GoPro Hero 10

GoPro Hero 10 | The next flagship action camera launched

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Founded in 2002 by an extreme sport enthusiast, gopro has sold over 26 million cameras in more than 100 countries so far. Fueled by the passion of its users, gopro has yet again produced an action camera which challenges its peers in the similar category.

The faster, better addition to the GoPro family comes to life. It is physically of the same size and surprisingly no change has been made in the appearance except the blue logo on the side and back of the casing but what is inside this next-generation flagship action camera is the difference-maker.

The biggest feature to start with is the new GP2 processor in the GoPro hero 10 which has doubled nearly everything that was offered in the GoPro 9. Powered by the next generation processor GoPro Hero 10 lets you film in 5.3K at 60fps which will produce excellent quality cinematic footage, or in 4K at 120 fps for super slow-motion filming, or in 2.7K at 240 fps for some eye-catching shots, all of these modes from high to low resolution produces pretty good quality videos. Whether it is used for vlog while you roam the market or participating in extreme sports this little gadget is your new best friend.

Hypersmooth 4.0 along with improved horizon leveling gives unprecedented stabilization which has reduced shaky filming remarkably to a bare minimum, this means if you want to intentionally film a shaky scene you have to try a lot harder to accomplish it.

Once the footage is made you can freeze a frame and grab a 19.6MP (which was 15MP in the GoPro Hero 9) image right from the video which can be used as a thumbnail, and everyone knows how important is the thumbnail for attracting viewers. So, no need to pose for special pictures.

A gift for the user is the responsive touch panel that has always been so so on the previous GoPro models but this time the new processor has made the panel far more responsive when compared with the previous generations.

The hydrophobic lens cover does a good job in repelling water droplets but there still might be some vapors on the lens which could be ignored due to being negligible. The camera sensor has been upgraded from 20MP to 23MP.

So far it seems everything has gotten an upgrade in the GoPro Hero 10 but this, unfortunately, is not the case with the battery. The performance upgrade has reduced the battery timing, which could be the price of a smoother, high-quality videography experience.

GoPro Hero 10 in Pakistan can be bought from every reputable store. Lastly, the physique of Hero 10 is the same dimension as Hero 9, it is more than likely that the accessories previously bought with GoPro 9 will fit the GoPro Hero 10 perfectly.

When it comes to pricing, GoPro has set the price in a way that users who get it with an annual GoPro subscription will get a better deal than one who buys the camera without subscription.

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