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Dick wolf is an American producer who makes television shows as well as films. Dick wolf is famous for his Law & Order franchise. The real name of Dick Wolf is Richard Anthony Wolf. This famous American producer was born on 20th December 1946 in New York City, New York, United States. The names of his parents are George Wolf, and Marie G.

The name of his production company is Wolf Entertainment. Since 1990, he has included 6 police/courtroom dramas as well as four international spin-offs. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a name fitting for a company: Sunja Hayden Productions doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Dick Wolf is also known for his creation of the Chicago franchise. He is also the producer of the movie. Since 2012, the Chicago franchise has involved 4 Chicago-based dramas. Dick Wolf also created and produced the FBI Franchise. The FBI Franchise has become a franchise since 2018 after releasing its two spinning-off series.


NameRichard Anthony Wolf
Professionally known asDick wolf
Date of Birth20th December 1946
BirthplaceNew York City, New York, United States
Age76 years old
ProfessionTelevision writer, producer, director, creator, and executive producer
Spouse nameSusan Scranton (Married – 1970, Divorce – 1983)
Christine Marburg (Married – 1983, Divorce – 2005)
Noelle Lippman (Married – 2006, Divorce – 2019)
HometownNew York City, New York, United States
Zodiac signSagittarius
Marital statusMarried
Net worth$600 million


Dick Wolf Height1.69 m


Dick Wolf Weight- As per the information Dick Wolf’s weight is 69 kg.

Dick Wolf Weight69 kg


Dick wolf Eyebrow- Dick wolf has a bulbous growth over his left eyebrow which is very noticeable.


Dick Wolf Age- Dick Wolf was born on 20th December 1946 to George Wolf, and Marie G. Wolf born in New York City, New York, United States. According to the year, Dick Wolf is presently 76 years old.

Early life

Dick wolf Early life – Dick Wolf was born in New York City, New York, United States. He is the son of Maria G., and George Wolf. Wolf’s mother Maria G. is a homemaker and his father George Wolf is an advertising executive. Dick Wolf was raised in Manhattan to a Jewish father and his mother is Catholic of Irish descent. That is why the wolf is an altar boy.

The well-known American producer Dick wolf went to Phillips Academy. After that, he completed his graduation from The Gunnery. Thereafter, Wolf joined the University of Pennsylvania. Dick Wolf was a member of Pennsylvania’s chapter of the Zeta Psi fraternity.

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Personal life

Dick wolf Personal life – Dick Wolf got married to Susan Scranton on 5th September 1970. But their marriage did not last for a long time since Dick Wolf and Susan Scranton get separated on 16th March 1983. After that, in the same year, Wolf completed his second marriage with Christine Marburg on 29th June. But unfortunately, this marriage did not last forever as well. Wolf and Christine Marburg got divorced in 2005. Wolf and Christine together have three children. The names of their children are Olivia, Sarina, and Elliot.

Dick Wolf got married for the third time to Noelle Lippman on 17th June 2006. Wolf and Lippman together have two children. This couple has one daughter and one son. The name of their daughter is Zoe Amelia who was born on 21st September 2007. The name of their son is Rex who was born on 2nd March 2010. As per the report, Dick Wolf and Lippman are living separately.

Dick wolf’s divorce

12 years of battle and Law & Order

Twelve years ago, Wolf’s second wife Christine Marburg was shocked after reading a story which was published in the Los Angeles Times about Low & Order. She learned that her ex-husband was in negotiations with NBC for an arrangement worth $1.6 billion. After that, without wasting a single time she contacted her attorney to check if there anything could be done about the divorce papers that she had signed before.

As per the official documents, the marriage was messy. The couple had assets that is valued at over $30 million. The assets include a primary residence in Montecito, California. The value of the property is $14.5 million. Another asset is an apartment in New York and a residence in Maine.

Christine Marburg decided to stay at home because of her daughter Olivia who suffered from immune-system diseases. At the same time, Dick Wolf who is the father of Olivia stopped giving much time to his family because of his shows. Christine filed a case to the court to get back her husband. She also hired a private detective before taking the ultimate decision to end the marriage.

Christine Marburg and Dick Wolf shared the business manager, Bob Philpott. Bob Philpott is famous as one of Hollywood’s top moneymen until he died. Bob Philpott died at the age of 66. Philpott’s L.A based company was affiliated with Canadian financial services during their divorce. Wolf and Christine decided to divide their assets under California Law & Order, the police procedural. The show debuted in 1990 and the show ran on NBC for twenty years.

According to the financial advisers, the valuation was not easy.  The lawyers of Christine told in 2001.  At that time, the Most popular American producer used his leverage as a top producer to get a $40 million advance of $50 million on the project named Law & Order profit participation.

During the divorce, Dick Wolf technically owed money to Universal for advance payments before realizing the profit. At that time a report was prepared by the financial advisers as well as noted the uncertain status of future income in the mediation.

After that, Dick Wolf’s second wife Christine started claiming that her ex-husband as well as financial advisers had withheld information about the news that NBC talking about valuing the franchise at $1.6 billion. When they were talking about the settlement, Christine alleged also she was under consistent pressure from mediators to sign the deal.

