Prost!: The Must-Haves For Your Oktoberfest Celebration

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Germany is known to the world for many things in its territories. Those in love with architecture would find beauty in the number of castles and palaces rich in history. Automobile fanatics would know them for brands such as Audi and Volkswagen, and the Nürburgring, arguably the most intimidating track in the world. Despite this, all people remember about Germany is celebrating a particular festival rich in alcohol, costumes, and fanfare.

Oktoberfest is widely known worldwide, and it has a long history that makes it much more than an occasion to drink and be merry. With this, there is more to the oktoberfest beer stein than just a mug for your fancy ales.

What Is Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest is a folk celebration that lasts for sixteen days, but it can go as far as 18 on some occasions. This time frame is based on the mid-weeks of September, lasting until the first week of October. This is quite ironic considering the festival starts before October and finishes early in the same month.

Nonetheless, the celebration has some historical significance, originating in the year 1810. On the twelfth day of October, Crown Prince Ludwig, later known as King Ludwig I, married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. In light of this momentous occasion, the citizens of Munich were invited to some festivities held in the fields opposite the city front gates. Later, the citizens knew the area to be the Theresienwiese or “Theresa’s fields”. In closing the event, horse races were held, and the decision to repeat these gave rise to what we celebrate today.

Over time, more and more attractions came about, such as a show to promote Bavarian agriculture. After the cancellation of the 1813 festival due to the Napoleonic wars, more interests came in the form of bowling alleys, swings, and tree climbing. In the case of beer, small stands evolved into tents and halls that the lords provided for the people.

Much like any festival in the world, a lot of evolution contributed to making the Oktoberfest today.

What Do You Need To Celebrate Oktoberfest?

Unfortunately, not all people can make it to the celebrations in Munich and celebrate like a Bavarian. However, one should be thankful that it is pretty easy to mark something as close to the actual event as possible from home. Despite this, there are a few things you should consider buying to mirror the actual event.

Beer Stein

Of course, any household can buy beer and pour them out in a glass, but it doesn’t contribute to the atmosphere in any way possible. However, with a beer stein in hand, the feeling is way different.

One may think of the beer stein as an unnecessary expense, but by holding onto this jug filled with beer and overflowing bubbles, the experience is different. After all, these mugs have historical significance as Bavarians used them during the olden days of Oktoberfest. In addition to this, the design does make you feel different when using this.

German Fedoras & Pins

If you’ve been to the Oktoberfest celebrations or have at least researched them online, you may have seen funny looking hats with some strange pins. This may seem funny to you, but they also hold historical significance to the Bavarian culture.

The Tyrolean hat was originally from Tyrol in the Alps, but it has spread to different areas like Italy, Austria, and Germany. For Germans today, the green-felt hats are significant parts of their folk costume or tracht. This came about because of the centuries of use that involved attendants wearing these fedoras, which came from performers using these clothing articles. As the times evolved, the use of pins was vital as they also carried a theme of the Oktoberfest celebrations, making the hats more flashy and extravagant.

Being another item of historical significance, this is another item to write down on your Oktoberfest lists.

The Vast Number of Decorations

Of course, the atmosphere of the celebration doesn’t rely on just mugs or hats. What determines Christmases, Birthdays, and other momentous occasions are what you see around the house. The same idea applies to that of Oktoberfest.

There is no doubt that steins can embody the Bavarian tradition, but one must not forget about the extravagant coasters made for these steins. Regarding other decorations, ceramics bearing designs of German cities and figures help the “Oktoberfest-from-home” celebrations. In addition, other themed decorations such as flowers, wreaths, and cuckoo clocks are distinctive when planning the perfect celebration at home.

For many enthusiasts, Oktoberfest is something they would love to experience every year. However, by celebrating such a formal event, one must do justice by gathering all they need for the appropriate atmosphere of the Bavarian people, whether in-person or at home.

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