How paraphrasing tool helps SEO to generate unique content?

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If you are a writer or a digital marketer, you must have come across the term ‘Paraphrasing,’ don’t you?

Well, paraphrasing is simply rewriting the already written text with different words and sentence structure.

Paraphrasing also helps in modifying content complexity, length, and tone. Now, the question that arises here is what do paraphrasing tools have to do with search engine optimization?

Look, Search engine optimization is a bit above the belt, you have to master more than 200 ranking factors and you also have to keep pace with Google’s rapidly changing algorithms.

It is not wrong to say that mastering SEO is not possible for individuals, do you know why? Because even if you master 200 ranking factors there are more coming your way with great updates.

However, one thing that can benefit you definitely is the unique content. Quality and unique content are the imperatives for search engine optimization.

And a paraphrasing tool can help you with SEO, do you want to know how? In this post, we will explore how paraphrasing tools generate unique content to help SEO?

Reasons: How Paraphrasing Tools Help with Search Engine Optimization?

Increase content readability

First thing first, readability doesn’t refer to font size, spacing, alignment, or other factors. Readability means how easy your content is to understand.

Your content should be easy to read so that readers can understand it without opening a dictionary. Manually writing content is great in many ways but is extremely time-consuming.

With a paraphrasing tool, you can create human-readable content with just a few clicks. Because a paraphraser generates content by removing the source content’s complexity.

According to Yoast, search engines admire readable content, if you upload readable content, you are already helping your site’s SEO. A paraphrasing tool also makes sentences simpler and concise.

Also, the more readable your content is, the more clicks your site will get, and eventually, your SEO ranking will improve.

Improve content engagement

Creating and uploading engaging content is the most predominant ranking factor of a search engine. If you want readers to stick around your content, you need to make it relevant and fresh. In this context, you can always go for using Smodin’s paraphrasing tool to create the most authentic, original, ‘natural looking’, easily understandable and flawless SEO write-ups for different clients that look for quality On & Off page content.

No matter how responsive your site is and how many backlinks you have, if the content is dull and not engaging, you will lose visitors.

Improve content engagement

Paraphrasing tools are excellent in making content well-communicated however, it is up to you to come up with great writing ideas.

A paraphrasing tool can easily convert a passive voice sentence into an active voice in order to make it more engaging.

Furthermore, a paraphrasing tool also improves the style, tone, and syntax of the source text and makes the text unambiguous, fresher, and more engaging.

If you cannot put all such factors in your natural writing, a paraphrasing tool is here to help you with your content search engine optimization.

Correct grammatical errors

Even if your content is good in readability, and is engaging, it is also important that it must be free of all grammatical mistakes.

Furthermore, spelling mistakes and wrong punctuation can directly affect your content quality therefore, considering them is equally important.

Correct grammatical errors

Google might not directly penalize your content for having grammar and spelling errors but, your audience will definitely not stick to your site for reading poor content. Once your audience is gone so does your SEO ranking.

A simple way to make your written content free of such mistakes is proofreading however, proofreading sounds simple but is not easy to proofread a bulk of lengthy content daily right after completing.

If you are tired or don’t have enough time to proofread your articles for hidden mistakes, it is suggested to use a paraphrasing tool.

In addition to rephrasing content, a paraphrasing tool also checks for grammatical mistakes and corrects the mistakes without delay.

Another reason why we should prefer a paraphrasing tool is that the tool is way faster than humans when it comes to rewriting and proofreading.

Helps with meta description

A meta description is an important SEO strategy because it is the first thing that searchers see before clicking on your site.

The more catchy, thorough, and healthy your meta description is, the more clicks your site can drive. But the question here is, how a paraphrasing tool helps with the formation of a meta description?

The meta description is basically a whole sum of your entire discussion however, it is different from the conclusion because a meta description must not be more than 125 characters.

A paraphrasing tool like offers many advanced features including a text summarizer. The text summarizer will ask you about the text summarizing length.

After that, the tool will summarize the entire text up to the word limit that you specify, isn’t it amazing?

You can then copy the summarized text and use it as a meta description of your content. If you face trouble naturally writing meta descriptions, use the tool.

Improve content originality

Even if you are a professional writer and working in a renowned organization, you must have been hit by plagiarism so many times.

Because it is not possible to write content daily with unique words, and new ideas, at some point we have to face plagiarism.

Though, plagiarism is considered a crime when it comes to a search engine. Do you know, an independent survey found that over 25% of the content found on Google is plagiarized.

You can take this 25% as useless content on the internet, so what is the point in uploading content if the content is going to be useless for the internet and the audience.

A paraphrasing tool can save your site from penalization because the tool rewrites content with 100% originality.

The tool replaces words of source content with the best match synonym, changes sentence structure, and removes text redundancy to make the content wholly original.

Last Words

The main motive of content writing is about getting more traffic to your site however, naturally writing search engine optimized content is not easy.

But to help you all with SEO, we have found the best content writing solution, ‘A paraphrasing tool,’ you can use the tool to create unique and SEO-friendly content as discussed in the above sections

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