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Most Effective Ways Including Dumps To Prepare Towards Earning Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Designation

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In the current fast-paced IT world, the importance of certification can definitely not be downplayed, as recruiters are often in search of certified professionals at the expense of uncertified ones. As such, if you’re looking to develop a formidable career specifically in the solutions architect field, then you can be sure that enrolling in the Architect Associate certification is just the right choice you need, as it will undoubtedly open many great doors for you.

What Do You Need to Know about This Amazon Certification?

First of all, you may need to know that the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate designation has been designed for individuals who already perform a solutions architect role, and are armed with at least one year of hands-on experience designing available, cost-efficient, fault-tolerant, and scalable distributed systems on Architect Professional . Nonetheless, it’s crucial for you to understand that your attainment of this qualification is dependent on your completion of a particular exam known as the SAA-C02, which will test you on various relevant topics and subtopics. Moreover, you should also note that this official exam will involve:

  • 65 multiple-choice or multiple-response questions;
  • Total duration of 130 minutes;
  • Physical or online testing, based on your choice;
  • An enrolment fee of $150;
  • English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese as the available languages.

How Best Can You Prepare for Official Certification Test?

Since you can’t obtain the Amazon designation without passing its associated test, it goes without saying that you have to make necessary efforts towards overcoming the hurdles. So, as a means of helping you pass the concerned SAA-C02 test, here are some preparation tips you can always bank on:

  • Ensure to use various prep resources

One of the most effective ways by which you can broaden your horizon, and thus, cement your success as regards the required evaluation is the employment of various prep tools and/or resources — either paid or free. These resources may include official or reliable third-party training courses, the tested topics, exam guides, whitepapers, FAQs, and the rest of them, which can all be found on the AWS website.

  • Don’t forget dumps

In the same vein, exam dumps are a great tool that you can also take advantage of. In case you’re not familiar with what Cloud Practitioner  are, then it may interest you to know that they’re third-party files containing past exam questions, plus their appropriate answers, based on previous IT certification exams, as compiled by previous exam-takers and vetted by experts in the concerned technical field. So, of course, you can rest assured that when you get the right dumps, the final exam will be a walk in the park for you.

  • Start early

Of course, the importance of starting your preparations early cannot be overemphasized. You certainly can’t start late and expect to be adequately set for the task ahead. So, in short, make sure to begin preparing for the given SAA-C02 test early enough. Moreover, you could dedicate a certain amount of hours on a daily basis.


All in all, in order for you to excel well in the Amazon AWS Certfication test associated with earning the Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certificate, all you need is to know the right steps to take. So, simply, ensure to take note of the tips given above, and don’t forget about incorporating some valid dumps in your prep. Good luck!

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