Earn Money Online Through Associate Program

Best Way to Earn Money Online Through Associate Program | KulFiy

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Best Way to Earn Money Online Through Associate Program | KulFiy
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Best Way to Earn Money Online Through Associate Program

These days getting into a government job is becoming difficult day by day. Many of you must be searching for lucrative job options to earn money to support oneself and the family.

Therefore, to help you we are sharing this article to help you know one of the ways to earn money online. Read this article carefully to know the easiest way to earn money online through Testbook Associate Program.

Let’s understand what Associate Program is –

What is Associate Program?

Associate Program is a popular way to earn money. It is one of the best and oldest forms of digital marketing that is used by many companies to increase sales and earnings via commissions.

This program will help you and the company increase the profit and incomes. You can join the associate program easily without any fee.

Who all offer Associate Program?

The Associate Program is offered by many companies from various sectors. Here, we are introducing Testbook.com an Ed Tech start-up that has recently started an Associate Program to increase sales and help individuals earn money online.

Let’s know some more about Testbook.com Associate Program –

Testbook.com is one of India’s most trusted platform that provides test series to cover more than 100 exams. It provides a subscription pass for two months, six months and one year.

Testbook.com has over 1 million paid subscribers. Testbook products cater to students preparing for various government jobs.

Its products range between Rs. 500 to Rs. 8000. You can earn up to 30 % commission by joining Testbook Associate Program.

You can also check Testbook.com website to learn details about it, their products, policies of the Associate Program and much more.

It will also be helpful if you do some market research of their customers and consumers to know the audience they cater to.

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How Does Associate Program work?

To be a part of the associate program you first have to fill in an application and submit to the concerned company.

The terms for joining and become an Associate/Affiliate differs from company to company. You can check the below steps to become a part of Testbook Associate Program –

  • You simply need to fill an application form and submit it to Testbook.com.
  • Testbook.com will review your application form and within 24-48 hours revert to you the Associate credential via an email.
  • You can proceed to advertise/promote Testbook offers by selecting its link.
  • You can share the links with your networks and start earning with the Associate link.
  • The transactions that will occur on Testbook.com websites, mobile or app via links promoted by you will be counted towards your commissions.

How to promote and start earning commissions?

After you sign up into Testbook Associate Program you must promote/advertise its products through the links given for Associates in order to earn a handsome income.

The process of commissions might change from company to company. However, in Testbook Associate Program one can earn up to 30 % commissions. Moreover, it credits your commission on a weekly and monthly basis.

The affiliate/associate program will help you earn commissions in various ways like pay per click, pay per lead, and pay per sale.

Moreover, Associate Marketing offers many advantages over conventional marketing in the following mentioned ways –

  • You can easily do Associate Marketing work from home there is no need to travel and go through the hassles to reach office on time. You smartly plan your work in the initial part of the day and reap benefits for the rest of the day/week.
  • It is convenient, you can freely choose products as per your interest form the given list, fix your working hours, and make your own marketing strategies.
  • You will be earning a performance-based incentive. The efforts you put in promoting the products and the strategies you use will reap direct commissions.

In brief, to give you a clear idea regarding commissions, the purchase done through the links promoted by you will make you eligible to earn a commission.

The company provides you daily reports to the associates that include information related to how your link is performing, purchases, due payments, etc.

This report will help you plan your strategies to effectively market your product.

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Which products to promote?

Every company provides a list of products to its Associate Marketers. These products are generally related to the sector/domain they are associated with.

For instance, Testbook.com will provide you products based on online learning courses, online test-series, etc. These products will be made available to you by the company or they will be available on the company’s website.

Who can join the Associate Program?

Anyone can join the Associate Program offered by Testbook.com. This program is open for those students as well who are interested in earning via sales and marketing program.

You can use advertising, PPC marketing, email marketing or blog as your promotional tool. It all depends on your inclinations and interests.

Tips for Beginners for Associate Program

If you are interested in earning money through Associate Program and want to learn a few tricks, then follow the below points to gather some information.

Blog – You can promote products by creating your blog.

Buy Traffic – You can buy traffic from Facebook to direct towards your landing pages.

YouTube – You can also choose YouTube to promote your links/products.


Associate Marketing proves to be one of the best ways to earn money online. However, there is a combination of smart work and hard work that will reap you higher dividends.

First, carefully go through all the terms and conditions laid by the company for the Associate Program. After enrolling yourself, learn some useful marketing tricks to effectively promote/advertise your chosen products.

Keep honing your marketing skills and research the market on a daily basis to know the changes and understand your audience. Always keep a track on your Associate Marketing links and conversions.

You must also compare your every month performance to do better. All the best!

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