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5 Reasons Fantasy Leagues Are Booming in India

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The sudden declaration of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic came as a shock to all, especially those who used to go out for work or studies on a daily basis. This was the time when online games helped people get rid of the depression they were expected to slip into. According to a recent report “The Evolving Landscape of Sports Gaming in India” published by the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming, or IFSG, and KPMG, the online gaming industry in India is expected to become a billion-dollar industry by 2023.

The report was published after an in-depth study of the increasing inclination of the nationals towards fantasy gaming. Whether it is pro fantasy cricket or a soccer game, whatever you involve in, it stimulates your cognitive abilities and keeps your mind working. During these times of isolation when you are locked inside your rooms, it is very obvious to suffer from mental disturbances because of loneliness. In such a scenario, online game developers got an opportunity to promote their fantasy league apps to lure those sitting idle at home.

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Also, the one working from home for several hours found a pastime in the form of these games, which marked the strong affinity of gamers towards them. Besides being the best way to make the period of lockdown enjoyable, there are other reasons as well that made these online games preferred to such an extent.

Let’s explore some of them:

Socialise in the times of social distancing

“Social distancing” was a term that became a reason behind the anxiety of people of different age groups. From a school-goer who used to meet the fellow classmates every day to those who visited the office on a regular basis, the life of each and every individual came to a standstill. At that moment, online fantasy games appeared to be a blessing for all. It gave people of all ages to connect virtually and socialise without violating the social distancing norms.

With lockdown came a phase when you couldn’t meet your gang for a couple of months, couldn’t even see your office colleagues around. In fact, you happened to be lucky if you got stuck at home with family as many of them had to stay alone throughout the period of isolation. In such a scenario, having these online games downloaded really helped, thereby making people opt for them as pastimes or the best way to spend their period of quarantine.

Get a chance to live your dreams

You remained locked inside your house. You ordered food online and that too, the delivery man leaving the pack outside your house to avoid any kind of physical contact at any cost. Getting an opportunity at that point of time to enjoy beach views via games like Sea of Thieves, etc. was something worth investing in. Isn’t it? The online fantasy games, however, did not only let gamers play and pass their time during the lockdown, but also provided them a chance to treat their eyes with the best sightseeing while sitting right at home. Though you couldn’t travel anywhere, the game graphics helped you check out different scenic views without even stepping out of your place.

In fact, when it comes to fulfilling your dreams, how can you forget you aspired to become a sportsperson. Through online fantasy sports, you can live that dream of yours too. Go for it!!!

Earn while you play and win

The most exciting part of playing these online games or say the major reason behind more and more people associating with these games online is that they let you earn simultaneously. There are various websites that allow you to associate with them and play the games, which when won will make you eligible for specific prize money. Sometimes, this might seem to be the most luring factor to drive more and more gamers. Well, if you are a beginner, expecting to start winning as soon as you collaborate, don’t be mistaken.

It will take a bit of time for you to understand the games and then implement strategies accordingly to reach the points that make you eligible for the cash prizes. You have to be patient. Go for it.

Utilise the right skills

If you think individuals are wasting time on these games and it would rather be better for them to associate with some other kinds of activities, you should know that these games are developed to only improve the skills of the gamer. There is often a debate going on whether these fantasy games are skill-based, and the answer is they are. The gamers have to play, form a team, formulate strategies, adopt relevant measures, and win the game. As a result, involving in these games makes them have enhanced analytical skills, improved logical thinking, increased level of concentration, and supplemented urge to achieve and win.

From NBA to pro fantasy cricket, you get many options to choose from to ensure you get to play the sport you want to.

Have a wide array of options

Whether you want to play alone or you want your group of friends to join you, there is a wide range of games available for you to pick from whether you wish to go for it. If you have ever aspired to become a cricketer or footballer, these fantasy games give you a chance to play a sportsperson for the sports you have always liked and desired to associate with. Starting from RuneScape to World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings Online, etc. you can have the best of the best alternatives to choose from as your fun pastime.

The reasons mentioned above are the most crucial factors to drive more and more people towards opting for these fantasy games. If you haven’t yet tried them, it’s high time you should get rid of the boredom and do something exciting. Check out different online platforms offering these fantasy delights and collaborate with them to have some fun at your place.

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