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How to Find Content Inspiration for Your Social Strategy

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In the age of social media and digital marketing, the way you showcase your products or services determines your brand image. However, there are several parameters that you need to work on to improve your social media pages. Creating content for your social media handles isn’t easy and most of the time you might be lost with what social media content you should create to get the maximum exposure.

With more and more people getting into social media, there is an increase in the number of brands and companies involved in this department of social media marketing. Moreover, as there is an increasing number of social media posts daily, each platform requires certain criteria to grab the attention of users and prospective customers. Social media is such a department that needs you to constantly update and post content on almost a daily basis. Naturally here may come a time when you get exhausted on ideas for Facebook and Instagram posts. But, the following guidelines can help you find content inspiration for your social media strategy.

How To Improve Performance of Your Social Media Calendar

To begin with, be consistent with your posts. The more you will showcase your product and services, there are more chances that you will find leads. Your posts should be managed in such a way that you get to showcase your forte, as well as your products and services. With the right content, your social media pages will gain followers, and more the followers, more the chances of grabbing the market.

Similarly, you should make sure that your social media pages are regularly updated and with a social media calendar, you can very easily determine when you should be posting what type of content. People love to follow pages that regularly update them, though they may not turn into a lead almost immediately, but the process will help you find buyers eventually. Here’s how you can get inspired on creating the best social media content.

  • Create Engaging Posts

Having a quiz based story or poll question can help you generate engaging content. You can display two or more of your products or services and ask your followers which one they prefer. Consequently, you can make use of various memes to generate likes and comments. Once a brand establishes itself as interactive, people like to get themselves associated and help them form a personalised connection. This connection results in an increase of trust value and the possibility of you converting leads into customers is higher.

  • Create Videos

These days there are a number of apps that help you create beautiful videos to showcase your products or images. Visual representation of a product or service helps prospective buyers on social media get a good idea about the showcased content. You can couple your videos with fantastic music to enhance the overall appeal. Instagram Reels have become a trend and it is helping brands and companies grab maximum exposure. Remember, to customise your videos to fit the dimension of the Reel or a static post so that it doesn’t look odd. You can look for content inspiration from various other social media pages and plan your social media marketing strategy accordingly.

  • Describe Your Product Using Audiogram

Audiograms are the best way to describe your product on social media platforms. Many companies use audio to describe their products. Instead of writing long descriptions in captions, you can use audio based creatives to describe the most important information. Doing so helps your customers view important information and increases views. Moreover, you can add subtitles in the creative to help hearing impared people as well as those who have their speaker turned off to read the description.

  • Testimonial Based Posts

There’s no better way to engage with your target audience like testimonials. Viewing what other people have to say about your product increases trust. You can ask your present customers to get involved with your brand by creating videos or images with your products or services and share their experiences. Having to view a review of a product helps generate leads and also displays your product or service in real world conditions. You can create a custom hashtag and display it in your bio and in your captions. So people know to use the hashtag while creating testimonials. Doing so will help you react to posts shared by customers.

  • Create Custom Posts For Various Social Media Channels

A reel type video will only look good on Instagram and now on the suggestions section of Facebook. However, a single image post is best suited to Facebook. Similarly, a blog post can be converted into consecutive tweets for Twitter. Get creative and post according to what suits best on which platform. You can showcase the same product or service in different styles on various platforms.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you can also get in touch with social media influencers and microbloggers to help connect with a wider audience. However, get in touch with an influencer who is renowned in displaying similar products to generate maximum leads.

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