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Why Should We Buy Mirrorless Camera? 

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The world of photographers has preferred DSLRs for their photographic needs for a long time now. In recent years, with the development of the mirrorless camera, the focus of photographers has slowly started shifting from a DLSR to a mirrorless camera. Many reasons can be attributed to this shifting mentality of people from the weight of the camera to faster frames per second. So, let us look at the reasons which necessitate us to buy a mirrorless camera ahead of a DSLR or other cameras for our photographic needs.

The focus is the key to any good photograph. We do rely heavily upon autofocus most of the time, but we require manual focus also. In a mirrorless camera manual, focusing is much easier and more accurate. Manual focusing is easier because we can use focus peaking and focus-point magnification in the best mirrorless cameras.

Weight is the second vital factor when considering a mirrorless camera. Compared to DLSRs, mirrorless cameras can save you substantially in weight. These cameras don’t use a heavy pentaprism or pentamirror setup that reduces the bulk and weight of the camera without affecting performance in any way. Many photographers do outdoor photography like sports and wildlife photographers. For them, every single gram is vital. Weight reduction is a welcome aspect for these genres of photographers. The reduced weight and size of the camera help these photographers as they spend lesser on the camera accessories like camera bags, tripod stands, and heads, etc. These camera accessories can cost quite a lot, and the bigger and stronger you buy, the more you will spend.

A high burst rate is the third reason to buy a mirrorless camera. These cameras have increased the burst rate or the number of frames they can capture per second to insane levels. The benefit of not having a mirror is at the core of this accomplishment. With DLSRs, the mirror setup needs to fold with every click. But for mirrorless cameras, there is no such mirror. The shutter assembly can be made to work faster, and with the help of the electronic shutter option, it can be further increased. It should be noted that not all mirrorless cameras have high shutter speeds.

The other benefit of a mirrorless camera with a high burst rate is that no blackout happens in between the shots. The reason is the absence of the mirror. The mirror falls back in place with every click in a DSLR. A mirrorless camera does not have a mirror, so there is no question of obscuring the view. The result is no blackouts between shots on high burst.

Camera accessories make us spend a lot, and lenses are definitely one of the camera accessories that we buy. The benefit of a mirrorless camera is in its in-built image stabilization system. It helps us in saving money by not having to buy lenses with stabilization. Stabilization is a critical element for images that stand out. The shakes and movements in the camera can be magnified in the photograph with the increase in focal length. These shakes are generally compensated by image stabilization systems in the lenses. These systems not only make the lenses bulkier but also makes them more expensive. With in-body image stabilization, mirrorless cameras have revolutionized the way photographs are stabilized.

Coming back to autofocus. The video autofocusing in a mirrorless camera is way superior when compared to a DSLR. In a DSLR, the mirror needs to be flipped back into position to kick its primary autofocussing in. This makes the life autofocusing in DLSRs slow and less accurate. The contrast-detection autofocus that most DLSRs employ during videos is poor. Mirrorless cameras focus on their primary focus points even during the video because there is no mirror involved. The autofocussing is much better and accurate.

A mirrorless camera is generally quieter when compared to a DSLR camera. DSLRs have a swinging mirror that causes the camera to make a lot of sounds when in use. The shutter can make a substantial amount of noise. When the quiet mode is enabled on mirrorless cameras, they can be virtually silent. This is of great benefit for a lot of professional photographers like wedding photographers and event photographers.

Adaptability has been a boon for these cameras. A mirrorless camera is one of the newest addition to the photographic stable, and thus it has a limited range of lenses available. This shortcoming has been converted into a strength with the use of camera accessories called converters. With converters, lenses that were meant for DLSRs can now be used with mirrorless cameras. This has enabled mirrorless camera users to employ a wide range of lenses with their cameras.

A mirrorless camera is must include gear for all the photographers due to its various benefits, as mentioned above.

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