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Is renovating a kitchen worth it?

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Whenever a homeowner considers a remodelling project several questions cloud their mind. Some of the most thoughts are, is the renovation worth it, how much should I invest in the project and will I earn any return from the investment I make. There is not one common answer which fits all these questions. Your approach will have to be change depending on whether you intend to stay in the home for a few years after remodelling or you are planning to sell it immediately.

Talking about the kitchen, which is the heart and the centrepiece of your home. When a kitchen is well-designed and has an aesthetic appeal, the look and feel of entire property gets elevated. You will notice this in most of the modern kitchens Sydney as people want to create a space that feels welcoming, cosy and relaxing.

Return on your remodelling expenditure

A modern, chic and upgraded kitchen is something that every homeowner yearns for. Over the years the value of different upgrades have changed and have seen both ups and downs. However, kitchen renovation Sydney has stood the test of time and has always reaped benefits for the homeowners.

But before you jump at this thought and start planning your kitchen remodelling project, bear in mind that a $5,000 investment will not directly translate to an increase of $5,000 in the property value. You will surely see a significant increase in the value, especially if you compare it with other renovation projects.

As per some of the research published in a remodelling magazine, you can recover about 70-80 percent of the investment you make, depending on the size and quality of the complete kitchen remodel sydney project.

Plan your kitchen renovation project

It is important you plan the remodelling project well before embarking upon the journey. It is best to consult a professional contractor who has experience in kitchen renovations. An expert will be able to guide you on what are the low hanging fruits and which steps need more effort and investment. Using their expertise, you will be able to chalk out a plan for yourself, clearly defining the budget and project timelines.

According to the experts you must earmark some part of your budget to upgrading the cabinetry and enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of the kitchen. You can choose to invest on various other enhancements like lighting, replacing the kitchen sink and faucets, upgrading the countertop or replacing the tiles.

Some upgrades that add a lot of value

Here are some kitchen remodelling ideas you can choose from, these do not require a major overhaul and are a good option to start with.

  • Upgrading the cabinets: Cabinets are the most expensive aspect of the kitchen, on an average they account for 30% of the total spend. By investing a small amount in painting the cabinets you can give your kitchen a brand new look.
  • Remodel the counter top: The counter top is the focal point of a kitchen. With laminates you can add a modern touch to the kitchen in an inexpensive way.
  • New light fixtures: Lighting can help accentuate the look of your kitchen instantly. You can opt for modern lighting options like pendant lights and add a touch of elegance to the kitchen.

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