Nutrition decisions for a Baby

Nutrition decisions for a Baby in a busy world

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We all want the very best for our children – no cutting corners or making concessions. We want our babies to be energetic, healthy, and always cheerful – does nutrition play a huge role in this? Absolutely.

Our babies must get all the necessary micro and macronutrients along with the vitamins, minerals (including trace minerals), and healthy fatty acids.

It can be very difficult to choose the very best baby formula if you have opted or have a need to bottle feed your baby. There are so many brands out there – everyone claiming: “We’re the best!”. Let’s be realistic – baby formulas are not cheap (unless we settle for the over-the-counter baby formulas, which quite honestly, may do more harm than good) and trying to figure out how to make that important decision while being bombarded with an enormous amount of information is a lot to handle in this busy world.

I would like to talk about one specific brand, just share some research and state the facts: Jovie.

Who is Jovie?

Regardless of Jovie being quite a new brand to the market (they entered in 2018), does not mean the people behind it are actually new to this. In fact, the majority of the team have a lot of experience, especially with goat milk formulas, since they are the very same people that started Kabrita – located in the Netherlands.

They have dedicated themselves to providing the purest, organic baby formula with all the essential nutrients, avoiding possible allergens such as soy, starch, or palm oil.

If you noticed, I mentioned the Netherlands – does it mean anything particular? YES. As the Netherlands is part of the EU, it means that they can only use the organic label when the product contains 95 percent or more organic ingredients. That is a huge difference compared to the U.S.-regulated FDA regulations.

Jovie’s ingredients

I know that there are a lot of parents who do care about the environment – Jovie does too! Their organic farming methods are as eco-friendly as possible. Few farming examples:

no preservatives or synthetics are added to the process

ZERO-tolerance to GMOs in production or manufacturing

multiple quality tests from the soil till the end of the production chain

no hormones or steroids used on animals

goats are only fed 100% organic grass

When it comes to goat milk formula, it is important to note that it closely matches the digestibility and also the nutrient value of real breastmilk. Jovie’s goat milk is designed in a way that takes our little baby’s sensitive stomach and digestion into account. Also, Jovie’s formula includes as much fat from goat milk as possible – hence, they use full cream goat milk. In comparison, most U.S. brands tend to use either the left-over skimmed or defatted milk to keep the production costs down.

As I mentioned previously, Jovie’s Goat milk formula contains no allergens, therefore it is also free of maltodextrin. There really are various opinions on maltodextrin, but all in all, we know it is a relatively cheap way to add carbohydrates to the mix.

When it comes to vitamins and minerals, Jovie seems to have it covered quite well. A lot of vitamins and minerals are bio-available from the milk itself and the content is much higher when we compare it to cow’s milk formulas. They have also added folates, iron, and zinc to the formula.

Something definitely worth mentioning is that Jovie is the very first brand that is introducing the GOS (galacto-oligosaccharides) as the prebiotic. According to the research, it is a dietary fiber that promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. Not to scare you off, GOS is naturally occurring beneficial bacteria in breastmilk as well – it is said that it might positively influence the development of the immune system.

Jovie Goat Milk Formula Stages

Like most of the baby formulas, the Jovie Goat formula is available in three different stages:

Stage 1 – 0 to 6 months

Stage 2 – 6 to 12 months

Stage 3 – 12 months+


It really seems that Jovie might have hit the mark. Feedback from the parents seems to be mostly positive and why wouldn’t it be? I love how saturated the market is with baby formulas because all this competition makes manufacturers really strive for their very best – take Jovie for example.

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