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Best Cars For Taking On A Road Trip 

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There’s nothing like heading out onto the open road for a holiday. If you’re planning a road trip, chances are you’ll need a good vehicle to get you around. This article is here to help! Keep reading for some of the best cars to use on a road trip.

Citroen DS3

If you’re not looking to spend a fortune on your car for this holiday, then you aren’t alone. There are plenty of people who want a small and easy-to-use vehicle on their trip. The Citroen DS3 is the perfect choice for those on a budget.

It’s capable of fitting four people and has a boot for all your luggage. The handling of the DS3 is so good that you’ll feel like you’re driving on air.

Ford Bronco Sport

Another excellent vehicle for those on a budget is the Ford Bronco Sport. The 4×4 abilities of this car alone make it perfect for road trips. If you’re venturing off the beaten track, then you’ll need a car that can get there and back again.

This vehicle comes with plenty of space in the trunk and backseat. You’ll be able to pack all your necessities without running out of room.


Although some people don’t like cars with no roofs, convertibles are perfect for road trips. There’s nothing like cruising down the highway feeling the wind through your hair and soaking up the sun. Why not take the fantasy even further and cruise into Las Vegas for some fun? Or, you can stay in the car and look for the best real money online casino out there. The beauty of convertibles is that you’ll look stylish whatever you end up doing. Choose a route with good sunny weather to make the most out of the car you choose.

Chevrolet Suburban

If you’re searching for something a little bigger that can fit all your friends, then the Chevrolet Suburban is perfect. It comes with lots of space in the backseat and trunk, making it great for road trips. This vehicle will be able to take on any terrain without any problems.

Tesla Model SP100D

For those that want to go all-out, then the Tesla Model S P100D is perfect. This vehicle is able to drive for 400 miles on a single charge and has autopilot technology. It will be able to take you where you need to go without any issues, but it does come with an expensive price tag.


This option is for those looking to go on a more unique road trip. If you’re not looking for a car, but would still like something that will carry your belongings, then consider renting a campervan.

There’re plenty of places where you can rent this type of vehicle from and they make the best vehicles to use for road trips. You’ll be able to take your time and live like a local wherever you travel.

Land Rover Discovery

Another great option for off-road exploration is to hire a Land Rover Discovery. These vehicles are perfect for tackling difficult terrain and will be able to get you through just about anything. You’ll have all the space you need in the vehicle too.

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