knief are wed. Timothy Olyphant kids are three in total and have been together since 1991.

Is Timothy Olyphant married?

Yes, Alexis Knief and Timothy Olyphant are married and are husband and wife.

Who is Timothy Olyphant married to?

Timothy Olyphant and Alexis Knief are wed.

How old is Timothy?

The age of Timothy Olyphant is 54.

Who is life partner of Timothy Olyphant and wife of his?

Timothy Olyphant’s spouse is Alexis Knief.

How old is Timothy Olyphant now?

Timothy Olyphant age is 54.

Who does Timothy Olyphant look like?

When comparing Timothy Olyphant’s appearance to other actors, some have pointed out that he resembles Josh Duhamel.

Who is the star of “Justified”?

In the television series “Justified,” Timothy Olyphant portrays Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens as the main character.

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