According to the official papers, she was threatened by her ex-husband to stand in the way of her relocation to New York with their son named Elliot. Also, Wolf refused to attend the 20th birthday party of their son unless Christine signed. That is why she signed the deal. As per the statement, Christine got $17.5 million in cash. But the most popular American producer Dick Wolf kept the Montecito property.

After a long fight, Wolf signed the divorce settlement. After that, Wolf asked the judge to have the agreement forcefully. But His ex-wife Christine made an argument that her consent was procured by fraud. But Dick Wolf and the financial advisers had failed to disclose the worth of the community assets of Dick wolf. A Santa Barbara Judge did not agree with them. Also, it was written that Christine has no right to claim fraud under these facts.

During the next decade, Wolf’s second wife would appear in the state appeals court a federal district court. A federal appeals court as well as at the state court to pursue what she felt was withheld. After that, she shifted her sights from her ex-husband to the financial advisers.

Christine moved from her original argument that both Weinberg and Philpott misled her. In January, Christine tasted her 1st important victory when an L.A. superior court judge ruled that Christine’s claims were not barred by the Statute of Limitations as well as allowed Christine’s lawsuit to proceed. But Christine did not give up. She continued to prove her case.


Dick wolf announced that the NCB placed an order that the 13th episode of the spin-off series Law & Order. On 3rd May 2021, the producer announced that NBC ordered yet another installment of the franchise Law & Order: For the Defense. Later it was announced that the spin-off show would not move forward.

Dick Wolf produced a drama titled Chicago Fire where a group of men and women work at the Chicago Fire department. The series was featured by NBC in May 2012. In early 2013, NBC announced intentions for the Chicago Fire revolving around the Chicago police department.

During the premier of the series Chicago P.D. Matt Olmstead, Derek Haas, and Michael W. Brandt became executive producers under Dick Wolf. Another show is titled Chicago Med which premiered in 2015, and the Chicago justice that’s season started and ended in 2017. In 2018, Dick wolf became the executive producer of the CBS drama FBI. The FBI has two spin-offs.

Dick Wolf Net Worth

Dick Wolf Net Worth
Dick Wolf Net Worth

Dick Wolf Net Worth- According to the research, the net worth of Dick wolf is estimated to be $600 million. There is no doubt that he is one of the most successful American producers. He mainly earns as a film and TV show producer.


Name of MoviesThe Year
School Ties1992
Exlled: A Law & Order Movie1998
No Man’s Land1987
When You are Strange2009
Naked Singularity2021
Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee2007
The Super2017
The Invisible Man1998
Twin Towers2002
Nasty Boys1989
The Lat Plane from Coramaya1989
Home is Where You Find It2009
Lost & Found2009
TV’s Most Censored Moments2002

TV Shows

Name of the TV showsThe Year
Law & OrderSince 1990
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit1999
Chicago P.D.Since 2014
Chicago Justice2017
Law & Order: Organized CrimeSince 2021
FBI: InternationalSince 2021
Chicago MedSince 2015
Law & Order: Criminal Intent2001 – 2011
New York Under cover1994 – 1999
Law & Order: LA2010 – 2011
Blood & MoneySince 2023
Law & Order: Trial by Jury2005 – 2006
Law & Order: London2009 – 2014
Law & Order: Hate crimesSince 2019
NightwatchSince 2015
Deadline2000 – 2001
L.A. Dragnet2003 – 2004
Mann & Machine1992
The Paley Center salutes Law & Order: SVUSince 2020
Law & Order: Division of Field Investigation2007 – 2009
Serles express2008 – 2009
Swift Justice1996
Stars Earn Stripes2012
Cold Justice: Sex Crimes2015
Christine Cromwell1989 – 1990
Law & Order: Criminal mindSince 2007
Paris enquetes criminelles2007 – 2008
Gideon Oliver1989
Crime & Punishment2002 – 2004
Players1997 – 1998
The Paley Center Salutes NBC’s 90th AnniversarySince 2017
Nasty Boys1989 – 1990
The Wright Verdicts1995
TV Land MogulsSince 2004
South Beach1993
Arrest & Trial2000 – 2001
Crime & Punishment1993
Johnnie Cochran Tonight1998 – 1999
The Human Factor1992

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Dick Wolf Wikipedia


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is dick wolf?

Ans: Dick wolf is an American producer who makes television shows as well as films. Dick wolf is famous for his Law & Order franchise. The real name of Dick Wolf is Richard Anthony Wolf. This famous American producer was born on 20th December 1946 in New York City, New York, United States. The names of his parents are George Wolf, and Marie G. The name of his production company is Wolf Entertainment.

Q2. How much is Dick wolf worth?

Ans: $600 million.

Q3. How many shows does dick wolf produce?

Ans: 6 police/courtroom dramas and 4 international spin-offs.

Q4. how old is dick wolf?

Ans:  Presently Dick Wolf is 76 years old.

Q5. What is dick wolf’s net worth?

Ans: $600 million.

Q6. What is the real name of dick wolf?

Ans: The real name of Dick Wolf is Richard Anthony Wolf.

Q7. What is Dick wolf’s height?

Ans: 1.69 m is Dick Wolf’s height.

Q8. What is Dick wolf’s weight?

Ans: Dick Wolf’s weight is 69.

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