8 Places You must visit on a Dubai City Tour

8 Places You must visit on a Dubai City Tour

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Introduction of Dubai

Dubai is perhaps the best place to be in on a family holiday. The world class city with its amazing places of interest, shopping centers and hotels noted for their stellar hospitality is an excellent place to be on a vacation.

Dubai is a wonderful blend of old ethnicity along with modernity. Dubai teems in marvels that are both natural as well as man made and that makes to the top of your list of must visit places in the world. Therefore, when you have plans for a most enthralling holiday destination with your family, Dubai is high on the list.

You can visit water parks, architectural buildings, aquariums, shopping malls, go on river cruises and to a plethora of the most exciting places. Here goes a description of places that you must visit during the Dubai city tour, perfect for family and group tour:

1. The Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa tour can take you to the 124th and 125th floor of the building from where you can catch a panoramic view of the city around. The observation desk on the 124th floor makes you reach out to the sky. In case you have taken the premium tour, you can reach up to the 148th floor for an even higher altitudinal experience. The view and the experience to reach the zenith point is some memory that should be enshrined in your hearts forever.

The prime hours of the visit are 5.30 PM to 7.30 PM at the top and between 9.30 AM and 7.00 PM for the top sky. The entry fee is based on the prime hours and the immediate entry options. The location is downtown Dubai at the Sheikh Muhammed bin Rashid Boulevard.

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2. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

The Dubai Aquarium and the Zoo are the best places to visit along with families and especially with kids. This is one of the suspended aquariums that is the largest. One gets to notice its splendor and majestic nature while on a visit. It is located at the ground level and it is a perfect option for the best entertainment and shopping at the Mall.

It is a ten million water tank that houses 140 species of aquatic animals. There are a wide variety of sharks and rays and even Sand Tiger sharks. You can choose to snorkel or shark dive and explore by walking the forty eight meter tunnel that offers a wonderful view of the whole aquarium around. It is located at the ground and level 2 of the Dubai Mall.

3. Dubai Miracle Garden

The Dubai Miracle Garden has a sensation variety of flowers blooming in it and it is an incredibly beautiful place with all the arrangements. The flower arrangements are unique and it is a great place to be in. The timing is from 9 AM to 6 PM. The location is Dubailand Area, Al Barsha South.

4. Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina is a very suave looking waterfront where you can also enjoy fine dining. The place is always teeming with lively tourists who come in for the dhow cruise and enjoy the panoramic view of the Dubai skyline with its majestic sky-scraping buildings all around. The location is the residential district of Dubai.

5. Global Village

This is the best of cultural tourism and entertainment project that includes unlimited adventure and fun. The Global Village is top notch in its fun and entertainment content due to the exciting family rides, the kid rides and also the daring and thrilling entertainment rides. The 32 giant pavilions present the ethnicity and culture of 75 countries of the world. You can book it all from the comfort of your home, online.

6. Atlantis Water Park

Being one of the largest water parks of the region it brings you daring rides for the adult and the kid and other attractive slides in the water park. The rides and daring activities include the Poseidon’s Revenge, the Master Blast and the Leap of Faith. You could also be a part of their Diving, Shark Snorkeling and Ray Feeding activities. Apart from the Water Park the ticket also includes access to the Lost Chambers Aquarium and the Adventure Beach that is 700 meters long. Stepping into the Lost Chamber’s Aquarium would let you experience the lost Atlantis city. You can look at an exhibition of 65,000 marine animals.

7. Motiongate Dubai

This is a theme park based on the themes in Hollywood movies. The total area of this park is 1.9 million square feet and it is also the biggest of all theme parks in Dubai. The best of all iconic movie studios, the Lionsgate, Columbia Pictures and the Dreamworks Animation is brought here. They also provide 30 rides which are brilliantly exciting and thrilling for all tourists who land here. You get the chance to live out your Hollywood Imaginations at this magical place thus making it a must-visit on your itinerary of Dubai’s most exciting places.

8. Dubai Desert

The Dubai Desert lies in downtown Dubai which is a merely 20 minutes drive from the modern streets of Dubai. The Arabian Desert is one of the chief tourist attractions. You may take a desert safari which includes off roading, sandboarding and quad biking experiences. ]

You can also attend traditional barbeques, camel rides and henna and tattooing that comes in handy with such packages. This cultural tour with let you have an experience of the Bedouin and nomadic lifestyle of the desert dwellers and an insight into their way of living.

Treat yourself to a great night rendezvous amidst the dunes at the desert resorts and spa nearby to mark a fitting farewell to your Dubai travel experience.

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