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Top 7 Tips to Take Care of your Baby in Scorching Summers

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Babies have much more delicate skin than we do. They experience everything twice as much as we do, be it the cold winters, dry autumns, or the hot summers.

It is essential to keep them well hydrated and ventilated during summers to ensure that they don’t sweat and cause skin rashes and redness due to the heat. Mothers who use baby diapers for their babies need to ensure that the material has breathability, is safe for the skin, and does not cause any rashes and redness.

Tips to take care of your Babies skin in Summer

1. Use the Right Fabric

The first and foremost thing when it comes to babies’ skin is to ensure your baby is using the right fabric. Always use 100% cotton for babies’ clothes, baby diapers, and other baby handling materials such as sheets and towels. Cotton is very light and breathable and ensures that the skin remains safe when in contact.

2. Keep Baby Hydrated

Feed the baby often, especially if the baby is still being breastfed, as summers can be very dehydrating for them. If your baby is around not exclusively on breastfeed, then include fruits and water-based fluid to help nourish the baby’s skin and keep them hydrated.

3. Keep the Area Well Ventilated

If you have a newborn, ensure that the area that the baby is sleeping in is away from direct sunlight, well ventilated with a constant temperature, be it on fan or AC. Fluctuating temperatures can make adjustment quite difficult for the baby.

4. Moisturised Skin

Massage the baby with oil and hydrating lotion often to ensure that the skin is rash and sore-free. Sweat can severely harm the skin and create rashes, redness, and other such complications. To avoid this, massage the baby with pure coconut oil often in the night or before a shower. Post shower, make sure you apply a hydrating moisturizer to protect the baby’s skin.

5. Use Organic Products

As much as possible, try to make use of organic products such as organic cotton fabrics, organic hand, and body creams, organic cold-pressed oils, etc. This helps in keeping away as many toxins as possible from your baby. Organic products are not grown and prepared using any artificial chemicals, therefore are very safe to be used for a newborn baby whose skin is quite delicate.

6. Maintain Good Diet

Ensure that your baby is on a healthy diet. For babies below 6 months of age, breast milk is the most nutritious and hydrating food that a baby will ever need. For babies who have started solids, ensure that they have lots of fluids, water-based vegetables, and fruits so that they can cope with the dehydration that happens in summer.

7. Changing Frequently

Another important factor is to change your baby’s clothing, sheets, blankets, baby diapers, etc frequently during summer. This is because of the fact that fabrics can become naturally warm and collect bacteria faster in summer than in other seasons.

If the heat is high, it can also accumulate sweat and cause the skin to burn and create rashes. Therefore, bathe the baby one to two times if possible and change his/her clothes at least 2 to 3 times per day based on the weather.

These are some of the best tips to keep your baby healthy and safe during the scorching summer heat. Consult your pediatrician if the baby shows any severe symptoms such as skin issues or severe dehydration.

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