Amazon Seller Tools, How To Effectively Sell On Amazon

How To Effectively Sell On Amazon

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Do you know the process of selling on Amazon? If you have been curious about utilizing the Amazon market place to grow your business, then it is important that you know the step by step guide on how to do it successfully. Check these amazon seller tools which will enable you to perfect your selling.

How to start selling on Amazon

Sign up an account as an amazon seller. Choose the category you are selling, create your seller account on Amazon and set up your profile as a seller. Important sections in your seller profile will include:


  • About seller section: In this section, you will have to introduce buyers to your business. They should know who you are, how you started the business, your company philosophy and any other information which you think will help the buyer to establish an emotional connection with you as a seller.
  • Your logo: With your logo, the customers will be able to follow you or your business at a glance page, offer listing page, and storefront. It should be in the correct visible font type and size and the image should not contain a Url or any reference to your website.
  • Refund and return policies: You have to give out information on how customers will be able to return items including the address where the merchandize should be returned and the estimated wait time for the refund to be processed. Remember that, the Amazon return policy allows for a 30 days maximum return period for sellers.

Once the above information is provided, you will have a chance to access your central dashboard as a seller, start listing your products and start selling on Amazon.

Listing products on Amazon

There is a curve for learning which will determine how you will sell successfully on Amazon. But once you grasp it, the selling will be intuitive and very simple. Once your seller account is set, the ball starts rolling where you list your products in the Amazon marketplace. In case you are an individual seller, you will have to list your products one at a time.

But if you are a professional seller, you have the freedom to list your products in batches. Products such as clothes support a variation of colors and sizes can be placed under a single listing.  The products which you sell on Amazon will fall under two categories; new products of which you will be the only seller or the first one to put on the Amazon marketplace, or products which already exist in the market place.

Managing your inventory

Immediately you are done with listing your products on Amazon marketplace, use the Amazon seller tools to manage all your account selling. You will be able to update the inventory, check for new orders, monitor your metrics in performance, and many more. To succeed, you will need to properly manage your inventory.

As a buyer, you know how it feels when you click on a particular item to purchase only to find that it is out of stock.  As a seller, that is a missed opportunity. To prevent being in such a situation, utilize the various selling tools on amazon. Check these amazon seller tools and pick one that will work well for you.

There are sellers who decide to sponsor their merchandize with adverts when they realize that a particular product is not moving very fast. Sponsored ads are normally keyword targeted, thereby moving the listing of the seller above any other search results which are marked as sponsored. The cost of such is normally per click and you can set your budget and monitor it closely.

Fulfill and ship the products

When you list products on the Amazon marketplace, you might find it hard to manage your inventory. Once an order is placed by a customer, you will have to organize for the product to reach them. There are two options which Amazon will offer to you:

  • Fulfillment by Amazon: With this option, Amazon stores your products in its fulfillment centers, and they will be able to handle the shipping and packaging of the products to the customer.
  • Fulfillment by merchant: This means that you as a merchant, who is selling on Amazon, you will be responsible for maintaining your inventory, labeling, packaging, and ensuring that the products are shipped to the customer.

Between the two, the best might be using the fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).  This is due to the fact that it is very easy. Instead of having to handle the logistics on your own in regard to monitoring and being able to fulfill orders, shipment trackings, and handling the issues of customer service by yourself, all you will need to do is to send an inventory to Amazon and the rest will be managed for you.

At the end of the day, you will receive your earnings in your account after Amazon deducts its service charge.

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