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Awesome driving holiday destinations  

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To enjoy a driving holiday, it is important to pick the right place. There are many different places to go and each of them has something unique to offer. This article will provide information on some great places that you can choose from when planning your next road trip.


Italy is a beautiful country and it offers some great destinations for a driving holiday. It is important to know that even though Italy is still part of the European Union, many of its cities do not have limits on speed while inside city limits. The island of Sardinia located in the Mediterranean Sea has a speed limit of 90 mph on highways while the top speed that you can travel in Rome, Milan, and Naples is 70 mph.


If you are looking for a large country that provides a great diversity of landscapes, then head to the United States. It is recommended to have an International Driving License if traveling through the USA, so get one if you don’t already have it. This is especially important when driving through cities or in very populated areas where traffic rules are stricter compared to highways.

Most highways are clearly marked with signs indicating the speed limit on them while most cities have speed limits ranging from 30 mph to 55 mph depending on the area within city limits. There are also several toll roads that you can avoid by using free alternative routes since most tolls only accept cash payments at this time.

New Zealand

New Zealand’s landscape is very diverse with rolling hills, crystal clear rivers, mountains, beaches and more. One of the most popular destinations for driving holidays in New Zealand is the coast between Auckland and Wellington that offers beautiful views of both coasts.

The only issue is New Zealand isn’t the first place you’d think of when you’re looking for a party. There aren’t really that many nightclubs or casinos, so you might want to use a  newzealand online casino if you want to unwind whilst you’re driving. Don’t worry, the scenic landscapes and amazing roads will keep you busy!


Cambodia offers a great diversity of landscapes as well as spectacular views. Most areas in Cambodia are safe for driving and there are some fantastic roads to be had! There are also many attractions that you can visit during your stay.

The only issue with Cambodia is that there’s a lot of traffic on the roads today which means driving a little bit more carefully. Other than this, Cambodia offers a great experience for those who want to spend their next driving holiday exploring uncharted territory.


Thailand has great roads and attractions to be explored in addition to lively nightlife. It is best to travel up the west side of the country where most cities and towns offer great views and beautiful beaches.

There are also many temples, historic buildings, and other sites worth seeing when visiting Thailand so you can take your time doing all that exploring since there aren’t any tolls when driving around the country! If you do not know how to speak the Thai language feel free to learn some basic phrases before visiting this lovely country.

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