Mouth to Lung Vaping

Mouth to Lung Vaping- Everything You Need to Know

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Mouth to Lung, Commonly abbreviated as MTL, is a vaping method whereby you inhale the vapour straight from your vaping device, into your mouth, and then into the lungs. Usually, the technique is excellent for beginners and those who want to quit smoking as it simulates cigarettes. Besides the easy transition from smoking to vaping, the method also brings more satisfaction than its counterpart(Direct to Lungs-DTL). Let’s explore MTL at length.

How to Vape Using MTL Technique

MTL vaping has won the hearts of vapers due to its ease of use and massive satisfaction. If you are wondering how to do it, here is a quick step-by-step guide of how you MTL vape.

  1. Start by slowly drawing vapour into your mouth for at least three seconds
  2. retain the vapour in your closed mouth for at least two seconds
  3. Open your mouth and breath the vapour into your lungs(be very careful not to swallow the nicotine)
  4. You can now exhale after the vapour is in the lungs

General MTL Vaping Experience

It is a simple technique that anyone can follow regardless of their vaping expertise. Due to its similarity to smoking cigarettes, most new vapers prefer to use it. Apart from simulating a cigarette, the general experience is pretty close with a softer and smoother throat hit. You experience no burning or tingling sensations in your throat. If you want to experience the maximum flavour without creating a massive cloud of vapour, this is a suitable method.

Essential Things to Look for in a Mouth to Lung Vaping Device

Selecting the right vape device for MTL does not have to be a daunting task. Here is what you look out for.

Quality of the Airflow

The vape device’s design affects its airflow. If your vape device has a tight and elevated airflow, your hits will be warmer and easier both to your mouth and the lungs. Find a vape device with a tight airflow.

Comfort Features of the Mouthpiece

How comfortable are you with the mouthpiece? Since they are designed as an alternative to smoking, their mouthpieces simulate cigarettes. The narrower the mouthpiece, the better the experience you get.

Coil Resistance

Most MTL vape devices have a resistance of 1.2 ohms and a wattage of under 25 watts. Besides the small physical size, they also have smaller coils which enhance the resistance. Even better, smaller coils translate to a tighter airflow and a better vaping experience.

The Benefits of Mouth to Lung Vaping

Besides a great vaping experience, mouth to lung technique has many benefits that you can enjoy. Let’s explore them

. It is a perfect alternative for smoking as it simulates a cigarette

. MTL devices have smaller coils which give you smoother throat hits

. Having the vapour in your mouth for a few seconds gives you better flavours

. Users do not worry about huge clouds

. MTL is a great vaping technique for high-nicotine lovers

. It is compatible with high PG liquids

. Users enjoy low-wattage devices


MTL vaping is mostly suitable for smaller vapes with high resistance coils and high levels of nicotine. Once you take a hit from these devices, you get better satisfaction and enjoy the experience. Most MTL vapers have likened it to sucking air from a coffee straw. It is a great way to ward off nicotine addiction as it simulates standard cigarettes.

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