Greatest Return on Your Content Marketing

Get the Greatest Return on Your Content Marketing: A Guide

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Content marketing can be a huge hit or miss. Though you absolutely need content to survive online, not all content will get the same level of response. Some might never be read. Improving your overall content strategy is in the best interest of your business, your marketing budget, and your customers. Content is meant to be read and engaged with, after all, which means you need to get it in front of the right people, at the right time.

No one wants to read an article or watch a video that doesn’t apply to them, which is why you need to use these tips to help you get the greatest return on your content marketing efforts.

Create Content for Each Stage of the Inbound Funnel

According to Grow and Convert, Content is part of your inbound marketing strategy, which means you must work to create in-depth, quality content at every stage of the inbound funnel approach. You need to create content for those at the beginning of the buyer’s stages, all the way through the end. Some great advice to keep at heart when working to create this full funnel worth of content is to take risks, consider your sign off and know when to close the gates and when to leave them open, with regards to access. Or you can hire one of the top content marketing agencies if you cant create content on your own.

Create Content to Appeal to Each Type of Buyer Persona

You might have created a product with a specific type of customer in mind, but people are creative. There are a million and one ways to use a knife beyond just its initial purpose, for example, which is why you need to know why people would be using your product or service.

Collaborate and investigate, and use the information that you have found to create buyer personas that allow you to create better, more targeted content.

Know When to Make Content Free, and When to Gate It

There is a time to offer content for free, and when to put a gate around it. This gate doesn’t mean a subscription model necessarily either, though if your business is all about providing in-depth analysis at a price then this is naturally the gate you want people to invest in entering.

Payment is not the only way users should be able to access gated content. Another method many content creators use is to require logins, wherein you get their user data and permission to advertise directly to them through email marketing.

In all cases there needs to be a mixture of free and gated content, if this is the method you are going with. Gated content should be exceptionally high quality, and free content needs to be valuable. An example would be to offer a free summary article, but keep the full report behind a sign-up page. Prove your content is worthwhile, and then your visitors will be happy to commit to a longer relationship with you.

Use Content as the Value that Sets You Apart

You may offer the same products or services as your competitors, but your content can set you apart. If you are also the go-to company for guides and how-to videos, customers are going to want to use your brand because you are the one that gives them the most bang for their buck.

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