Not long until the summer transfer window now!

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The summer transfer is not far off now and lots of football fans are getting their bets in on players they think will be making the moves to different clubs. Many fans are visiting non UK casinos just like this list that is providing them with some entertainment during the summer transfer window as well as a platform to visit and play on during live matches.

Recent windows

During recent transfer windows, there has been a lot of activity amongst some clubs, for example, Newcastle United spent large sums of money during the recent winter window with the club spending over 100 million and this has recently seen them go on a winning streak in the Premier League with them now being out of the relegation zone thanks to their new signings and manager improving the squad to some significance.

The winter window is usually the quiet one with clubs looking to wait until the summer window opens to do their business. There are usually more players coming up for free transfers around the summer window as well, so clubs are looking to get a free deal for some world-class players during the summer windows.  With recent windows, the busiest day of the transfer window is when its deadline day and clubs have 24 hours to get their deals over the line before the window closes, and this causes panic buying with some strange transfers being done in the past on deadline day.


With transfer budgets, all clubs have a different budget depending on the money that the club has available to spend and the success of the club with winning trophies and tournaments providing prize funds that will boost the transfer pot. Financial fair play has recently been introduced which means that clubs with a larger budget than others can only spend a certain amount due to it not being fair on clubs that have a smaller budget as they cannot compete with clubs that are buying better players than what they can afford.

Financial fair play has helped to make transfer windows fairer by not allowing some teams to buy the league by bringing in as many world-class players as they like, and this has helped to make the leagues more competitive which is entertaining for everyone.

You should now have a better understanding of transfer windows and what is to be expected in the up-and-coming summer one.

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