QuickBooks Point of Sale

What is QuickBooks Point of Sale All About?

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QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks point of sale: Users are enabled to follow sales, customer, and inventory effectively, with efficiency and quickly by the platform provided by QuickBooks POS.

QuickBooks point of sale

QuickBooks point of sale was created to strengthen the business’ client service and to satisfy their needed wants.

QuickBooks POS is obtainable in 3 versions, one being Basic, the second being professional and also the third being Multi-store.

QuickBooks Point of sale feature includes trailing of the past purchases in order that the business will have an intelligent guess on what are the brands and product the client desires to shop for.

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This feature of QuickBooks full product shows the client’s data and comes with various options to boost customer loyalty and increase repeat sales.

This feature is essentially developed for medium, tiny and enormous enterprises, and might be brought into action as a web-based mostly service.

Also, someone is unengaged to gather way more data concerning QuickBooks and its varied options by the QuickBooks POS support.

This around the clock helpline range is additionally created accessible to any or all the users for an answer to their queries instantly and quickly.

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Working of QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop

POS feature offered by QuickBooks may be a beneficiary package for the users because it provides the users to make client relationships, manage vendors and inventory, ring sales, etc.

Now of sale feature works within the following way:

  • It handles sales, client training, and inventory
  • Combines with QuickBooks Desktop
  • A desktop purpose of sale system that’s totally featured
  • Multi-tasking, shortcuts and sorting helps in saving time
  • Massive and multi-location retailers will be handled with efficiency

Features of QuickBooks Point of Sale

  • Discounts, exchanges, gift cards
  • Barcode scanning, MasterCard process
  • Client history and orders
  • Inventory classification, statement, matrix transfer and reorder alerts
  • Worth search and tag customization
  • Print receipts and label printing
  • Refunds, returns and back orders
  • Purchase history, employee history
  • Customary discount

Price of QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks support feature is obtainable in 3 completely different one-time purchase plans offered with beginning costs and free trial.

Point of sale hardware is sold-out severally. The 3 plans are mentioned below in conjunction with the services provided:


The price of this one-time purchase arrange offered by QuickBooks for purpose of the sale is $1200 and it permits the client to trace client knowledge, basic news, take payments, ring sales, and integrate with QuickBooks Desktop money computer code.


The price of this one-time purchase arrange offered by QuickBooks for the point of sale is $1700.

This arrange offers all the services that are provided within the basic arrange along with the services to manage inventory, manage workers and payroll, supply layaway and gift cards, advanced news, and rewards and loyalty programs.


The price of this one-time purchase arrange offered by QuickBooks for point of sale is $1900.

This arrange offers all the services of the professional arrange in conjunction with the services like, manage multiple stores, track and transfer inventory and advanced sales and inventory news between the stores.

When an individual decides to get this time of sale computer code offered by QB Desktop.

It’s necessary for them to stay in mind that it simplifies the essential daily tasks and its easy interface which will undoubtedly avoid the steep learning curve.

This additionally permits the users to just accept the payments via credit cards.

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