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Best yacht destinations based in Dubai

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The raise of Dubai city from a desert land to one of the most visited places is not understated. As an urban metropolitan, you’ll find shopping malls, sky-touching buildings, and man-made islands in this place. However, the Emirate is not all about towering structures and malls, it is enriched with sunny beaches, shopping festivals, theme parks as well as hundreds of attractive places. As well as the perfect blend of modern and traditional.

Yacht cruising in Dubai is one of the best activities to experience in Dubai if you want true essence of the city. Yachting experience in Dubai is more than sailing out in the sea. For the tourist, it is essential to know some of the best yacht-based destinations in Dubai before embarking on the adventure. There are several options in Dubai, but your charter plan must comprise the best destinations. After all, you are here to collect remarkable memories with your friends and family.

The best is recognized by various factors contributing to the comfort and fun of your Dubai adventure. Moreover, talk of state-of-the-art accommodation are fun activities, incredible sea games, and safety. However, if you want to know some of the top yacht destinations in Dubai, Keep reading.

The Palm Jumeirah Islands

One of the top destinations in yacht rental Dubai tour is Palm Jumeirah Islands. This man-made archipelago is significantly designed to provide the tourists with mesmerizing scenic views of Arabian coastline. It is fascinating to know that; the island is home to the Atlantis de Palm- the very famous hotel in the world as well as an ideal example of Dubai’s luxury lifestyle.

From an aerial view, Palm Jumeirah Islands is resembling to a palm tree. It is the best yacht destinations around featuring 5.4 km monorail connecting the island’s foot to Atlantis de palm hotel extending into the Persian Gulf.  Like other Dubai Islands, palm Jumeirah also hosts the affluent of the society. While cruising around, you can witness their lavish apartments. If you want the best yacht experience in Dubai, this destination must feature on your list.

The Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab- the world’s very first seven-star hotel ranked as one of the most photographed man-made structures. It’s interesting to know, this iconic structure has repeatedly been voted as world’s most luxurious hotel. Located few km away from the Jumeirah islands, it is considered a key sight for any yacht cruise in Dubai. The key attractions at this hotel are the underwater aquarium restaurant that needs to embark on a submarine voyage, the helipad on top of the building, as well as a fleet of Rolls Royce vehicles.

Moreover, the services are widely considered the best, along with butlers 24/7. It also flaunts a private beach where you can book luxury yachts presenting a priceless opportunity in order to interact with the charm of society.

The Dubai Marina

Renting a yacht in Dubai is an extraordinary feeling over the high seas in style. In Dubai Marina, multiple things await you in order spend quality time with your friends and family. Enjoy an English breakfast at Dubai Marina Yacht Club. A yacht tour of Marina is suggested in order to witness the elegance of Dubai’s most luxurious area. It gives an ideal opportunity to witness the mesmerizing view of the city and skyline.

Witness the leisure developments, retail stores, lifestyle, fine dining restaurants, and hospitality centers. However, the view is less appealing at day time, but night is the best time when the surrounding is just thriving. When you book a yacht, ensure that you visit the Dubai Marina offering the breathtaking views.

Dubai Water Canal

Dubai water canal is a long waterway of 3.2km connecting the Arabian Gulf to the Creek via Business Bay. This mega project took three year to complete. Dubai water canal includes artificial waterfall- canal meeting the Sheikh Zayed bridge. However, it’s man-made but the waterfall feels real and natural.

Yacht charter is the best way to explore the Dubai canal while having a gala time. Luxury yachts also provide an onboard buffet. Feels like a boss sailing through the heart of Dubai.

The World Islands

As we know, Dubai is the home to record- breaking and the most attractive destinations, the Worlds Island is also one of them. About 4km from Dubai coastline- the Worlds Island was built in 2003. This million-dollar investment is another best destination for yachting. Into a World map exterior, it comprises 300 small islands constructed.

The yacht experience at the World Island caters to all your desires of panoramic views around 300 islands. It also havens the wealthiest residents making it an ideal destination.  Variety of luxury hotels and attractions worth the money.

Bluewaters Island

In Dubai Bluewaters island is proclaiming its creations as benchmarks development- a real estate developer Meraas project. They believe that, this latest project will deliver a lifestyle experience that will be a first in the Dubai as well as Emirate. Bluewaters Island is unmistakable man-made island development just 300m off the JBR coastline. It’s one of the vibrant lifestyle destinations with endless entertainment option as well as home to Ain Dubai, the world’s largest Ferris wheel. Multi-mode transport systems make urban island an easy to access. You can easily book a yacht to go from one side to another.

Along with various other industries, yacht charter in Dubai is developing rapidly in the part of Persian Gulf. Dubai is already one of the major luxury yacht centers to welcome luxury charter yachts. Moreover, new yachts are springing to meet the raising demands of yachting.

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