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21 Kitchen Design Trends to Try in 2021

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Near the beginning of every new year, many people will think about ways they can improve their homes. With more people spending time—and subsequently cooking and dining—at home, the kitchen is one of the most common places people will begin their home-improvement projects.

According to one recent survey, the kitchen is considered the most valuable room in the home. More than 28 percent of all respondents called the kitchen the room they personally “value most.” Additionally, the kitchen is also the room people invest in design updates more than any other. This is because in addition to kitchen appliances consistently improving, kitchen design trends can often change quite quickly.

Today’s leading kitchen design centers have introduced an entirely new approach to design. When compared to famed designers of years past, modern kitchen designs are often much more open, functional, and focused on juxtaposition. Kitchen designers help with many components of the overall design process, including layout, contracting, decorating, and more.

If you in Colorado are considering updating your kitchen design in Denver in 2021, you are certainly not alone. However, you might be looking for some creative inspiration to help you get started. Below, we will briefly discuss 21 kitchen design trends to consider in ’21. By drawing from these creative ideas and combining a personalized touch of your own, you can create the perfect kitchen.

1. Opposites Attract

One of the boldest ways to make a statement with your kitchen is by placing dark and light surfaces directly next to one another. For example, placing white cabinets above and dark cabinets below can create a room that feels both spacious and visually appealing.

2. Clean Lines

Clean lines have been popular since the Mid-Century Modern movement. Incorporating clean lines, particularly with cabinets and countertops, will cause a kitchen to appear larger, cleaner (literally), and all-around simpler. A key feature in many design styles, clean lines offer business an aesthetic that has proven to be timeless.

3. Going Green

In 2021, both designers and homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. One of the best ways to improve the energy consumption in the kitchen is the inclusion of new, energy-efficient windows, as well as LED lighting.

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4. Layered Islands

Islands have remained popular among kitchen designers for several years. With better technology and clever engineering, the modern island is more functional than ever before. One of the best ways to enhance an island is with additional shelving or ascending “layers.”

5. Transitional Features

With many homeowners opting for an open floor plan, kitchen designers are looking for ways to create uninterrupted transitional spaces. Choosing a table that works well in both the kitchen and family room is a great option for those with open floor plans and limited square footage.

6. Reclaimed Wood

Reusing old wood is a great way to add character to an indoor space without sacrificing functionality. Adding a barn door entryway or using reclaimed wood for cabinets helps create a rustic aesthetic that is truly unique.

7. Statement Pieces

Many modern kitchens are distinguished by a single, bold feature or decoration that functions as a “statement piece.” Depending on your personality or desired theme, this can include a statue, a fountain, an unorthodox backsplash, and various other creative features.

8. Maximum Cabinet Space

Storage space is often one of the biggest challenges faced by kitchen designers. This is especially true in major urban areas, like Denver. This year, kitchen designers across the country are advocating for floor-to-ceiling storage solutions.

9. In-Home Garden

The kitchen is an excellent place to grow basil, window tomatoes, and other variants of indoor produce. If you have a south-facing window (or are willing to invest in artificial light), creating an indoor garden is likely much easier than you’d assume.

10. A Warmer Touch

Warmth is often associated with the kitchen, not only because it houses the stove and oven, but because it is a room that is associated with many warm memories. Deeper browns, gold and yellow finishes, bold reds, and warm natural tones have all become kitchen mainstays.

11. Fountain Flair

Though silver is still the most popular color for kitchen faucets, other metals are making a comeback. Investing in a gold, rose gold, or even platinum-colored faucet, you can add some flair to an otherwise boring kitchen feature.

12. Lighting Everywhere

Underlighting is one of the best ways to distribute light throughout your kitchen, without the aggressiveness of overhead lights. Incorporating lights beneath key surfaces, such as countertops, cabinets, and even appliances can help create a sophisticated ambiance.

13. Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a durable stone that is also incredibly easy to care for. By investing in white quartz countertops, you can give your kitchen a sophisticated look that requires very little maintenance.

14. Slab it Up

In addition to using stone—like quartz and marble—for countertops, solid materials have become an increasingly popular choice for backsplashes. One-piece backsplashes help create a seamless, dominating look.

15. Multiple Islands

As a natural outcropping of this decade’s “island fever”, some kitchen design teams are finding ways to incorporate multiple islands into a single space. Installing multiple islands into a kitchen can help increase dining spaces or counter space for cooking.

16. Total Automation

The kitchen is the most common room for smart home systems and automated features. Automated lighting, surround sound, smart appliances, and other features can all help bring your kitchen into the modern era.

17. Bye, Bye Handles

Contrary to years past, many of today’s cabinets and storage features lack what was once thought essential: handles. Lately, many cabinets include a “push-open” function that makes them easy to open without any eyesore.

18. Larger Pantries

In 2020, the percentage of meals being eaten at home notably increased. Naturally, this increases the need for food storage space. A walk-in pantry located adjacent to a kitchen is a great way to add value to any home.

19. Drawer-Base Appliances

Finding clever ways to hide your appliances, such as the dishwasher or the fridge, can help a space seem more open and less industrial. Today, incorporating these appliances via built-in drawers can improve aesthetics without limiting accessibility.

20. Mixed Styles

As time has gone on, the lines between kitchen design styles continue to blur. By taking two distinct styles—say Mid-Century Modern and Traditional Spanish—can help you create a completely original space you’ll be proud to call your own.

21. Customization

In decades past, a neighborhood of 100 homes would probably contain 5 or 6 different kitchen designs. Today, kitchen designers are saying goodbye to the “cookie-cutter” approach and are finding new ways to cater to each of their client’s specific tastes and lifestyle.

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