Top 10 Costumes For Halloween 2019

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Before you dive into the festivity of Christmas and Thanksgiving, there is one most celebrated event to check off the holiday list and that is Halloween.

Months before the event we all go crazy about finding out the right costume that can turn the heads. There are mostly two type of people- one who don the same kind of outfit for almost every Halloween party and the other one who love to go all wild and dress up like a boss.

Looking at the trends on most of the shopping websites, the theme of 2019 Halloween is one of the most talked about movies and shows of 2019 and past.

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So, here are some of the tips to weight off your shoulders on how to dress up on this 2019 Halloween:

1. It: Pennywise clown

With the grand success of the movie It Chapter 2, it is no surprise that the character of Pennywise, the clown is going to be a hot choice among many.

You can dress as one of the most terrifying clowns that one can ever imagine. There are a lot of options available on different shopping sites for men, women and children on how you can add the extra X factor to your whole Halloween look.

2. Spider-Man

It is time to fight crimes in the streets of Queens as our favorite web slinger. Spider-Man is one of the best characters to portray this Halloween. Be the talk of the town and show up to trick-or-treat looking like Spider-Man. No matter what your age or gender is, you can find cool Spider-Man costumes for everyone.

3. Maleficent

With the recent release of the movie starring Angelina Jolie, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is surely going to be one of the most loved costumes this Halloween. The black wings with the black horns along with smoky make-up is what you need to dress like this Halloween.

4. Annabelle

The character of Annabelle has always been one of the most sought after creepy Halloween costumes for the past few years. And, with the recent release of the movie Annabelle comes home, this costume is one of the hottest selling product on online websites.

5. Thanos

Get dressed up like the villian Thanos from the movie Avengers- End Game. Keeping in the mind the huge fan following of Marvel movies, this is one of the coolest costumes that you can wear this Halloween.

6. Hellboy

Hellboy is a super hero who is also half-demon. This character has a very huge sculpture with bright red-skin, a tail and horns. If you are looking forward for some interesting costume then this is the best diabolical creature you will want to dress up like.

7. Harley Quinn

With the release of Suicide Squad in the year 2016, Harley Quinn has always been a popular costume idea for Halloween. However, this year you can get to wear a new Harley Quinn costume. Are you excited to put on the costume of the Harley Quinn Birds of Prey? This costume is the one that you must not miss to wear in 2019.

8. Fat Thor

This year do not dress up as Thor, be different and get dressed as Fat Thor from the movie Avengers Endgame. The Fat Thor Halloween costume is a little different look from the usual superhero costumes and is surely going to turn all heads in the crowd.

9. Child’s Play

Chucky is a creepy serial killer. His spirit inhabits in a doll and he always tries to transfer his soul to a human body from the doll. Dolling yourself like this creepy doll is surely going to be a scary look ever. You can buy the scary costume of Chunky on any online website.

10. The Dreadful Darling

The pale colored hand-stained dress that is smeared with dirt is the ultimate Halloween costume this year. The Dreadful Darling costume makes you look like a creepy zombie out from the grave. Isn’t that scary?

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