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Tom Kaulitz, 2000S, Young, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Biography

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Tom Kaulitz’s most well-known musical endeavor is his collaboration with the rock group Tokio Hotel Tom Kaulitz. Tom Kaulitz 2005 spent his formative years in Loitsche, Germany. The original band members were Tom and Bill Kaulitz, Georg Listing, and Gustav Schafer. In it, Tom is playing the guitar. Among the greatest rock bands of all time is Tokio Hotel.

In various categories, it has garnered over a hundred awards. He sings for his brother, too, when he needs it. In addition, he has directed several music videos and written songs. In December 2018, Heidi Klum asked Tom Kaulitz spouse to marry her. Although she was born in Germany, she currently resides in the US. News spread swiftly.

German guitarist and composer Tom Kaulitz was born in Leipzig on September 1, 1989, and is a member of the band Tokio Hotel.



NameTom Kaulitz
Professionally KnownTom Kaulitz
Date Of BirthSeptember 1, 1989
BirthplaceLeipzig, East Germany
Age34 Years Old.
ProfessionMusician, Guitarist
Spouse NameHeidi Klum
HometownLoitsche, Germany
Zodiac SignVirgo
Marital StatusMarried
FatherJörg Kaulitz
MotherSimone Kaulitz
BrotherBill Kaulitz
Spouse1. Heidi Klum, 2. Ria Sommerfeld

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Tom Kaulitz Birthday1 September


Tom Kaulitz Age1 September


Tom Kaulitz Height in Feet6′2 ″
Height in Meters1.186m
Height in Centimeters186cm

Tom Kaulitz Young
Tom Kaulitz Young


Tom Kaulitz Weight in Kilograms70 Kg
Weight in Pounds154lbs


Tom and his sibling have both served as spokespersons for “PETA,” a group that opposes the use of animals in entertainment. He appeared in a 2010 “Reebok” shoe commercial, continuing his fame from My Living Nightmare Tom Kaulitz. In the Tom Kaulitz 2000s, he created the “BTK Twins” app to get to know his fans better.  Furthermore, Tom has acted in numerous TV series in Germany. He has also composed music for a couple of quick videos.

Tom Kaulitz 2000s
Tom Kaulitz 2000s

Tom and his brother ran into trouble in 2008 when some girls followed them. When Tom’s mother questioned them about it, they once beat him up after following him to his house. In April 2009, Tom hit one of the girls he was pursuing at a petrol station as payback. Tom faced accusations of attacking the girl after that. Subsequently, he lodged an additional stalking complaint against the girl. By December 2009, Tom was off the hook.

Tokyo Hotel Controversy

Guitarist Tom Kaulitz (19), the twin brother of singer Bill (19), met a female fan at a Hamburg petrol station. The 21-year-old girl reported to the police that late on Wednesday night, the musician struck her in the face. The woman, who was there with her four friends, rang the doorbell to snap a photo of the 19-year-old when she spotted Kaulitz in his car.

The Tokio Hotel star threw a cigarette at her and opened the window after telling her about the woman. She placed it on his window after picking it up off the ground. He ought to have hit her when he got out of his car. Her eye was swollen, so the woman called the police. They discovered Kaulitz had left when they arrived, so they could not get his opinion. The 19-year-old man would have an opportunity to comment on the case, according to police.

Personal Life/Marriage

He and his second-born twin brother Bill spent their childhood in Leipzig, where Tom Kaulitz younger showed early talent. At six, he was already a child when his truck driver father, Jorg W., and painter mother, Simone Charlotte Kaulitz, divorced. Following her decision to move in with her new partner, the mother and her two sons moved to Loitsche, a town close to Magdeburg.

They appeared on Verkehrt nach dir when they were little on Radio Bremen. They kept in touch and shared a love of music from when they were younger. Bill Kaulitz began singing lessons when he was ten, and Tom played guitar simultaneously.

Tom Kaulitz 2007
Tom Kaulitz 2007

Their stepfather was also a musician from Magdeburg, so he helped Bill and Tom Kaulitz with their music. While playing at a Magdeburg club in 2001, Bill and Tom Kaulitz crossed paths with Gustav Schafer and Georg Listing. They quickly formed Devilish and played their first shows around town in the Tom Kaulitz 2006 era. He was a contestant on the Kinder Star Search talent show the same year, marking the early career of Tom Kaulitz 2007. It was there that music producer Peter Hoffmann discovered the group.

The couple’s first sighting was cuddling on Klum’s America’s Got Talent set in March 2018. They found out within a year it was genuine. They became engaged in December of last year. They had a small ceremony in California two months later, but they only threw a big party in Capri, Italy, in August 2019 to celebrate.

Klum has three children: a girl named Lou, two sons named Henry and Johan, and an ex-husband named Seal. Through a prior relationship with Italian businessman Flavio Briatore, she is also the mother of a daughter named Leni. According to reports, Kaulitz has become very close to all of them and feels like an extra father figure to them.


