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Celebrate is a group video gift making tool that will make your special occasions more special in 5 easy steps. No need to look for your credit card or decide on a pricing option, use Celebrate for free and only pay when you’re ready to share your first video.

You can easily create high-quality group videos to give a surprise gift video on different occasions.

Starting Price is $19

Link of the website:

Here’s how Celebrate make things easier for you:

Step1: Edit Celebration- Fill in the details of the person you are planning to gift a surprise video (Like his name, DOB, his picture, if any).

Step 2: Edit Invitation: Provide the title to your e-card invitation like whether it is their Birthday or Anniversary, add the person’s picture, and select the ideas that your contributors can talk about.

Step 3: Send Invitations: This step comes with two options. You can either tap to send an email or copy the invitation link to your contributors. They can now create a video or send pictures without having to make an account.

Step 4: Create Video: Once you have all the clips from your collaborators, you can pick and merge the best ones to make a final birthday video. All the videos and pictures will be available on your clipboard so it’s super easy. To top it all, you can add stickers and GIFs to your video to make it more attractive, choose your own font style to express your emotions, and can even add your favorite tune or music as your video’s background.

Step 5: Process and Share: Once everything is perfectly collated into a memorable video, you are good to go. Process and share it.

Celebrate makes it easier for anyone to create special occasion group videos. These HD quality videos not just surprise the recipient but also make them extremely overwhelmed by the personal touch, which the tool lets you add effortlessly.  It is the top choice among the video-making tools that come with amazing features and easy functionality. You don’t need any special skills to use the tool. Simply register and start making memorable videos.

The tool gives you the freedom to change the layout, add texts, or any desired background score to the final compilation. The final video can be shared with others through the tool itself. You can also download it or export it to other social media channels.

The tool is also very lucrative in terms of the pricing benefits. Starting on it is free. No credit card details required! You only need to pay when you are ready to share your very first video. This is where you get to choose from its three plans:

  • $19- 99 USD for one great celebration!
  • Most Popular-$14 -99 USD/celebration (The 3-pack). That’s $44.99 for the bundle
  • Best Value- $4-99 USD/month (billed annually) for unlimited celebrations for a year. That’s $59.95 for as many celebrations as you want.

With no boundaries to your creativity, you can surprise your clan just the way you want. Make as many videos as you want in the shortest time span. No forgetting birthdays and anniversaries anymore! Make Celebrate the part of your celebrations now.

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