How to Care For and Store Your Jewelry GP

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Wondering how you can keep your jewelry looking shiny and new for as long as possible? We have some tips for you. Properly cleaning, storing, and maintaining your jewelry is easier than it seems. You are going to want to select the right storage place for your jewelry. You are also going to want to have a care kit. Also, you need to make sure you remove your jewelry at the appropriate time.

A few simple tweaks to your jewelry care regime can prolong the life of your number one necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings so you can pass them on in the future. Regardless of whether your collection is filled with heirloom pieces or just starting out these tips can help you preserve your precious pieces.

For any high-quality jewelry like diamonds, engagement rings, or intricate precious metal pieces you will want to look into jewelry insurance. This will typically protect your pieces from loss, theft, or damage. The next thing you need to do is select the right containers for your jewelry. Perls are typically stored in silk pouches while you’ll want a velvet pouch for a diamond ring or earrings. An airtight but soft-lined jewelry box is the best of both worlds. This will prevent any scratching to your valuable pieces. A super high-quality jewelry box may even feature a lining that prevents tarnishing.

Next, you’ll want to build your jewelry care kit. This should include a polishing cloth. They make clothes for gold jewelry and silver jewelry so if you have a mix of materials buy both. You can purchase all sorts of special soaps and products for precious metal jewelry but they are generally unnecessary. A warm bath with dish soap can usually do the trick when you need to clean your jewelry. Purchasing some all-purpose microfiber cloths is great for drying off or gently cleaning off your jewelry. Avoid harsh chemicals or cleaning agents on your precious jewelry.

The next item you’ll want in your arsenal may seem strange but it’s actually essential. For any jewelry that features gemstones or diamonds a super soft toothbrush (you can wear down a toothbrush with sandpaper) is the perfect way to clean up a stone. The well-worn bristles will be able to get in all the crevices. If you wear your jewelry a lot it will naturally get greasy or dirty over time. Keep it clean and shiny with your handy kit.

Another important tip to keep in mind is to remove your jewelry whenever you are using your hands for any difficult activities. Consider leaving behind your most important pieces when running, working out, hiking, or gardening to prevent loss or damage. If you plan on going for a dip in the ocean or a pool it’s best to remove your jewelry. Even precious metals can react with the chemicals in many hot tubs or pools.

If you don’t feel safe removing your jewelry but know your pieces are bound to get dirty then this is where your care kit comes in handy. Using simple soap and warm water will help you clean up your jewelry. Wipe them down with your trusty microfiber cloth or scrub with your toothbrush to remove any dirt or grime. All these tips will help keep your pieces looking shiny and stunning every day.

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