Things Not To Do When You Are Angry

8 Things Not To Do When You Are Angry

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Engaging in a heated argument with a loved one, expressing boiling over to an annoying neighbor, or screaming at the sight of childish pranks not only increase your stress level but also make others think that you are a vulnerable person. And besides, you endanger your health. What should you never do when you are angry? Let’s find out in this article.

Thing To Avoid When You Are Angry

Here are some things you should not do when you are angry for better health.

  • Let Off Steam

To stay healthy, we all need to let off steam from time to time. However, it can make you feel even worse. Research published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking found that people who spent 5 minutes reading an angry rant online were less happy and angrier.

But the risk is not only the one who reads painful stuff from other people, but also the one who is angry. Earlier research suggests that letting off steam, such as beating pillows, ultimately results in more anger than relief. You will have to learn how to manage your emotions and not demonstrate them to others.

  • Smoke Cigarettes

Many people smoke when they get angry to control negative emotions. However, it works only for a few seconds, and after that feeling of frustration and anger appears. There is nothing magical in smoking that would alter your mood, but such a habit may lead to addiction and aggravate anxiety. Thus, you must not smoke when you get angry, as in some cases, it can also increase aggression.

For lifting up your mood, try vape instead of traditional cigarettes. You can get these in different flavors according to your choice. The best thing is that even cheap vape juice is of high quality, so you do not worry. However, remember not to overdo vaping if you want to ensure good health.

  • Driving Alone

Driving when you are furious is also not a good idea. Research shows that angry drivers take more risks on the road and, therefore, are more likely to provoke accidents. In an angry mood, a person is in an attacking mood. Therefore, this is not the best time to get behind the wheel.

In addition, the feeling of anger gives rise to tunnel vision. The person looks straight ahead and loses the ability to peripheral vision. It is so easy to miss a pedestrian or a car leaving a parking space. But winding circles on a bicycle on specially equipped sites or on an exercise bike is a useful activity! Anger will disappear, and health will be stronger.

  • Hiding Under The Covers

On the one hand, the night is the time to sleep, and you need to go to bed no matter what mood you are in. But on the other hand, going to bed at the peak of emotions, you will not only not calm down but also wake up with an even heavier head. This is because sleep enhances memories.

Such data was presented by the Neuroscience edition, summing up the results of the 2012 study. “During sleep, the information that we receive when we are awake gets processed,” explains MD, neurologist Allen TX. So going straight to bed after an argument is going to make you feel worse.

  • Dive Into The Fridge

Many people start overeating when they are angry. However, it is going to ruin their health. Katie Grover, an author of books on stress, says that when we get angry, we make more unhealthy food choices, preferring sugary or fatty foods.

Not only can this affect the size of the waist, but also during stress, the body thinks that it is in danger, there is a fight or flight reaction. And now, the processes of digestion recede into the background. Hence – heaviness in the stomach occurs, which is another problem.

  • Post To Social Media

Speaking out is very helpful. But if emotions run high, public display of conflict can be harmful. A few hours after the situation, you will calm down, and the post will already “live its own life,” dissolving on emotions, demanding explanations and additions. And you would like to put an end to it, but you can’t return time back.

  • Ignore The Tonometer

According to a study shared by the European Heart Journal, within a couple of hours after an outbreak of anger, the likelihood of a heart attack is almost five times higher, and the likelihood of a stroke is three times higher, especially if they have a history.

“If your blood pressure often rises, then the first thing you need to do after a stressful situation is to check it. People who are angry or become angry should know how their body reacts to this and try to cope with negativity with special exercises or other methods, “says Dr. Bradley Bale, MD, author of books on heart disease.

  • Shouting

To react sharply to injustice and to be angry with another person means poisoning your health with toxic emotions. You shouldn’t continue to have an internal conversation about an unpleasant topic. It’s all over, and the best thing you can do for yourself is to stop, take a few deep breaths, and move on.

“Well, if that doesn’t work, go to a quiet, peaceful place,” advises clinical psychologist David Narang. It seems that they are called places of power for a reason. Strength is in tranquility, so stop getting angry!

Bottom Line

Anger can put our lives and well-being at stake; thus, you need to learn to let go of negative emotions. In order to stop being angry, it is important to be aware of the specific situations that contribute to the anger. Learn to catch the moment when anger appears. Take 5-7 slow breaths. Start reacting to this situation in a different way. As a last resort

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