Tom and Bill Kaulitz performed at small local gatherings and private parties as kids. They met Georg Listing and Gustav Schafer in 2001 when they were twelve. They formed the band Devilish with them and attempted to create a lot of noise. The new band did talent shows and played as much as they could during the Tom Kaulitz 2009 period. However, they could have been a commercial success. The four boys’ story reached someone in the music industry following Tom’s brother Bill’s 2003 Star Search competition.

Devilish eventually signed with Sony BMG Music Entertainment, and they began recording their debut album. Nevertheless, the band’s contract with Sony expired shortly before the release of this album. In 2005, the young group was fortunate to land a position with the Universal Group. In the same year that they released their debut single, “Through the Mosun,” they were originally known as Tokio Hotel. It was extremely popular in Austria and Germany. The band’s debut album likewise shot to the top of the charts upon its release in September 2005.

Tom Kaulitz Age
Tom Kaulitz Age

When Tom Kaulitz and his band broke up, teenagers fell in love with them. Four more albums later, they were internationally renowned. Tom Kauliz now resides in Los Angeles. Without a doubt, Tom Kaulitz’s first career high point was the success of his debut single and album in 2005. The band’s album went on to sell over 1.5 million copies worldwide. A German-speaking band being this well-known worldwide is different from Tokio Hotel. Tom Kaulitz’s work as a juror on Deutschland Sucht den Superstar (2013) is another of his career’s high points. Tom Kaulitz net worth, estimated at $25 million dollars, reflects his successful career.

Guitarist Falls Ill After Taking Viagra

While touring Asia for a concert, Kaulitz asserted that an unknown person gave him a Viagra tablet. According to Kaulitz, he initially turned down the offer but eventually decided to try one. He asserted that he fell ill after consuming the second one. Kaulitz interrogated the shopkeeper.

Bill Kaulitz sang lead for the band. Even though he told me “no,” he insisted I give it a shot. I threw one in. As a German rock band member, Kaulitz has helped sell millions of albums worldwide. When he got back to his hotel, he said he took a couple more pills for impotence. He told me I overdid it with the pills. I woke up the next morning with a pounding headache and a foggy vision. Its allure had faded. That was terrible.

Net worth

Tom Kaulitz Net Worth in USD$25 Million Dollars
Net Worth in INR₹2,079,510,000

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Social Media

KulFiyTom Kaulitz
InstagramTom Kaulitz


It seems that TV series and films make up most of Tom Kaultz’s work. Most of the listings I could find showed him in several TV shows and films. Sadly, it does not appear that there is a list of films or web series that only include Tom Kaultz.

Tom and Bill Kaulitz
Tom and Bill Kaulitz

Songs List

  • Chai Tea with Heidi
  • Ain’t Happy
  • White Lies
  • Bad Love
  • Automatic
  • When We Were Younger
  • Runaway
  • Happy People
  • White Lies HBz Remix
  • HIM
  • Hungover You
  • Dreamer
  • Darkside Of The Sun
  • Back To The Ocean
  • Another Lover
  • Smells Like Summer
  • Just A Moment
  • Durch den Monsun 2020
  • Here Comes The Night

Web Series Table

There is no separate list of web series, just Tom Kaultz. His involvement in television shows and music-related appearances is more prominent.

Fun Facts

  • He enjoys writing on walls, hip hop, music, and attending parties with girls.
  • He was born one minute ahead of his twin brother Bill.
  • He does not have a middle name, nor does his twin brother.
  • His favorite TV program is “Scrubs.”
  • He announced he would marry supermodel Heidi Klum on Christmas Eve of 2018.
  • He speaks English, French, and German.
  • Rock’s Cool is the name of the music school his stepfather owns.
  • He is a huge hip-hop fan. Samy Deluxe, a Swedish hip-hop singer, is his favorite musician.
  • He picked up the guitar when he was seven years old.
  • At nine years old, his stepfather gave him his first guitar.
  • He possesses about 17 guitars.
  • He travels with a single bag that holds all of his caps.
  • He had sex with sex workers.
  • Tom and Bill let the same girl pick between them because they like her.
  • Range Rover is his vehicle.
  • His twin brother is Bill Kaulitz, a member of Tokio Hotel.

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How tall is Tom Kaulitz?

His height is 1.86 cm.

How old is Tom Kaulitz?

German guitarist and songwriter Tom Kaulitz young was born in Leipzig, East Germany, on September 1, 1989, and grew up to become a renowned musician and is a member of the band Tokio Hotel. As of 2023, he is 34 years old.

Does tom kaulitz smoke?

They all are, indeed. Tom smokes a lot, but Bill smokes only occasionally. He smokes continuously. Indeed, but only sometimes.

Is Tom Kaulitz married?

After Kaulitz’s three-day bachelor party in Vegas in August 2019, Klum and the rock star celebrated their marriage in Capri, Italy, surrounded by close friends and family. Aristotle Onassis’s former yacht, Christina O., which served as the venue for his wedding reception to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, was the venue of the event.

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