Desert Safari Dubai

A mysterious Allure of the Desert Safari Dubai Experience

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Desert Safari Dubai

Watch the sunset over the golden dunes and be awed by the beauty of the Dubai desert. Indeed, if you are in this gorgeous city, then don’t forget to embark on an authentic Arabian adventure with an evening desert safari.

The six-hour trip will take you on an unforgettable journey that will give you a complete desert experience. The first part of your journey is the most thrilling one, as you set off on a wild roller coaster ride over the dunes. You’ll hang on for your dear life as the 4×4 heads up dunes after dunes and then rushes down in a frenzy.

Dune bashing is a favorite pastime among the locals and residents alike, so get a taste of the Emirati spirit. However, beware that it is definitely not for the faint-hearted. For softer sand rides, test your skills via sandboarding! Don’t worry if you never stood on a board, and the sand is the best place to land in. Besides, it’s a fun and fantastic new activity to try out.

When the thrilling part is over, you’ll be taken to a traditional Bedouin camp with an array of exotic activities to enjoy. The ladies can get henna tattoos. Anyone can take a camel ride: In fact, don’t miss out on the chance to sail the real ship of the desert. If you want to relax, you can sit and smoke some sheesha or take photos in local dress and capture those special moments.

The tour has a sumptuous BBQ dinner for you to indulge in before you enjoy live entertainment. Be amazed by traditional Arab dancers’ beauty as you watch a male Tanura dancer light up in bright lights. The belly dancers will also add to the mysterious allure of the desert experience.  With all these activities lined up in the dawn of the day, the evening safari is the best one, no doubt.  So don’t miss out on some great Dubai fun.

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