Vaping Trends: Current and Future Use of E-Cigs

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Currently, the manufacturers and distributors of e-cigarettes and their accessories are heavily promoting them as a healthy alternative to smoking. On the other hand, health officials are cautioning vapers that vaping puts their health at risk. Actually, some conclude that vaping nicotine-based e-juice has the same health risks as smoking tobacco. This has led to a lot of mixed opinions from the public. As many join the trend and others switch from smoking to vaping, no one is sure about whether what they are doing is right.

However, this has not stopped the development of some peculiar trends in vaping. Here are some great insights for you about these trends.

Increasing Use Among Young Adults

Many young adults are starting to vape today, and the number is expected to increase in the coming days. Beginners prefer to own an e-cig and vape any e-juice flavor they desire rather than smoke a cigarette. Vaping is cheaper and more fun as is evident from the many vapers hanging out in places such as clubs and outside college dorms.

According to experts, peer pressure is attracting many young adults to this habit without any consideration of the consequences. Actually, the majority are not bothered. And this has now become a major trend.

Promoted More Frequently by Celebrities

Most of us remember how celebrities were used to promote the smoking industry. Now, they have again taken charge of this sector. Manufacturers are enlisting them to pose with an e-cig on magazines, online, and in movies to show how cool the habit is.

All of them seem to enjoy vaping. There are many celebrities who vape, and since people follow them on social media and other channels, this has also fueled the trend of vaping among all people.

Advertised as a Healthy Alternative

As mentioned, vaping is heavily promoted as a healthy alternative to smoking. Yes, vaping non-nicotine e cigarette liquid or medicinal vape juice could be better, but all risks cannot be ruled out. This has promoted the habit as a trend.

Many believe that vaping will aid them in quitting smoking, and this has now created another trend where smokers are changing camps. For now, we can only wait for research to guide us.

Emergence of Advanced E-Cigarettes and E-Juice

Currently, one can buy sophisticated and elaborate vape mods with programmed computer chips. They can remember your favorite setting, assure safety during use, and above all enhance your overall experience. Through the current trend of technological advancement, we can only imagine what the future vaping devices will look like.

Likewise, e-juice is evolving by the day. Today, you can have accurately mixed cocktails of different flavors. Actually, some sellers allow clients to customize their flavors when making orders. This is done through the use of technology.

Final Word

Vaping is quickly expanding all over the world. It has no significant effect on the environment, and authorities are allowing vaping in parks and other public places. But as much as use is increasing, vapers should be cautious to avoid adverse health effects that can come with the abuse of e-cigs.

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